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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 118

Night 118: the reason of determination

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 2, 2012 18:51 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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raw by magicbulletgirl.

Wooooow this was really long

Night 118: the reason of determination\\
Side text: Aladdin decided to depart from alibaba and the others and to go to a lone journey, but…\\
Ali: alone journey? What do you mean Aladdin?\\
Al: there is a big school of magic in the country called Magnoshtat\\
Al: I absolutely want to go there and study magic\\
Ali: … wow…\\
Ali: s-study huh…\\
Ali: then you can do that even under yamuraiha-san’s wing!\\
Near ali: right?\\
Al: yeah…\\
Al: that’s true but, I also have other reasons\\
Al: mor-san,\\ alibaba-kun\\
al: lately I began to wonder if it is really right for me to stay here like this\\
al: this country is a good place but…\\
al: sinbad’s radiance here is too strong, and I feel like I would be swallowed up into the path he has chosen without even realizing it\\
al: I want to know a lot of more things about this vast world!\\
al: that’s why I will go in a journey\\
ali: a-aladdin…\\
ali: I see…\\
ali: a journey… that could be a good idea!\\
near ali’s bubble: yeah…\\
near hin: yeah\\
ali: then we will go too! Ok morgiana!?\\
mor: a, no\\
mor: I cannot do that\\
ali: … eh?\\
al: but in any case…\\
al: I want to go to Magnoshtat alone\\
ja’far: I was really surprised whan Aladdin said that he wanted to go Magnoshtat\\
sin: … yeah\\
sin: but… I cannot let him go…\\
yamu: it is not like he will be gone forever. Aladdin will go there to search about the black metal vessel, right?\\
sin: y-yes… but it is too dangerous\\
yamu: it is alright!\\
sin: it seems that you really want Aladdin to go, right yamuraiha?\\
Yamu: Sure!\\
yamu: because Aladdin is…\\
yamu: magnificent raw ore…\\
yamu: as a magi\\
yamu: not only he has the quality to become an unparalleled magician…\\
yamu: but also now that he has encountered the general ideas about magic is full to the brim of desire about gathering all the different knowledge about it…\\
yamu: with that if he…\\ jumps into the greatest institution in the world dedicated to raise magicians… what do you think that will happen!!?\\
yamu: I sure he will become a great magician…\\
yamu: like no one has ever seen before!!!\\
yamu: it really irritates me to see something like him…\\
yamu: to be secluded, even if he is under the tutelage of someone like me…\\
sin: but you should be the first to know with you personal experience that there are dark suspicions on the academy, right?\\
sin: right now Magnoshtat is a country that is building a bizarre national politics that discriminates between magicians and normal people\\
ja’far: plus Aladdin said that he want to go there just after he was told about that…\\
sin: what in the world…\\
sin: is he thinking…?\\
ali: what in the world are you thinking, aladdin!?\\
ali: why are you going to a country that is probably involved with al-samen?\\
ali: in that case I will go too!!\\
ali: what the hell is that…\\ aren’t you too cold…?\\
(ali): I want to fight against al-samen\\
(al): I will fight together with you then!\\
(ali): ok, then I’m in your hands from now on!\\
al: alibaba-kun\\
al: I want… to make you into a king\\
al: but not a king of some country out there…\\I want to make you into a person… that con give hope to the others while the world is falling apart…\\
al: plus, I lack strength.\\
ali: lack strength you say… aren’t you incredible already…?\\
al: no. I thought about it\\
al: in balbadd, and the other time in the dungeon…\\ the people that we could save with our strength alone…\\ weren’t really few?\\
al: the ones that always saved us at the end were sindbad and the eight generals\\
al: compared to them, I don’t have enough power and knowledge. Then I want to obtain them…\\
ali: I already told you, if you want to train, I will go with you!\\
al: no you cannot come.\\
al: you have to think by yourself about what you want to do\\
al: ah, plus I heard that right now only magician are admitted into Magnoshtat\\
al: alibaba-kun and mor-san… I wont you to think about the things around you\\
ali: I’m not good… when it comes to that…\\
al: but this is also something that Sinbad told us before. Right, mor-san?\\
mor: eh?\\
mor: yeah…\\
