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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 110

Night 110: the fourth magi

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 20, 2012 18:13 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Raw by magicbulletgirl

Night 110: the fourth magi\\
side text: they are taking a breath after repelling al-samen’s assassins, but…\\
al: are you alright, yamu-san?\\
yamu: yes\\
shar: alibaba… how could you lose against such opponents?\\
near shar: ah?
ali: hiiii, sorry\\
shar: what about the things I taught you!?\\
near shar’s bubble: ah!?\\
mas: didn’t they injure you on your back too, senpai…?\\
near mas: directly…\\
shar: what did you say?\\
ali: master, the wound will open again!!\\
ali: what’s wrong Aladdin?\\
al: hum…\\ I felt something… just now…?\\
box: in the meantime in the skies of sindria kingdom’s main island\\
lightning: bachi\\
lightning: bachi\bachi\\
inserted text: thee man that brings calamity with him has come!\\
ja’far: we received a message from yamuraiha, your majesty\\
ja’far: they protected aladdin’s group and they are alright now\\
sin: I see. But to think that al-samen would really attack…\\
ja’far: I’m glad that we sent there masmur and the other just to be safe\\
sin: yeah\\
sin: what was that!!?\\
sin: impossible! They destroyed yamuraiha’s barrier!?\\
ja’far: ah, sin look!!\\
jud: suta\\
jud: what’s wrong? You have such scary faces…\\
ja’far: you bastard…\\
ja’far: familiar vessel “barrak sei”!!!(twin snake scythe)\\
jud: trash must stay out of this…\\
jud: I have some business with Sinbad…\\
ja’far: what…!?\\
sin: stop ja’far!!\\
why are you here, judar?\\
jud: hey, those old men from our organization went to fight that midget, do you know that?\\
sin: we already solved that matter. They were already protected by the 8 generals\\
jud: heh, I guessed that much. As if those that fake metal vessel users could do something against them\\
jud: hey, Sinbad.\\
jud: what do you think about him?\\
sin: …\\him?\\
jud: Aladdin I mean\\
jud: isn’t that strange?\\
jud: that exists another magi into this world!!?\\
jud: in all the previous eras…\\
jud: there were only 3 magis… you knew about it right?\\
jud: that’s what history shows us…\\
jud: there are always 3 magi that choose kings, create countries, and built this entire world!\\
jud: it was like that in this era too right?\\
jud: for first there is me\\
jud: and then that old hang called Rem\\
jud: and the last one is\\ the one that wanders around the world that makes dungeon appear and disappear, that man.\\
jud: that should be the all of them.\\
jud: if a new magi appeared someone among these three people must have died…\\
jud: but\\
jud: I didn’t get such information…\\
jud: so…\\
jud: what the hell is him…?\\
jud: he is being that appeared for the first time in history… “the fourth magi”\\
jud: Aladdin!!\\
jud: plus that time …\\
jud : he displayed a mysterious power which I don’t know anything about…\\
(al): solomon’s wisdom!!!\\
jud: from that moment onward those old men from my organization desire that power\\
jud: could it be that you are interested in that too?\\
sin: what are trying to say?\\
jud: don’t play fool with me\\
jud: what do you intend to do?\\
jud: what do you intend to do\\
jud: by using that midget?\\
sin: it is none of you business\\
jud: you are so cold…\\
jud: do you want to make me fell lonely? You should have joined forces with me and yet…\\
sin: you are one of the men of that organization…\\
sin: did you forget what you did to us… that time in Partebia!?\\
jud: don’t give me that look, Sinbad\\
jud: I am too…\\
jud: I am too…\\
jud: one of al-samen’s victims!\\
jud: that little magi… showed me…\\
jud: my past…\\
jud: I was chosen by the rukh and was born in a certain village in the east…\\
jud: but… but my father and my mother, everyone, were immediately killed by the “organization”…\\
jud: I was taken by the “organization” and they took advantage of me even before I was able to understand a thing…\\ I am in this situation since I was an infant!!\\
jud: and yet…\\
jud: are you saying that it is all my fault…?\\
jud: I wanted to live a normal life!\\
jud: and yet are you saying that I’m at fault here!!?\\ Sinbad!!!\\
jud: uuuh…!!\\
sin: … judar…!\\
sfx: po…\\
judar: kukuku…\\
judar: kuku…\\
judar: buha\\
judar: buhahaha…\\ I cannot do this anymore\\
judar: gyahahahaha!!!\\
judar: hahaha did you pity me!? you are really a nice guy!!\\
sin: j-judar!!\\
jud: don’t get me wrong!! What I told you is true but… I don’t care about it!\\
jud: I will do as I please, just like I did until now!\\
jud: hey…\\
jud: this country is a beautiful place…\\
jud: it stinks of humans no matter where you go\\
jud: this country that you created is not half bad\\
jud: and that magi too…\\
jud: it is not like I hate him…\\
jud: and it is for that very reason…\\
jud: that I decided…\\
jud: that I\\
jud: will destroy the both of them!\\
inserted text: a proclamation of war!?\\

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#1. by Lawine ()
Posted on Feb 20, 2012
And here I thought for a second that Judar wasn't that bad =O
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2012
I remember Aladdin say that even if he uses solomon's wisdom to correct a person's destiny, the final result depends on the person's thoughts and feelings. And Judar is the tipycal guy that would continue on his way just because he enjoys it. But this obviously will not prevent him to go against al-samen in the future.
#3. by relory ()
Posted on Feb 22, 2012
Judal seems to be a very complicated character... I love this series. Thank you so much for your translations, Aegon-rokudo!

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