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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 111

Night 111: dungeon conqueror’s banquet

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 21, 2012 18:24 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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raw by magicbulletgirl

Night 111: dungeon conqueror’s banquet\\
sidetext: destroy sindria… how will react Sinbad to judar’s sudden proclamation of war…!?\\
jud: hey Sinbad,\\
jud: are you sure that you don’t want to join forces with me?\\
jud: you are the king vessel…\\
jud: with a superhuman quantity of magoi, that commands 7 jinns and strong familiar vessel users!\\
jud: I thought that it would be incredibly fun…\\
jud: to conquer the world together eith you!\\
jud: but…\\
jud: lately I noticed…\\ that someone incredibly strong as you…\\
jud: would be more fun\\
jud: to kill than anything else!!\\
side text: a pure malice threatens sindria\\
jud: isn’t my kou empire incredible!?\\
jud: it even has 5…\\
jud: dungeon conquerors!\\
jud: ren hakuei, the first imperial princess\\
jud: ren kougyoku the 8th imperia princess\\
jud: and the sons of the emperor ren kouha\\
jud: ren koumei\\
jud ren kouen!!\\
TLN: by looking at the names, it seems that the emperor should have more than one wives, the last three should all have the same mother and father, and they are blood brothers with kougyoku.\\
Jud: among them kouen is good…\\
Jud: not only he is a king vessel that would not lose even to you… he also likes war.\\ if we join forces we could gain control of the eastern continent in a bluke of time!\\
Jud: and after that…\\
Jud: this place…\\
Jud: the kou empire will destroy sindrua!!\\
??: what do you mean…?\\ judar-chan…\\
jud: kougyoku…\\
jud: just like you heard! That’s why you should not be here anymore!\\
jud: you probably run away from you home country and come here because you lost of place after the error you committed in balbadd but…\\
sfx: *blushing\\
Jud: come back\\
Jud: I will make you into a general!\\
Jud: you wanted to fight\\
Jud: as a soldier of you country too right?\\
jud: what’s wrong, kougyoku?\\
jud: oh well, ok\\
jud: I’m going back first now, so tell this to hakuryuu…\\
jud: this country,\\
jud: is our enemy now\\
jud: see you\\
kou: king Sinbad\\
kou: I ask for an audience…\\
kou: h-hum… Sinbad-sama…\\ the priest from my country said some incredibly rude things….\\
kou: but it would be absurd to fight against your country!\\
kou: sindria and the kou empire are bound by a friendship treaty right now.\\ so I’m sure… I sure that…!\\
sin: … princess\\
kou: y-yes!\\
sin: it is alright\\
sin: I understand judar’s nature because I have known him for a long time\\
sin: so even if there were some misunderstandings, I’m sure that they don’t have anything to do will the emperor’s will. There is not need for you to worry about this\\
kou: hum…\\
kou: hum…\\ but…\\
sin: that’s why, princess…\\
sin: you can remain in my country as long as you like!\\
kou: y-yes!!\\
guy: look, what incredible treasure!\\
guy: ah, look!!\\
people: it is the dungeon conqueror!!\\
people: blessing to our heroes!!\\
sin: you did well, alibaba-kun!\\
al: Sinbad-san!\\
sin: you accomplished the dungeon conquest and returned safely!\\
ali: yes! Hakuryuu obtained gazan!\\
ryuu: thanks to god,\\
ryuu: I obtained a jinn as well\\
sin: I see\\
sin: we were all worried. Because something could have happened to you\\
ryuu: what happened…\\
ryuu: to my sister and her group…?\\
sin: come on!! Let’s prepare a banquet!!\\
sin: blessing to the heroes!!!\\
mask: that time a big bear appeared but, king alibaba said this…\\
sword: kira\\
ali?: “yaa yaa, you lowly labyrinth creature, I will make you into wasabi!”\\
people: wow! That’s the way!!\\
ryuu: something like that happened while I wasn’t here?\\
ka: yeah…\\
ka: and thanks to that we became even more unwanted guests of this country than before\\
ka: should we return to our country immediately?\\
kou: don’t say those things~~~ I still cannot go back~~~…\\
ka: ah, princess… you shouldn’t drink sake!\\
kou: because I think that my father and the others…\\
kou: would be fine if I don’t come back…\\
ka: princess…\\
kou: and… sinbad-sama said that it is ok if I remain here forever~~~\\
ka: what are your intentions, prince hakuryuu?\\
ryuu: I want to stay in this country for a little while as well\\
ryuu: because I still didn’t accomplish my original objective…\\
arm: zuki\\
ryuu: ouch…\\
ka: what’s wrong, prince?\\
ryuu: …? Nothing…\\
ryuu: the wound from that time…?\\
ryuu: no, it must be just my imagination…\\
al?: I’m Aladdin!!!\\
shar: wh-\\why the person impersonating Aladdin is so muscular!?\\
al: muscular\\
ali&shar: you don’t resemble him!!\\
near al up: gyahahahah\\
double arrow: laughing voice\\
above shar: stop that\\
right of shar: I cannot hold anymore\\
near al: muscular\\
sin: Aladdin!\\
al: hey Sinbad!\\
sin: are you having fun?\\
al: yeah!\\
al: you have a lot of festivities in this country!\\
sin: yeah, that’s because we all love to have fun!\\
al: it only mor-san would have come here as well…\\
sin: yeah… but it will take time until she will regain consciousness…\\
sin: by the way Aladdin, I have something to talk with you…\\
al: yes,\\
al: what is it?\\
sin: it is about\\
sin: the other 3 magis besides you\\
side text: Sinbad will tell about the “magis”. Finally in the next issue the real identity of the magi besides Aladdin will be revealed!!\\

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