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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 115

Night 115: inside alibaba

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 27, 2012 18:36 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Raw by magicbulletgirl:

Night 115: inside alibaba\\
side text: inside of alibaba…!!\\
al: solomon’s wisdom!!\\
yamu: what is this…!?\\
sin: this is… the same thing the did in balbass…!!\\
yamu: this the power that connect you a person’s rukh directly… if he uses that…\\
(yamu): it is a different story if you can enter directly in his body, but…\\
al: I will go and tear off directly the enemy’s rukh…\\
al: from alibaba-kun!!\\
yamu: Aladdin-kun is not here anymore… his consciousness totally transferred in the rukh’s world…!!\\
sin: this is…\\
sin: solomon’s power…!\\
inserted text: rukh… the thing that create the soul… the place where everything returns…\\
rukh: piiih\\
rukh: piiih\\
(ali): you brat, that person is the great and wealth grape farmer budel-sama!!\\
(al): ah sorry\\
(ali): balbadd will become a republic!\\
(ali): I’m glad that you came here\\
(ali): no, it is ok\\
(ali): cassim!\\
(ali): Mariam!\\
(ali’s mother): don’t cry alibaba
al: … ah\\
al: it is you right?\\
isnan: to think that you would come here in person…\\
al: can’t you… go out from alibabba-kun?\\
isnan: if I do that, I will probably vanish without trace\\
isnan: my real body was killed by Sinbad… I nothing more than a simple and weak nucleus of a curse already…\\
isnan: plus it will not probably take a lot for a magi’s consciousness… to erase me…\\
isnan: I don’t like this place…\\
isnan: the atmosphere here is white and perfectly clear…\\
isnan: plus there is another person that is getting in my way other than king alibaba…\\
rukh: zawo zawo\\
ali: kokun\\
isnan: what’s wrong? Hurry up and erase me.\\
al: before that,\\
al: I have questions for you\\
al: why do you resent\\
al: this world!?\\
isnan: damn you…\\
isnan: so you are one of “solomon’s agents” after all…!?\\
yamu: alibaba-kun’s curse suddenly became weaker…?\\
sin: is that why you are doing something there, right…?\\
sin: Aladdin…\\
al: because of your actions…\\
al: wars and poverty are spreading around the world…\\
al: why are you doing such a thing…?\\
al: I want to ask you that directly,\\
al: and not hear that from someone else\\
isnan: In order to create the “darkness” in this world\\
isnan: and to set free everything.\\
isnan: from the prison that controls everything…\\ from the structure of this world\\
isnan: in other words, from “destiny”\\
isnan: that’s the only way to…\\
escape from...\\
a unavoidable rule that goes toward a certain conclusion and continue to live. A rule decided and imposed by someone.\\
isnan: that is,\\
isnan: “degeneration”!!\\
isnan: we will not do\\
isnan: as destiny says!!\\
al: you are misunderstanding destiny…!\\
al: it was not decided that you should do things as destiny says.\\ by climbing over it, life and this whole world can advance forward.\\
al: a world that lost the power to advance forward will be destroyed…\\
al: just like alma toran*\\
理想郷: utopia
isnan: you…\\
isnan: did you hear alma toran’s story from Solomon as well…!?\\
isnan: I have nothing more to say to you!\\
isnan: erase me!!\\
al: solomon’s wisdom!!!\\
isnan: s-stop!!!\\
al: even if you don’t want to speak…\\
al: I have to know about you all!!\\
isnan: d-dammit…!!\\
people: king Solomon!!\\ king Solomon!!\\
people: we are the great king, his household and his three magis!!!\\
amon(well it is him after all): in order to protect the king we have to become more devote, paimon, zagan\\
zagan: shut up you old fart!\\
?: king!\\
??: king!\\
???: great king that we chose!!\\
isnan: you will never\\ understand each other with this world…!!\\
al: I don’t think\\
al: that you are right!\\
isnan: no, you will never do that.\\ but… what a disgrace…\\
isnan: to think that… I would…\\
isnan: return to Solomon with a such gentle feeling…\\
isnan: even if I thought that I would not face… him… again…\\
yamu: the bruise vanished…\\
sin: did Aladdin… do it…!?\\
al: well then,\\
al: I have to go back too…\\
rukh: piiih\\
al: ah, that’s right…\\
al: I have to thank you as well…\\
al: a little of yourself joined with alibaba-kun, right?\\
al: you also helper us to slow down the curse right?... thanks\\
side text: he helped too and now alibaba’s curse vanished. In the next issue a new mystery will be born, the conclusion of magi’s sindria’s arc!!\\

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#1. by mira ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2012
wow kasim rukh is still there @@

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