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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Seiken no Blacksmith 29

Chapter 29: Patriot & queen 6

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 17, 2012 19:02 | Go to Seiken no Blacksmith

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Chapter 29: Patriot & queen 6\\
narrator: among the people that are blacksmiths, there are only few who can use only one eye\\
narrator: their eyes lost the light because they strike the iron countless time before their face\\
narrator: luke lost his left eye itself as compensation of thr demon contract he performed 3 years ago but\\
narrator: his remaining right eye\\
narrator: continued to lose light\\
lisa: when did it begin?\\
luke: I had a bad feeling since the beginning but\\ I notice that only recently\\
lisa: is my and the demon sword creation the cause?\\
luke: … yeah\\
box: in order to create a demon sword you need to give some kind of compensation\\
box: the demon must give his own flesh, while the caster his own soul\\
lisa: why…\\
lisa: but luke, in order to not make that compensation appear she was narrowing the amount of consumption\\
lisa: I heard that it was the cause of his forged sword’s fragility\\
lisa: but that was wrong\\
lisa: we promised right?\\
lisa: that one that we would lose ourselves together\\
luke: … I tried it once but, to put on glasses was useless\\
luke: they are convenient and easy to use but\\ against loss of eyesight…\\
lisa: stop lying!!\\
lisa: you should have realized that something was happening!\\
lisa: something that was consuming you, and yet\\
lisa: even if you understood it, you continued to do it…\\
lisa: why\\ you are the only one that is losing something!?\\
lisa: why…\\ didn’t we made a promise…?\\
luke: even in that case we will use the demon sword creation in the times of need\\
luke: because there a lot of things I want to protect\\
luke: and you lisa are part of them\\
luke: I beg you\\ let me continue to do this\\
lisa: … what should I do?\\
lisa: for all this time luke worried about me and protected me\\
lisa: and considered me as something he wants to protect\\
lisa: but I…\\
lisa: what should I do?\\
lisa: what should I do as luke’s apprentice…?\\
lisa: I will…\\ go once again to beg those men!\\
luke: right\\ I’m coming too!\\
luke: if I lower my head before them they should be able to understand me, because we are fellow blacksmiths…!\\
door: toc toc\\
lisa: old man…\\
man: … come to the workshop\\
man: our technique\\
man: the will return to you the style that separated from yours\\
lisa: old man\\
man: you said a lot of cheeky things\\
man: but I was struck by your words\\ I’m sure you are ok with this, right?\\
luke: yeah\\
luke: sure\\
luke: … I see…\\
luke: when we create a katana the “Tamahagane” steel we use is processed separating the soft steel and the medium steel\\ the low carbon concentration soft steel and the high carbon concentration medium steel, right?\\
TLN: Wikipedia do wonders: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katana (especially the picture)\\
lisa: yes, “soft” and “hard ” right?\\
box: tamahagane steel\\
lisa: we temper and produce them separately and then we put them together\\
lisa: the light and soft steel is the core of the sword and we wrap it with the medium steel in order to create the blade\\
right: soft steel\\ medium steel\\
left back of the sword\\ blade\\
lisa: this is what we call the “Koubuse”\\
luke: that’s right\\ but the sacred sword masters put into practice an higher level technique called “honsanmai”\\
lisa: honsanmai?\\
luke: they prepared 3 parts\\ the soft steel, the medium steel and the hard steel\\
luke: the hard steel is made with a stronger tamahagane steel than the medium steel, and it is used for the blade\\ and the soft steel is used as the same way of the “koubuse” in the central part of the sword and the soft iron and strong iron are surrounded on the left and on the right by the medium steel\\
right: soft steel\ medium steel\\
left: back of the sword\ medium steel\ hard steel\ blade\\
luke: in respect with the “koubuse” the strength and the sharpness will remarkably increase\\ this technique was not passed down during my father’s generation\\
lisa: wow\\
lisa: them we can do that too…\\
luke: (no) in this way our katana will become like theirs\\
luke: we have to bring it to another stage…\\
luke: that’s right, now I have an idea\\
lisa: luke…\\
lisa: now that I remember, I hear that…\\
lisa: during the meeting in the city among the three nations, they tried to cut luke’s katana with that of the militant nation\\
lisa: luke’s sword was superior\\
lisa: even if there were differences in the manufacturing process, it was clear that luke’s ability as blacksmith was superior\\
lisa: basically luke is an hard worker\\
lisa: but he also has a side of him full of geniality…\\
luke: let’s add another component to the honsanmai manufacture\\
lisa: another step?\\
luke: yeah\\
luke: back sword steel
luke: we will add to the honsanmai process another piece of steel more soft than the soft steel\\ by surrounding the soft steel by 4 parts, the hard steel the back sword steel and the medium steel on both sides we will rise his ability to absorb impacts\\
light grey: back sword steel\
black: soft steel\
dark grey: medium steel\
white: hard steel\
above: back sword\ bottom: blade\\
luke: that’s right, if I have to name it, I would call it “shihouzume(for ways packing)”\\
luke: this is the form that can give birth to the blade of the sharpest level!\\
lisa: by increasing the layers we increase the sharpness and the robustness of the blade\\
lisa: but…\\
luke: until now we folded the steel to a limit of 7 times, but this time let’s fold them more than 10 times\\ for the hard steel we will fold the steel 15 times\\
lisa: 15!?\\
lisa: tempering the soft, medium, hard and back sword steel more than 10 times!?\\
