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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 125

Night 125: breaking into

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 13, 2012 18:33 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Wow zagan rules

Night 125: breaking into\\
ali: you cannot help those children!? Why!?\\
guy: well… their pirate ship is able to go under the see so…\\
guy: even if we are aktia’s navy it is impossible to us to purse them… and even capture their hideout\\
ali: so it is because of those strange magical tools huh…\\
al: yeah…\\
woman: Impossible! So you will let our children die!?\\
ali: aladdin, do you have any idea on how to solve this?\\
al: yeah…\\
ali: something like… a magic that helps us to go underwater… ah, what about a magic that transforms us in fish!?\\
al: I don’t know how to do that\\
ryuu: alibaba-dono..\\
ryuu: there is no need to trouble aladin-dono…\\
ryuu: I have a plan ready\\
all: eeeh??\\
ryuu: wake up, zagan!!\\
bubbles: biki\\
guy: w-what’s wrong with him!!?\\
ryuu: this is a netsumegusa root\\
ali: netsumegusa? You mean that kind of grass belonging to the Fabaceae with ridiculously long roots? They can be used as fragrant herbs…\\
ryuu: that’s right. I brought to the limit its special characteristics thanks to zagan.\\
ryuu: I plant a seed of this herb in the cargo they stole. So in other words…\\
near the bubble: I got the seed at sindria’s market\\
ryuu: if we follow this root…\\
ryuu: we will arrive to their hideout!\\
near the ship: the pirate’s hideout that is somewhere out there\\
above them: ooooh!!?\\
ali: r-really!?\\
al: incredible!!\\
ali: incredible… so you can manipulate plants as much as you like?\\
above ali: zagan is frightening\\
ryuu: no…\\
ryuu: this is the combination move…\\
ryuu: obtained by zagan’s power and my magoi manipulation ability\\
ryuu: zagan can only manipulate the plants that are in contact with my metal vessel… and then I send zagan’s magic inside of the plant’s seed thanks to my magoi manipulation ability…\\
ryuu: by doing that I’m able to manipulate the plant as long as the magoi I sent inside of it doesn’t run out.\\
above them: wow\\
al: great!\\
ryuu: we know where their hideout is now. Let’s go to safe those children immediately!\\
guy: yeah…\\
guards: but…\\
guy: we don’t know the abilities of our enemies…\\
guy: we cannot send our battle ship carelessly because we must protect the king…\\
ali: !? eh? Impossible…\\
people: you are saying those things again!!\\
people: hey tell them your real motive!!\\
ali: r-real motive?\\
people: you would go to save them if the kidnapped children were from the nobles and the royal family, and yet…!!\\
people: you always… always…\\
people: are ok no matter how much poor people like us suffer, right!?\\
people: what so special with the royal family!!!\\
guard: shut up!! If you say more than that it will be betrayal toward the king of aktia!!\\
guard: we will send you to the jail!!\\
ali: hey everyone…\\
ali: are you in a hurry for your journey?\\
mor: no…\\
al: me eother\\
ryuu: I already know what you are trying to say\\
ali: yeah…\\
ali: hum…\\ everyone…\\
ali: we will\\
ali: go to save the children\\
people: !? y-you!?\\
ali: it is alright, we already repelled the pirate ship once!\\
al: I knew alibaba-kun would say something like that\\
woman: h-hum…\\
woman: thank you so much…\\
woman: but, we were even abandoned by our country… even if you help us…\\ we don’t have any money…\\
ali: we don't need that!\\
in black: cassim\\
ali: you wanted to help this kind of people right?\\
ali: I will fight for your sake too\\
ali: perfect, the member of the team that conquered the zagan dungeon will fight to the end!!\\
al: yeah!!\\
ali: we are borrowing your precious ship…\\
cap: yeah. We have to take back our cargo, so use it as you like\\
yamu: Aladdin-kun are you alright!? Are you hurt!?\\
sin: hey don’t push yamuraiha\\
al: I’m alright, yamu-san\\
box: eye of the rukh’s \\ the magic tool that yamuraiha created while she was still attending the magnoshtatt academy. Because of its long rage clairvoyance magic, it is possible to use the rukh scattered in the atmosphere as a intermediary and to transmit information.
Sin: we understand the situation. Even if we are from the kingdom of sindria, we cannot let them endanger the trade route between our country and aktia. Should we send you reinforcements?\\
Ali: no, we will alright by ourselves\\
Sin: I see. But be careful.\\
Yamu: you are and the way\\
Shar: YOU are in the way!\\
Sin: the magic tool can become dangerous according to the way they are used\\
Ali: hey hakuryuu\\
Ryuu: ? what is it?\\
ali: you… you are becoming quite good at mastering zagan eh? You are good…\\
ryuu: yeah… thanks?\\
ali: then… could it be..\\
ali: that you… did that…?\\
ali: did you completed the “djinn equip”.. perhaps?\\
ryuu: well…\\
ryuu: who knows…?\\
near ryuu: smile\\
ali: eh? What about it…\\
near the bubble: can you do it!?\\
ali: tell me!\\
ryuu: no\\
mor: I’m so glad… it seems that they make it up…\\
cap: ah, we will arrive soon\\
mor: will the root continue to that small island…?\\
child: I want more\\
child: delicious!\\
child hey! Don’t spill it!\\
guy: maddora! We came back today thanks to olba’s air ball as well!!\\
mad: I see\\
mad: olba is so great\\
mad: continue helping your little brother like this in the future too, ok?\\
olba: ok!\\
mad: ah, and… keep your eyes on the children from the city so they will get away. They will become part of our family soon… ufufufu\\
child: yes!\\
olba: eh?\\
olba: … what is this?\\
child: olba!!!\\
child: this is bad. T-the ship…!\\
olba !? w-what the hell is this…\\
guard: an enemy’s attack!! A ship is coming from the northeaster sea!!\\
alba: w-what!?\\
child: they are approaching…\\
olba: impossible!!\\
olba: this island is surrounded by an impenetrable wall. We cannot enter here!!\\
sfx: kira\\
ali: now…\\
ali: what about kicking some asses!\\
inserted text: the zagan conquering team will go wind in the next issue!!\\

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