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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 120

Night 120: Zepar

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 5, 2012 18:15 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 120: Zepar\\
side text: genie Vs genie…!\\
hina: hey, that Sinbad, isn’t he showing off his dijinn equipping?\\
hina: in front of so many people… even those of the kou empire are here\\
ja’far: let’s leave it to sin\\
ja’far: he must have a plan…\\
gyoku: but… I cannot point my sword toward sinbad-sama…\\
sin: it is alright, princess!\\
sin: to be honest I’m fascinated by your qualities as a warrior\\
sin: I want you to show me you power!\\
gyoku: …!! Y-yes!!\\
gyoku: dwell in my bosy Vinea!!\\
sin: dwell in my body focalor!!\\
ali: they both performed a full body djinn equip!?\\
ali: they are flying!!?\\
gyoku: haaa!\\
gyoku: yaaaah!!\\
guard: t-they are like monsters…\\
gyoku: incredible, incredible!! This is the first time I fought with all my strength!!\\
sin: there is nothing better than that. But you still didn’t let out your full power!\\
sin: show me your extreme magic\\
gyoku: extreme magic…!? But, if I use it in a place like this…\\
sin: heh\\
sin: do you think that I will not be able to block it?\\
gyoku: well said…\\
gyoku: spirit of sorrow and isolation… thou who controls the power to make kings, bring forth the great raging streams that judge the surfaced earth!!\\
gyoku: vainel ganezza(water god’s sea call)!!!\\
sin: folaz zora(beheading wind)\\
that move… if we were fighting a battle on the sea, sindria’s navy would have been annihilated with a single attack…!!\\
ja’far: because of the metal vessels the war quite changed…\\
ja’far: how to obtain the metal vessels, and how to use them…\ that is from now on the pivot in a war!!\\
gyoku: you really stopped it, but I can still fight!!\\
sin: what terrifying power!\\ plus because of she is gathering power from rukh of the sea, she still have some strength left…\\
sin: but it is not like I can scare all the people here more than this\\
sin: dwell in my body,\\
sin: zapar\\
ali: a second equip!?\\ but\\
ali: w-what is that? He become smaller!?\\
sin: alibaba-kun cover your ears\\
ali: eh!?\\
hina: it is zepar!!\\
ja’far: this is bad, he intends to use that!\\
gyoku: this is…\\
gyoku: the end!!!\\
ali: what happened, kougyoku-san!?\\
gyoku: zzz\\zzz\\
sin: I told to her mind to “sleep”. This is zepar’s power\\
sin but because this is a tastless move, it also affects a little the people around us…\\
ali: a… alittle…!!?\\
ali: djinn equip… it is so terrifying…\\
ali: I can only perform a weapon equip…\\
ali: but I finally realized today that it is not enough…\\
ali: could it be that I don’t have talent? Even a girl like her is able to do it…\\
ali: no. her talent is superior to the average but, she should be on your same level.\\
sin: remember that you learnt the weapon equipping only in few days! There must be a reason because you are not able to go any further\\
ali: a… reason?\\
sin: yes. For example…\\
sin: the quality of your magoi changed\\
sin: or something like that\\
sin: if that happens, it becomes temporary difficult to control your magoi. I happened to me in the past as well\\
ali: I see… but I don’t have any experience in that, expecially…\\
sin: ok. I will find some spare time in a way or another…\\
sin: and give you directly guidance on the djinn equipping. What about that?\\
ali: r-really!!?\\
sin: yeah!!\\
sin: I’m sure that in the future the day we will fight al-samen together will come\\
sin: and when that time will come be sure to lend me your strength\\
ali: sure!!!\\
al: in this country…\\
al: sinbad’s radiance here is too strong, and I feel like I would be swallowed up into the path he has chosen without even realizing it\\
ali: Aladdin, what’s wrong in that?\\
ali: this person… he is really incredible…!!\\
gyoku: wow, so that’s what happened this afternoon…\\
gyoku: so I slept because of sindbad-sama’s djinn. I didn’t remember well but…\\
ali: eh? You don’t remember it?\\
gyoku: what about ka koubun and the others?\\
ali: they are sleeping. You were the one that woke up for first…\\
ali: but in any case\\
ali: sindbad-san’s dijinn equip was incredible\\
gyoku: what about mine?\\
ali: eh?\\
gyoku: you saw my move right?\\
ali: eh? Ah yes\\
ali: you were incredible too, you were so cool!\\
gyoku: heheh, right?\\
gyoku: wow…\\
gyoku: … it was really fun…\\
gyoku: this is the first time I went to wild. With all my strength.. without nothing stopping me…\\
gyoku: I was able to do such a thing in this country…\\
gyoku: also I feel relived, I hesitated but, now I made up my mind\\
ali: made up…\\
ali: your mind…?\\
gyoku: I…\\
gyoku: will go back to my own country\\
side text: kougyoku decided to depart from sindria after Aladdin and hakuryuu. What about alibaba who was left behind…!?\\

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