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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 128

Night 128: mother

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 15, 2012 18:20 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 128: mother\\
inserted: the advance continues!!\\
al: are you alright mor-san!?\\
mor: yes…!!\\
near mor: cough, cough\\
pirates: there are invaders in the shio!!\\
pirate: what should we do!?\\
pirate: dammit!\\
pirate: madoora!!\\
mad: it is alright… because according to olba those people are still children right?\\
olba_ y-yes… so they seemed!\\
mad: we can increase our family again…\\
ali: si full of fucking kids!! What the hell is happening!? What does the leader of these group think?\\
al: let’s hurry!!\\
ali: eh?\\
ali: uwooh!?\\
ali: w-what…!?\\
ali: e-even a little child like this…\\
child: w-we have to protect madoora…\\
ali: uh… ah…\\
child: yaaa!!\\
ali: uwaaah!!?\\
ali_ s-stop!!\\
child: gyah!!\\
ryuu: don’t mind them and let’s advance!\\
ali: y-yeah…\\
child: w-wait!!\\
child: don’t kill madoora!\\
child2: yeah don’t kill her!!\\ she is our madoora(mother)!!\\
child: she picked up in the slums and raised us…\\
child: after they abandoned us!!\\
child: and then… she behaved always as a real mother…\\ she first the first person…\\ to be so gentle with me!!\\
child: that’s why I beg you…\\
child: don’t kill her…\\
child: don’t kill her!!\\
ali: what’s happening… so they were fighting for their “mother”’s sake…? For the saviour of their life…?\\
ryuu: even considering that I wonder if that story is true or not…\\
ryuu: and even if that is true they are pirates, did you see how they razed that port?\\
ali: y-yeah but…\\
ali: if they really were raised up while fighting since they were children that couldn’t understand a thing, then…\\
ryuu: …\\ even if that’s true, that’s not a good reason for them to hurt people\\
mor: but… I…\\
mor: I followed the orders of my owner and hurt a lot of people in the process…\\
al: mor-san\\
ali: when I was a children I always listened to what my mothers said. It was the same thing for you right…?\\
ryuu: who knows… my sister was like a mother to me\\
ryuu: so I don’t know how I was but…\\
(ryuu): my family was killed by al samen. My father and my brothers…\\
mor: could it be that his mother… was killed too…?\\
al: but I can understand them a little.\\
ali: eh?\\
al: when my family was not there anymore I was really sad…\\
al: so if a gentle “mother” suddenly appeared…\\
(mas): there are no fanalis left\\
(mas) : in our home village\\
(ugo): you don’t have a family\\
(ugo): not even parents\\
(hag): you…\\
(hag): are like a son to me!\\
al: I’m sure I would have been incredibly happy…\\
ali: the “great holy mother” used that feeling and made those children fight\\
mor: I will not forgive her…\\
ryuu: let’s hurry\\
ali: great holy mother!!!\\
mad: you did well to arrive here… you are brave children\\
mad: you are so strong that I admire you. Ufufufu…\\
ali: give back the children you took from the city and the treasure!\\
ali: otherwise…\\
mad: it is useless\\
mad: because you cannot even attack me…\\
mad: now come little children\\
mad: and become my sons\\
mad: magic tool\\
mad: holly mother halo fan!!\\
ali: wha…\\
al: what!?\\
ali: … nothing happened…?\\
ali: what…?\\
ali: my breath… something is in my chest…?\\
mor: mother…\\
ali: w-what are you saying, morgiana!?\\
mor: w-what am I saying? I… but…\\ but…\\
mor: she is…\\
mor: my mother…\\
ali: what, are you stupid things are you saying!?\\ morgiana!\\
ali: this is one of our enemy’s move no matter how you look at it!!\\
ali: don’t let yourself be confused by these strange things!\\
ali: w-what, tears…!?\\
box: “holy mother halo fan”, it belongs to the type of magic tools that disturbs one’s mind, but its real form is a light magic square that puts an imprinting on the opponent’s mind.\\
box: the new born infants search to a being that would be their “mother” in several possible ways, because of their survival instinct,\\ but the “holy mother halo fan” can change the strong female hormone that controls that instinctive behaviour to a signal that sends to the opponent’s brain\\
mad: that primitive nature that dwells in life.\\
mad: the most universal thing to which all the born people carve to\\
mad: the love toward a mother\\
mad: that’s my weapon\\
mad: inside of anybody swirls that kind love…\\
mad: and you cannot…\\
mad: absolutely!!\\
mad: get away from that nostalgia!!\\
ali: st…\\
ali: stop…\\ fucking with me…!!\\
mad: hey\\
mad: come here\\
mad: you experienced a lot of harsh things until now…\\
mad: it was hard on you right? Come. You mother…\\
mad: will give you a hung…\\
ali: dammit…\\
ali: even if I know\\
ali: that is one of her techniques\\
ali: I don’t want to…\\
ali: attack her!!\\
ali: this is bad…\\
ali: now she is just like my mother…!!\\
?: come here\\
?: my little and cute Aladdin…\\
inserted text: who comes to his mind!?\\

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