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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 119

Night 119: parting

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 3, 2012 15:39 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 119: parting\\
inserted text: a funeral…\\
box: they were carrying out dunya’s funeral\\
box: Aladdin, yamuraiha, and the medics of the royal palace were van, and dunya died after becoming weaker and weaker because of an unclear cause\\
guard: hey… did you see her corpse?\\
guard: yeah, what was that…\\ it was like…\\
guard: a completely dry pile of black coal…\\
ali: kassim…!\\
(jafar): the after effect of the use of a dark metal vessel huh…\\
ali: … hey Aladdin…\\ I wonder what this thing called dark metal vessel… really is…\\
al: I will go to investigate about that thing… in her homeland\\
mor: is something wrong, hakuryuu-san?\\
ryuu: I was just thinking a little…\\
ryuu: I could have ended up like her.\\
ryuu: if I borrowed the “organizzation”’s power without knowing anything about it…\\
ryuu: do you know about the kou empire and al samen?\\
mor: … yes. I heard a few things about that.\\
ryuu: anyone even in the kou empire noticed…\\
ryuu: that my country has been possessed by “something”\\
ryuu: the magi judar and the people around him, came to our country just after the foundation of the kou empire…\\
ryuu: from that moment, the dungeon conquers began, and the various military commander of the empire obtained an unusual “power”\\
ryuu: if I accepted like them their invitations, I wonder what would happen to me…\\
mor: but why did you refuse their invitations differently by the others military commanders?\\
ryuu: that was because\\
ryuu: I knew about the “organization’s” true nature more than anyone else…\\
ryuu: all my family…\\
ryuu: was killed by the “organizzation”…\\
ryuu: and then that truth was totally wiped out from by certain people connected to the “organization”, even my sister doesn’t know anything about it\\
mor: why did you tell me such a thing…?\\
ryuu: in any case it is a truth that I will reveal to the whole world before long, plus I already talked about it with king Sinbad\\
ryuu: but above all…\\
ryuu: it is a way to thank you all for helping me while we were in the dungeon even if I wasn’t totally sincere with you.\\
ryuu: I want, even for a little, to let you know how I really feel. Before we part ways…\\
ryuu: this became quite a strange discussion\\
ryuu: speaking of which, how is your country, morgiana-dono?\\ and what about your family?\\
mor: I don't…\\
mor: I don’t have a family\\
mor: I seems…\\
mor: that all the fanalis were made into slaves , and no one remains in my home village\\
ryuu: m-made into slaves?\\
ryuu: It is impossible that a whole race was made into slaves\\
ryuu: maybe such things didn’t reach the east countries but, the fanalis are that kind of race now\\
mor: I was too a slave… not more that a year ago…\\
mor: that’s why I envy you\\
mor: I almost don’t remember my family and…\\
mor: I really hope…\\
mor: that you will take care of your sister\\
mor: sorry. I didn’t have any argument in particular to talk about too…\\ so I began to speak about such a thing…\\
ryuu: … no\\
ryuu: maybe you have brothers and sisters too\\
ryuu: maybe you don’t remember them, but it is possible that you have brothers and sisters too.\\
ryuu: plus there are not people that doesn’t have parents…\\
ryuu: even if you don’t remember them your parents and siblings still exist,\\
ryuu: and they be still be alive somewhere!\\ even slaves are freed…\\
ryuu: just as happened to you…\\
ryuu: I’m sure about that!\\
mor: yes…\\
mor: thank you very much\\
near mor: smile\\
ali: damn Aladdin… does he really intend to depart in three days on hakuryuu’s same ship? He decides everything by himself…\\
ali: and morgiana too, lately she is think about something…\\
ali: and hakuryuu is somewhat absent-minded lately…\\
ali: and my “djinn equipping” training can’t get more far than the weapon transformation…\\
ali: dammit!\\
ali: why I can’t do it!?\\
?: kyah!!\\
gyoku: hey! That was dangerous!\\
ali: kougyoku-san? why are you here?\\
gyoku: heheheh… I came her to show you something…\\ behold!\\
ali: wow, it is made so well!\\
gyoku: heh!\\
ali: you were so unskilful at the beginning and yet\\
box: her normal skills\\
gyoku: shut up!\\
gyoku: … eh? Were you in the middle of training with your weapon?\\
ali: ah, yes\\
gyoku: I see… this is a good occasion, I’m also out of shape lately…\\
gyoku: duel with me as fellow metal vessel users!\\
ali: eeeh!!?\\
ali: I cannot do that! To duel against a princess…\\
gyoku: eh?\\
gyoku: I’m able to understand our mutual position…\\
gyoku: a light sparring should be ok!\\
ka koubun: where are you, princess?\\
gyoku: spirit of sorrow and isolation…\\
gyoku: Dwell in my body Vinea!!\\
ali: !! she is able to perform the equipping…\\
ali: not only on her weapon, but also on all her body…!?\\
gyoku: come on one,\\
gyoku: equip you djinn as well!!\\
sin: that’s…!\\
gyoku: what’s wrong?\\
gyoku: hurry up and do it\\
ali: no… I cannot do that…\\
gyoku: eh?\\
sin: this is splendid\\
gyoku: sinbad-sama!\\
gyuoku, no, I don’t want you to see me with such shameful clothes…\\
sin: eh?\\
sin: are you quitting already?\\
sin: I thought that I could be useful, if you are going to do a “djinn equipping” contest…\\
ali: eeeh!?\\
ali: you will perform a “djinn equipping” too, Sinbad-san!!?\\
sin: I didn’t show you it even in balbadd, right, alibaba-kun?
Sin: now I will show you it here\\
Ali: Sinbad-san’s “djinn equipping”\\
Ali: am I going to witness a fight between fellow metal vessel users? I wonder what king of thing is that!?\\
Hina: hey ja’far, what are Sinbad’s intentions? Does she want to show off his power to a metal vessel user from an enemy’s country?\\
Ja’far: no, It seems that sin has some kind of plan\\
Gyoku: that’s… if you compare my techniques you yours… I’m sure you will greatly disappointed…\\
Sin: no!\\
Sin: you power is magnificent\\
Sin: show it to me, please\\
Gyoku: y-yes!!\\
Inserted text: in the next issue the ultimate battle between two full body equipped metal vessel users

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