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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 121

Night 121: departure

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 6, 2012 18:09 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 121: departure\\
side text: kougyoku decied to return to the empire. What is she thinking?\\
Gyoku: I will go back to the kou empire\\
Gyoku: and I will talk to judar-chan and my older brother kouen\\
Gyoku: I will say to them that sindria is not an enemy…\\
Ali: ! kouen…?\\
Sin: the man called ren kouen is aiming to take the hegemony on sindria…\\
Ali: hum…\\
Ali: if you brother will fight against sindria even after you say him that… will you fight together with him?\\ that is… against sindbad-san…\\
Gyoku: I…\\
gyoku: he is…\\
gyoku: my first love…\\
ali: eh?\\
gyoku: since the day I met him for the first time…\\
gyoku: but even someone like me is able to understand it. I really don’t want to be one of his enemies\\
gyoku: and yet he…\\
gyoku: I… came to this place… I followed him up here…\\
I.. really an idiot…\\
TLN: sorry if it doesn’t make too much sense, but you know a woman in love thoughts doesn’t ever make a lot of sense\\
sfx: sun…\\
gyoku: thanks.\\
gyoku: but I’m alright now\\
gyoku: I had a lot of fun here. I was able to forget about myself and be with the person I like…\\
gyoku: but that already finished…\\
gyoku: hum… could you stay here and listen to me…?\\
gyoku: I wasn’t born in the royal palace\\
gyoku: my father was a imperial prince. But my mother was…\\
gyoku: just a prostitute\\
gyoku: differently from my other bothers and sisters I’m a lowborn…\\
gyoku: I was in a delicate position, end even in the royal palace I was put aside and I felt out of place\\
gyoku: but at that time, the ones that aknoledge me as a king vessel and gave me the position of a warrior were judar-chan and my brother kouen…\\
judar: you are strong! Kougyoku!\\
gyoku: that time I thought… that that was the way I had to live my life!\\
gyoku: I was born in order to be a warrior wielding power and fighting for the kou empire’s sake\\
gyoku: but… for that reason…\\
gyoku: there is something wrong in a war between the kou empire and sindria\\
gyoku: that’s why… I will not use the power of this metal vessel…\\
gyoku: in a war against sindria!\\
gyoku: I will not do that even if I will return to my country!\\
ja’far: princess kougyoku is more earnest than I thought\\
ja’far: but again, sin… your actions were necessary\\ because you feelings for protecting this country are real…\\
near jaf: haaa\\
ja’far: I never get accustomed to it…\\
ja’far: no matter how much time passes…\\
ja’far: “for this country’s sake”, “for this world’s sake”, you indulgently,\\
ja’far: you tie down the life of those around you…\\
gyoku: really…!?\\ so you mother was…?\\
ali: yes, she was a prostitute from the slums.\\ ali because of that even after I entered in the royal palace in a way or another they said bad things about me\\
gyoku: heheh, we are the same then\\
ali: yeah\\
gyoku: in that case…\\
gyoku: you\\
gyoku: will become my friend!\\
ali: eh?\\
gyoku: I didn’t have any friends until now\\ but in you case I’m sure you can be my friend. Because we are the same…\\
jud: I’m not fried with someone like you!\\
gyoku: Am I wrong?\\
ali: ah yeah\\
ali: in that case… take care of me, I think?\\
ali: ouch!?\\
hey!? You shouldn’t be so formal with a “friend” right!?\\
ali: in that case…\\
ali: let’s be friends,\\
ali: kougyoku!!\\
gyoku: yeah!!\\
al: we will depart soon\\
ryuu: yes\\
ryuu: after we will leave the ship, we will do a little more or road together. We will go north after entering in the port of the aktia kingdom, and from that I will go east…\\
al: And I will go west\\
in the sea: sindria kingdom\\
port: aktia kingdom\\
left route: magnoshtatt (mustashim kingdom)
right route: tenzan plateau\\
one the line: right: eastern continent; left: western continent\\
all the way west: above: rem empire\ bottom: partibia empire\\
mor: hum… about your journey…\\
mor: can I come with you for half of it?\\
al: eh? Mor-san too?\\
mor: yes…\\
mor: I decided to go as well…\\
mor: I will pass through the west continent and from rem’s western ports…\\
mor: I will go to the dark continent\\
map: sindria kingdom\ dark continent\\
ryuu: to the dark continent!?\\
mor: yes. I want to see my home village with my eyes and put in order my feelings.\\ for the sake of the battles that await us from now on\\
mor: I decided that thanks to you, hakuryuu-san\\
ryuu: eh?\\
mor: thanks to the encouragement words you said me I decided to think about my home village in a positive way…\\ thank you very much…\\
ryuu: I’m really glad… to hear that…\\
near ryuu: hahaha…\\
sfx: moyaaaah\\
al: hakuryuu, the rukh around you are somewhat pink\\
near al: aren’t you too cheerful?\\
ryuu: eh?\\
mor: speaking of which, what about alibaba-san…?\\
al: yeah…\\
al: he almost doesn’t speak with me lately…\\
al: and I will depart the day after tomorrow already…\\
box: and then the following day\\
box: the ship from the kou empire departed for its motherland with kougyoku on board\\
box: alibaba sent off kougyoku as if he was close to her but…\\
box: he didn’t speak with Aladdin and the others as usual\\
black: and then the following day\\
box: it was the day of the departure\\
al: ok\\
mas: morgiana\\
mas: be careful for the slave hunters\\
mas: in the rem empire there is a group of people that excels in handling “fanalis”as slaves. Don’t get caught.\\
mor: yes…\\
yamu: you can contact with this stone, Aladdin-kun\\
yamu: this is called the “eye of the rukh”…\\ it is a magic tool with my long range clairvoyance magic embed in it\\
yamu: if we have the same type of magic tool we can communicate to each other even if we are in different places\\

chibi yamu: we protected Aladdin and the other and they are safe\\
box: labyrinth Zagan\\
black bubble: communication\\
box: sindria royal palace\\
mage: they are safe\\
near jaf: good, good\\
yamu: it’s range depends on the quantity of magoi of the persons using it but, considering that it will be the two of us, we should be fine even for a sindria to magnoshtatt communication\\
sin: you are important guests to me. So be sure to return safe and sound\\
al: yes\\
al: I will be back for sure\\
al: but what about alibaba-kun…?\\
ryuu: at the end he even didn’t come to see us off…\\
mor: is he still angry with because we have to say part?\\
sin: eh?\\
sin: what are you talking about?\\
al: ah!\\
guy: we are leaving!!!\\
al: yamu-san, sinbad, alibaba-kun… we are going!\\
shar: be careful!!\\
yamu: have a safe trip!!\\
box: and so Aladdin and the others\\
box: left the kingdom of sindria behind, everyone of them having a different determination in their hearts\\
box: they had just one…\\
box: just one regret about one of their friends who wasn’t there…\\
al: alibaba-kun…\\
mor: it is alright Aladdin. We will talk with him later and make things straight…\\
al: right. It is not like we will never see each other again.\\
al: I’m sure that…\\
al: the rukh will guide us and make us meet again!\\
al: even if several years have to pass…\\
mor: yes…\\
side text: … he is there…\\

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#1. by Lawine ()
Posted on Mar 7, 2012
"sorry if it doesn’t make too much sense, but you know a woman in love thoughts doesn’t ever make a lot of sense"
I may be a woman yet I laugh so hard here XD

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