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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 122

Night 122: journey by boat

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 9, 2012 18:47 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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raw by magicbulletgirl

this chapter was so full of lols...

Night 122: journey by boat\\
side text: alibaba boarded on the ship after all, but…\\
box: my name is alibaba saluja\\
box: in this very moment I’m on the same boat of Aladdin and the others for a certain reason\\
box: but Aladdin and the others doesn’t know anything about it. I missed the occasion to tell that I would depart with them as well because the atmosphere among us was a little awkward lately among the other things.\\
upper box: alibaba\\
lower box: Aladdin and the others\\
box: but this is a good chance to make up things with them…\\
box: I will wait for them in this room, where they will sleep tonight…\\
al: a-alibaba-kun!? Why are you here!?\\
ali: hey… well I made a decision as well!\\
box: this is surprise I’m sure that things will go perfectly\\
ali: but, they are quite late\\
sfx: zawa zawa(people talking)\\
sfx: zawa zawa(people talking)\\
ali: eh!? They are here!!?\\
bubble: shin\\
sfx: zawa zawa(people talking)\\
al: wow, what a fantastic room! I will sleep on this hammock!\\
mor: there are three here, so the three of us can sleep here\\
ali: I went…\\
ali: in the wrong room!!!\\
box: what should I do? Should I go to the other room?\\
ali: plus, it seems that they are having fun…\\
ali: no. if I wait a little of time…\\
ryuu: is something wrong, Aladdin-dono?\\
al: don’t you… feel like… someone is missing here?\\
mor: yes… to be honest I feel like that as well…\\
ryuu: it is alibaba-san! If he is not here, it is not the same thing as always!!\\
sfx: gachin\\
mor: ah!\\
ali: oh man, you are really pathetic!\\
the there of them: a-alibaba-kun!!\\
ryuu: I knew something was missing!!\\
al: alibaba-kun I love you!!\\
ali: this is it!!\\
box: in any case I’m sure that they will feel lonely soon!!\\
ryuu: eeeh! I have to sleep in the same room of a girl!?\\
I cannot do that! To sleep near to morgiana-dono…\\
Al: isn’t that alright, mor-san?\\
Mor: yeah, I don’t really mind\\
al: don’t you… feel like… someone is missing here?\\
mor: yes, I feel the same too from a little while…\\
ryuu: it is Al…!!\\
ryuu: all inclusive breakfast!\\
box: all inclusive breakfast\\
ryuu: I prepared it(here)\\
above mor: wow\\
near ali: wow my ass…\\
ali: they… totally forgot about me…?\\
ryuu: ah… but…\\
ryuu: now that I remember, what do you honestly think about “that person”?\\
al: ?\\ “that person”? who?\\
ryuu: I’m talking about…\\
ryuu: alibaba-dono!\\
al: aah… alibaba-kun…\\
al: right…\\
ali: eh?\\
ali: what? Why did Aladdin give such an indifferent answer…?\\
sfx near ali: doki doki\\
al: yeah\\
ryuu: you honestly like him a lot right, Aladdin-dono?\\
al: I wonder…\\
al: well…\\
al: he was almost the first person I met when I came into this world so… it is not really like that.\\
ali: eh really!!??\\
(al): you will become king!!\\
(al): because I really like you!!\\
al: but… after re-thinking about the long time we spend together… there are a lot of things that I noticed about him…\\
ryuu: for example?\\
al: yeah…\\
al: alibaba-kun…\\
al: how can I say it… is not popular with the ladies.\\
al: that’s why it happened that he looked at me with eyes full of greed when I was getting along with some beautiful girls…\\ he seemed resentful… and he was eating his finger…\\
sfx near all: *stare\\
ryuu: that’s not… something that someone popular would do\\
near all: what\\
mor: now that I remember, I have seen alibaba-san behaving is a strange manner too\\
mor: he was alone in his room with the lower part of his body openly exposed…\\
mor: and was lying in wait with the door open\\
above them: oh my god\\ he is the lowest\\
ryuu: I will nor forgive him!!\\
ryuu: only the worst villainous bastard could do such a thing to morgiana-dono!!\\
al: did alibaba-kun have such tastes…?\\
voice: no impossible…\\