lisa: we will do that several times but, will my physical strength be fit for that…!?\\
over lisa: pon\\
luke: now that we found the new method “shihoumuze”\\
luke: I’m sure that folding the steel in several layer should give bird to synergic results\\ there is no doubt\\
luke: that’s why you will do your best as my disciple from now on\\
luke: (that means)I will show no mercy\\
lisa: … but my body…\\
luke: what did you do in the last three years?\\ you are the only one that can synchronize with my breathing\\
luke: don’t forget this\\
lisa: l-luke?\\
luke: we will continue to lose ourselves together\\
luke: it is true that it became a one sided thing from me but\\
luke: but what I swore together with you is not a lie\\
?: to continue to lose ourselves together means\\
?: to continue to be together\\
lisa: I will\\
lisa: become your eyes\\
luke: there is only one of my disciples in the entire world\\
luke: just like there was only one for my father!\\
luke: ok, let’s borrow the furnace immediately and begin to work\\
lisa: yes!!\\
luke: I will complete in time\\
(ceci): I’m sure that one day I will strike Valbanill with your katana, luke\\
(ceci); are you able to do it?\\
(ceci): Luke Ainsworth\\
luke: she is really troublesome\\
luke: speaking of which, I hope she is doing well\\
ceci: I wonder if luke is alright…\\
?: zenobia!?\\
zeno: Cecily let’s talk about love!!\\
?: whaat!?\\
ceci: eeeh!?\\
ceci: w-what…\\
zeno: don’t play dumb!\\
zeno: you just whispered a name softly, I’m sure that it was about a man!\\
ceci: y-you are wrong(this is a misunderstanding)\\
ceci: I don’t have such relationship with luke!\\
zeno: what did she say!?\\ Is it like that c-c-c-charlotte!?\\
char: I saw them only a few times together…\\
zebo: aria-dono!\\
aria: (hum) it would be better if I don’t talk about my partner but, (luke is)\\
ceci: “It would be better if I don’t talk”!?\\
zeno: there should be some king of bittersweet relation with the sacred blacksmith!\\ spit it out!!\\
ceci: we danced but just once…\\
char: dance!? When?\\
aria: ah, could it be…\\ that it happened during the ball when me and lisa were absent…?\\
the two maid: they were alone!?\\
ceci: nod\\
girl: kyaaaaah\\
ceci: hiiih\\
zeno: (haa haa) I got too excited\\
zeno: however, Cecily-dono are we sure that it is not just an unrequited love from your side?\\
ceci: i-i-i-it is not unrequited love…?\\
zeno: then the question is: what is that man for you?\\
ceci: what is him for me…\\
ceci: what is luke for me?\\
ceci: for me he is…\\
irvi: sorry to disturb you, zenobia-sama\\
zeno: what is it?(it was just getting fun)\\
irvi: I apologize but we have a visitor\\
zeno: a visitor?\\
zeno: the imperial allied nation you say?\\
fran: indeed\\
fran: It can sound presumptuous but I came her to give you the news\\
fran: the empire and the crowd power merged together\\
zeno: wha…\\
irvi: I don’t understand\\ this is a serious affair that will shake the public peace of the entire continent\\
irvi: if that is true you obtained 2 thirds of the entire continent\\
irvi: you should have presented this matter to the continental council before realizing the merge but…\\
justi: the representative from the militant nation should give us the authorization already, right?\\
zeno: I will not make them realize it without resisting\\
zeno: damn you…\\
zeno: it would mean to acknowledge that he empire has more right than us in the council but\\
zeno: but what wants the empire to accomplish with that?\\
fran: from now on we have to propose a demand to your nation about the rights between our countries \\
fran: just like the secret understanding between the militant nation and the independent city\\ this merge was prepared for the Valbanill war\\
zeno: what do you men?\\
fran: with this merge the imperial allied nation completed the battle formation against Valbanill\\
fran: we are more than enough to fight against it… or rather the participation of another force would just be of hindrance to us…\\ that’s it\\
fran: I want you so using us all the plenipotentiary powers that you nation has on the Valbanill war\\
ceci: are you kidding me!?\\
ceci: is that a threat!?\\
ceci: we will never consent to such a request!!\\
fran: that was expected\\ then we have a proposal\\
fran: we will perform a hand-to-hand fight where we will put at stake those rights\\
zeno: hand-to-hand fight… you say!?\\
fran: valbanill lives in a volcano so the battle will be chosen as trophy a sword and a spear\\
fran: both my country and yours are considering the troops for the imminent battle…\\ isn’t this an ideal thing?\\
fran: the two sides that are preparing for the valbanill war will fight an hand-to-hand fight\\ a pure power comparison between the imperial allied nation and the militant nation\\
fran: according to the results the rights will be transferred\\
fran: this is our proposal\\
zeno: a-are you crazy or something!?\\
fran: it is war if you refuse\\
zeno: an insane nation…\\
zeno: give as the time to consider it at least…\\
zeno: I cannot give you an immediate answer…\\
box: I’m sure that this warrior knows that it is useless to think about this proposal\\
ceci: what…\\
ceci: should I do\\
box: the following morning after a cabinet meeting with the top brass \\
box: the little princess consented to the proposal\\
box: the war for the assignment of the right about the valbanill war would happen a week after that\\
zeno: we have to win\\ no matter what\\
zeno: in this way will eradicate those who get in the way with out justice\\
zeno: we will not let that insane nation have its way!\\
box: on the workshop side there were strenuous efforts in order to prepare the katanas for the hand-to-hand fight\\
box: the sacred blacksmiths frantically used they hammers\\
ceci: and after a week\\
ceci: the day that would decide the fate of the militant nation finally came…!\\

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