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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 112

Night 112: path

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 23, 2012 18:29 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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I wonder how you will react to this chapter...

raw by magicbulletgirl:

Night 112: path\\
side text: the three magi besides Aladdin… what is their real identity?\\
al: the three magi…\\
sin: could it be that you already know about them?\\
al: yes\\
al: I knew that there were 3 magis besides me in this word\\
al: but I don’t know what kind of people they are\\
al: tell me please. Did you ever met them, Sinbad?\\
sin: yeah…\\
sin: I met all the three of them\\
sin: you should know one of them, right?\\
sin: it is judar from the kou empire\\
sin: he is too a magi you should be careful about because we cannot understand his actions but…\\
sin: there is another man even more shrouded in mystery\\
sin: that man is the “wandering magi” yunan…\\
sin: he is the magi that made the first dungeon appear in this era!\\
al: the first dungeon!!?\\
sin: yeah the dungeon that suddenly appeared 15 years ago, Ball…\\
sin: the one that made it appear was yunan\\
sin: and the one that conquered it was me.\\
sin: then the curtain to the era in which the dungeon began to appear in great number was raised but…\\
sin: but I don’t understand his real intention. No matter if a country has a king or not, he makes dungeon raise on his whims…\\
sin: the mysterious magi that wander alone in the world… that’s yunan.\\
al: mysterious magi…\\
sin: but, the one that is wrap up in a…\\
sin: greater veil of mystery is…\\
sin: “The magi from Rem ” Shahrazad*”\\
tln: pronunciation: ʃahrˈzɑːd] \\
sin: she is the magi that supported the rem empire for the last 200 years\\
al: 200 years!?\\
sin: yeah! For several generations she continued to support rem’s emperors and generals as great priestess… she is the “living legend”!!...\\
sin: I saw a glimpse of her just once when I was in the rem empire…\\
sin: but there is any positive proof that shahrazad is a magi.\\
sin: but she seemed a magi to us because thanks to her the rem empire prospered for the last 200 years, and lately we several dungeon conquerors appeared in the rem empire.\\
al: the legendary magi from rem…\\
sin: by the way, Aladdin, I have a favour to ask you…\\
al: what is it?\\
sin: could you go to rem?\\
sin: as the magi of our sindria kingdom\\
al: *smile\\
al: Sinbad,\\
al: I’m not the magi of this country yet, do you know that?\\
sin: hahaha!\\
sin: yeah you are right!\\
sin: well, consider the things I told you after the end of this festival! Enjoy tonight as much as you can!\\
ak: princess… get an hold on yourself\\
kou: yeah…\\
ja’far: ka koubun-dono!\\
near ja’far: smile\\
ka: geh! This guy is…!!\\
ja’far: we finally meet, what about sharing sake with me while we talk?\\
ka: n-no… I…\\
ja’far: come, this way!\\
kou: ka koubun… can you bring me water\\
?: here\\
kou: ah…\\
kou: Sinbad-sama!\\
sin: I was worried if you were enjoying this banquet, princess…\\
kou: ha, yes, I’m enjoying it a lot! But I got a little drunk…\\
sin: in that can,\\
sin: what about going together to refresh us with the night breeze?\\
near kou: *heartbeats\\
near kou: *glance…\\
near kou: *heartbeats\\
sin: this is quite mysterious…\\
kou: eh…?\\
sin: the way and the situation we met was not absolutely not friendly.\\
sin: and it is like that right now and probably it will be like that in the future too…\\
hand: gyun\\
sin: but now,\\
sin: we can hold hands like this.\\
sin: it would be could if such happiness would last forever but…\\
kou: then, I will remain…\\
kou: h-hum… Sinbad-sama\\
kou: I…!!\\
kou: think it should last forever too!!\\
near sin; *smile\\
ja’far: you are quite a bad person huh\\
ja’far: how much power do you intend to gather for the sake of this country?\\
sin: don’t say that. I will take all the cards I can. She is a dungeon conqueror and an imperial princess of the kou empire.\\
sin: she will be useful sooner or later for sure!\\
ja’far: for the great harvest you obtained in balbadd?\\
sin: yeah\\
ja’far: prince alibaba…\\
ja’far: morgiana the fanalis…\\
ja’far: and above all…\\
ja’far: the fourth magi, Aladdin…!\\
sin: jafar\\
sin: did I become a twisted person?\\
ja’far: eh?\\
sin: lately, when I saw alibaba-kun and the others I began to remember…\\
sin: the time when I run around the world without knowing nothing\\
ja’far: that’s right…\\
ja’far: you became twisted\\
sin: wha…\\
ja’far: you gained too much things…\\
ja’far: that replaced the things you desired.\\
ja’far: but…\\
ja’far: this is the path you chose!\\
ja’far: and things inevitability change, you don’t have other choice but going forward\\
sin: yeah\\
sin: you are right\\
ja’far: I will accompany you wherever you go\\
ja’far: let’s go now,\\
ja’far: to draw the next card…\\
sin: hakuryuu-kun
TLN: lol\\
Ryuu: king Sinbad!\\
Sin: how was the dungeon?\\
Ryuu: yes, just like you said\\ I learnt a lot of things from alibaba-dono and the others, and I could realize my immaturity… I have to thank you\\
I see\\
Ryuu: however…\\
ryuu: the feelings I conveyed to before going to the dungeon did not change\\
ryuu: give me your help, please\\
sin: I’m sorry but…\\
sin: sindria doesn’t have any intention of fighting with the kou empire in the near future…\\
ryuu: It is ok it you don’t do that right now!\\
ryuu: I just want to become the shield that will watch your back when the right time will come. Please…!!\\
sin: I understand\\
sin: I will think about it\\
ryuu: really!?\\
sin: yeah\\ I personally like you after all\\
ryuu: thank you very much!\\
sin: from now on you and me are on the same boat!\\
sin: you have to lend me your power in the times of need too\\
ryuu: yes, that’s for sure!\\
ryuu: I’m so relived… with this I can finally accomplish my mission…\\
ryuu: things will began to move from now on…!\\
ryuu: urgh…!\\
sin: what’s wrong, are you alright?\\
ryuu: yes, I’m alright\\
ryuu: this is just a minor injury I got in the dungeon…\\
inserted text: next issue, a sudden twist!!\\

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#1. by Nodoka ()
Posted on Feb 23, 2012
Thank you for the translation of this chapter!

This has been one of my favourite ones since it was out in Chinese, and I'm happy to be finally able to understand what they say.
Thank you again!

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