voice: that’s why he is not popular…\\
in black: those bastards…\\
ali: t-to say… such things about me…!\\
(al): alibaba-kun!\\
(mor): I have to thank you, alibaba-san\\
(ryuu): from now on I will believe in you, no matter what happens…\\
ali: so that’s what you really think about meeeee!!\\
near ali: uwaah\ uuu… \ dammit…\\ oooh… uuuu… dammit…\\
those three: smile…\\
near ali: uwaaah\\
those three: smile…\\
al: f-forgive us… you are quite a bit shocked…\\
al: the truth is that sindbad told us that you would come…\\
ali: … guah…\\
ryuu: yeah, it was only a light joke\\
ali: a… joke…?\\ that was a joke…?\\
al: he is the first person I met so it is not like that…\\
mor: the lower part of his body openly exposed…\\
ryuu: that’s not… something that someone popular would do\\
al: a-alibaba-kun!! Stop that!!\\
ryuu: he is right alibaba-dono!!\\
ryuu: you are crying too much to be a real man.\\
ali: you are the only one that cannot say that, you cry-baby bastard!!\\
ryuu: that’s why you are not that popular…\\
ali: ok\\ let’s go settle this outside\\
al: calm down…\\
al: b-but aren’t you glad that we are getting along fine now!? It was all a joke, right mor-san!?\\
mor: I was not joking. It really happened\\
al: b-but why did you board on our same ship, alibaba-kun?\\
al: only magicians can enter in magnoshtat\\
ali: tsk, don’t get me wrong\\
ali: it is not lie I came here to follow you\\
ryuu: so you felt lonely and decided to board on this ship?\\
ali: that’s wrong, don’t underestimate me!!!! I came in order to train!!!!\\
al: train!?\\
ali: yeah. I didn’t come here in order to keep you company…\\
ali: I will…\\
ali: become a gladiator …\\
ali: in the rem empire…!\\
al_ a-a gladiator!!?\\
al: why would you do such a thing…!?\\
ali: I don’t want to tell you such a thing…\\
al: come on tell us!\\
words around the frame: I want to know\ I want to know\ I want to know\\
ryuu: tell us please, alibaba-dono!\\
ali: … do you really want to hear that?\\
ali: well…\\
ali: it is something that… sinbad told me during my “training”\\
sin: hum… the quality of your magoi changed, just as I thought. So this is the reason why yamuraiha said that “it was difficult for the curse to progress” huh…?\\
ali: eh? Yamuraiha-san said such a thing?\\
sin: but that’s a bad thing. If that’s true then… you will not able to achieve the the completed djinn equipping no matter how much you train here!\\
ali: eeeh!?\\
sin: the magoi that you mastered in the last 17 years became different for an unknow reason. I wonder how many years it will take for you to master it again…\\
ali: i-impossible…\\
ali: Sinbad-san, what did you do when the same thing happened to you!!?\\
sin: ah, me? it happened before I met you\\
sin: trained for a full year…\\
sin: in the “village of magoi manipulation”\\
al:t-\\ the “village of magoi manipulation”…!?\\
al: what is that place!?\\
ali: heh, even you Aladdin don’t know about that place?\\
ali: I expected that…\\
ali: that… “village of magoi manipulation” is…\\
ryuu: a eastern village were the race of the “yanbara” live\\
ryuu: they are a clan of people that is specialized in manipulating magoi, there was a period they passed through the kou empire… in that occasion I received some of their teaching too\\
ryuu: but the yanbara are a wandering race\\
ryuu: they move their houses from place to place and no one know were their village is located…\\
al: so you don’t know were they are…\\
ali: yeah. But… there is a place where you can meet the yanbara for sure even if you don’t go to their village\\
al: where…!?\\
ali: well, that’s…\\
ryuu: that’s rem’s coliseum!!\\
ryuu: the yanbara are scattered around the world in order to train to become warriors. And you can meet them for sure in the biggest arena in the world, rem’s coliseum!\\
ryuu: that’s right, in that place you can even train your skills with the sword!\\
al: incredible… I see…\\
al: ah alibaba-kun is there something else?\\
ali: … well, that’s it\\
al: did your explanation end?\\
ali: yeah!!\\
box end\\
inserted text: the journey continues\\

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