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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 117

Night 117: the presentiment of a new journey

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 1, 2012 19:05 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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raw by magicbulletgirl

Night 117: the presentiment of a new journey
inserted text: a new development! Aladdin’s determination while he stays in sindria…\\
al: it is fixed it!!\\
al: it was reduced to shreds and yet you fixed it. You are great, yamu-san!\\
yamu: I could do that because that red jewel is in reality a magic tool, it was really easy to fix\\
side text: the come-back of his turban…!!\\
al: thanks. This is something really Important I received from a friend of mine\\
yamu: threat it with great care. Magical tools are valuable things to use for magicians\\
al: yamu-san, you cannot use household vessels like the others, right?\\
yamu: no I can’t\\
yamu: there is a bad affinity between djiins and magicians\\
yamu: in a certain sense djiin are magic users too… if a magician uses a djinn, their magic could interfere with each other…\\
under the mage: magician\\
left: metal vessels and household vessels\\
black bubble: ceremonial orders\\
white bubble: ceremonial orders\\
yamu: and we would not know what dangerous reaction could that cause\\
al: wow…\\
yamu: but we are able to create a lot of different spells by ourselves!\\ you should devote yourself to that too, Aladdin!\\
al: yeah!\\
al: I want to know even more things about magic!\\
sfx: don\don\\
al: ah!\\
near al: the bell…\\
al: I have to go now. See you, yamu-san!\\
mage: yamuraiha-sama!\\
yamu: how is it doing? Did the “test example” examination bear any results?\\
sin: the magician were examining until now, there were not able to understand its structure in detail but… in its internal part a special symbol rised to the surface.\\
sin: do you recognize it?\\
yamu: !! t-this is…\\
yamu: this is the “magical charm mark”…
yamu: that is engraved onto the magical tool produced in the Magnoshtat academy… t-there is no doubt about it…!\\
drako: impossible, to think that even your home country is involved with the organization…\\
sin: now that you mention it, did that princess regain consciousness? Are her conditions so bad?\\
yamu: a-about that…\\
yamu: she is awake, but he doesn’t speak.\\
yamu: and I’m a student from Magnoshtat, so it is even worse in my case…\\
sin: did she speak with anyone else?\\
sin: I see…\\
sin: then I will go\\
sin: she seems like a young woman that would listen to me…\\
drako: here we go again, you majesty…\\
yamu: ah, about that your majesty\\
near drako: probably you only saw her sleeping face\\
yamu: there is only one person she speaks to…\\
al: isnan-sama!!\\
al: don’t be a fool dunya\\
dunya: ahaha, stop that Aladdin, you cannot do that while I’m eating… ahaha…\\
spoon: poro\\
al: this is bad! Dunya, I will eat it for you!!\\
dunya: kyaaaah!!\\
door: noooo\stooop\noooo\\
door:mogu mogu\chuuu\chuuuu\\
al: I’m really happy that I’m getting along with you\\
dunya: I have to thank you…\\
dunya: it was thank to you that I could meet Isaac a second time…\\
dunya: It was a vision that lasted for a second but… I was really happy that I could talk with him…\\
al: but why don’t you talk with sindband and the others?\\
dunya: you know…\\ the king of this country has ties in Magnoshtat, right…?\\
dunya: that woman is a proof to that… I’m sure she is a pawn of that disgusting academy…!\\
al: yamu-san is not that kind of person!\\
al: …this is bad, you have a stain here too…\\
dunya: eh, where?\\
sin: sorry to disturb you, princess!\\
al: maybe here?\\
al: no, maybe it is here…?\\
2nd frame: stop Aladdin it tickles\ sfx: icha icha (making out sounds)\\
sin: he was able to lay his fingers on a girl before me…\\
sin: Aladdin… so you are a real magi after all\\
yamu: koraaah, you perverted brat!!\\
near yamu: to do such a thing to a princess\\
al: gyaaah\\
sin: do you understand now?\\
sin: the sindria kingdom and Magnoshtat don’t have any diplomatic relation at the moment\\
sin: ah, sorry… I should call that country “mustashim kingdom”\\
sin: yamuraiha too, had to leave the academy during the coup d’état 10 years abo\\
dunya: that’s a lie\\
dunya: that girl was referred as the magician with the greatest talent since the academy‘s foundation. She should have been warmly raised in the academy, and be under a strict control\\
dunya: dean Mogamett would never let her go\\
sin: we tried all the possible means to realize that…\\
sin: in this country we give shelter with all our efforts to those people that had to escape from their countries or were driven out of their own houses\\
sin: so you don’t have to worry…\\
sin: princess, I will never hand you over to Magnoshtat…\\
sin: I promise\\
yamu: how dare you?\\ this person is… this person is…!!\\
yamu: p-princess…\\
yamu: I swore loyalty to the royal family…\\
yamu: I didn’t take part in that coup d’état but, in the past I was part of that unforgivable academy…\\
yamu: but now I ask you to believe in my master. I’m sure that we will never bring harm to you…!\\
ja’far: did you talk with the princess?\\
sin: yes. Her condition seems quite good.\\
ja’far: it seems…\\
ja’far: that she still has the enough strength to talk but…\\
ja’far: she is getting weaker and weaker every passing day. We tried all the possible methods but we could not understand the cause… she is getting weaker from inside of her body\\ maybe it is an after effect of using a black metal vessel…\\ probably she will not last long\\
ali: depart from sindria!?\\
ali: hakuryuu…\\
ryuu: yes\\ I will depart by ship a week from today\\
ryuu: there were troubles I did not expect but…\\
ryuu: I almost reached my objective in this country…\\
mor: …are you… going back to the kou empire?\\
no, I intend to meet my sister that is in charge of the western Tenzan* base\\
TLN: this should be the name of a country or a region\\
Ryuu: what will you do from now on, alibaba-dono, morgiana-dono?\\
Ali: eh? W-we?\\
Ali: for the time being we will be with sindbad-sama!\\ right, morgiana!\\
Mor: eh?\\
Ali: eh?\\
Ryuu: are you ok with… balbadd’s current situation?\\
Ali: no, that’s…\\
ryuu: no, I sure that you have some plans about it\\
ryuu: let me use this occasion to say this…\\
ryuu: at the beginning I thought you were…\\
ryuu: an irresponsible guy that didn’t not think about what he was doing…\\
ali: well, you already told that to me while we were into zagan…\\
near hakuryuu: uwaaaah, why am I with such a \ irresponsible guy like you?\\
ryuu: r-really?\\ anyway…\\
ryuu: now I know that it is not true so…\\
ryuu: no matter what path will you choose, I’m sure that you will follow your beliefs\\
ali: h-hakuryuu…\\
ryuu: we don’t have much time left but…\\
ryuu: let’s continue to enjoy it together\\
box: sindria royal castle interior green Sagittarius tower(guests section) Aladdin and the other’s room\\
ali: … so hakuryuu\\ said this afternoon\\
ali: I feel like I was together with him for a long time because of all the things that happened in the dungeon but…\\
ali: I’m sure I will feel lonely after we have to part ways so soon…\\
al: yeah\\
(ryuu): what will you do from now on?\\
ali: … from now on huh…\\
ali: but for now we will remain here!\\
al: alibaba-kun\\
al: mor-san\\
al: I have something to say to you\\
ali&mor: something?\\
al: I think… that probably very soon…\\
al: I will…\\
al: go on a journey alone!\\
side text: Aladdin decided to depart from sindria alone. What made him have such a change of heart!?\\

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