(sin): think carefully with you head about what is right\\
(sin): believe and act according\\
(sin): to the answer you obtained by that\\
al: what will you do?\\
box: the next day\\
mor: alibaba-san this morning said that thing but…\\
ali: Aladdin it too heartless\\ we cannot accept that, right morgiana?\\
box: staying all day in bed\\
mor: … but…\\
mas: what’s wrong? “The toll that the household vessel takes to me is too big, so I prefer to improve my martial arts”. Weren’t you the one that said this?\\
mor: … sorry\\
mor: h-hum… masmur-san…\\
mor: w-what kind of place is\\
mor: the dark continent?\\
mor: you said that you went there\\
near mas: yeah…\\
mas: that’s true but…\\
mas: a big sun\\ on a vast land…\\
mas: there are animals and plants several times bigger than the ones here that live there freely…\\
mas: and it had a really unforgettable scent\\
mor: it sounds so nice…\\
mas: you should go there, is quite near here\\
near mas: it is that way\\
mor: i-it is not that simple\\
mas: no it is simple\\
mas: but probably it is not the special place,\\
mas: you expect to be\\
mor: … eh?\\
mas: In the past I really longed for the my home village that I never saw, and I was brought there because I was really concerned about it\\ but\\
mas: there wasn’t even one fanalis there…\\
mor: even one…\\
mas: I don’t know if they were all made into slaves or the migrated in the internal parts of the continent.\\
near mas: sorry, I didn’t tell you because I thought you would be disappointed\\
mas: anyway,\\
mas: because I was eradicated from my village\\ I don’t have any lingering affection to it\\
mor: lingering affection…\\
mas: if you think that you will be worried about it forever\\
mas: maybe it is better if you go there once\\
(ali): morgiana…\\
(ali): are you sure that is not ok for you to return to your village?\\
(ali): didn’t you want to go back?\\
(al): mor-san\\
(al): try to think about it\\
(mask): go back to your village\\
(mask): morigiana\\
ali: listen to me ~ ~ ~ ~ \\
ali: master ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!!\\
ali: Aladdin was so mean to me\\
shar: oh man, I thought that you had something to say to me as you rarely come with me to have a drink… and the only thing you do is complaining!?\\
box: what always happens\\
ali: ah, my stomach hurts a little today…\\
ali: I have important affair to do… a promise…\\ sorry master\\
shar: … but you know\\
shar: Aladdin has a reason for doing this, right?\\
shar: I already decided to follow sindbad-sama for the rest of my life, but…\\
shar: it shouldn’t so simple for you to decide to follow a king of another country, considering that you are a prince yourself…\\
ali(I think): it ~ ~ ~ is not like that ~ ~ ~\\\\
ali: you don’t understand ~ ~ ~ ~ master ~ ~\\
shar: what a pain in the ass…\\ ah that’s right! Why don’t you go to a warrior training that hasn’t anything to do with the fact that you are a prince!?\\
box: irresponsible\\
shar: isn’t something like the rem’s coliseum the right place? I will root for you!\\
near shar:: kyaaah Aladdin-sama you are so cool!\\
ali: I already told you ~ ~ ~ that it is not like that ~ ~ ~\\
girl: h-hum!\\
ali: shut up, I’m in the middle of a man to man talk with my master now!\\
shar: go home!\\
ali: I don’t…\\ understand\\
ali: I never thought that…\\
ali: Aladdin would say such a thing…\\
(al): alibaba-kun, I really like you!\\
(ali): let’s go together to see the world!\\
(al): let’s think about that together!\\
(al): you help is necessary too!\\
(ali): ok, then I’m in your hands from now on!\\
al: no you cannot come.\\
al: you have to think by yourself about what you want to do\\
ali: no, no…\\
ali: there is something wrong…\\
ali: that’s isn’t something Aladdin would do…\\
ali: he will change his mind… by tomorrow…\\
dunya: are you going to that country… aladdin?\\
al: yeah\\
al: Magnoshtat is a country that discriminate people that are not magicians, right…?\\
ali: cannot leave such a place alone\\
ali: because in my home village something like that happened\\
dunya: what…\\
dunya: country was that…?\\
al: it is a…\\
al: far far place…\\
al: that no one knows…\\
inserted text: his strong determination!!

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#1. by Lawine ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2012
"Wooooow this was really long"
Thank you for taking on your time and translates this for us =D.
(I hope that what I'm saying is understandable XD)

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