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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 129

Night 129: independence

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 17, 2012 15:12 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 129: independence\\
Al: there is ugo-kun…\\
Al: and the “everyone else”…\\
Mother: come here my little Aladdin\\
Al: … I know it\\
Al: you are my… “other world’s”…\\
Al: mother right?\\
Inserted text: the illusion hits Aladdin…!?\\
ali: dammit…!!\\
mor: mother, mother…\\
mad: there, there, you are a good child.\\ even if I don’t know what kind of dream you are seeing. Ufufufu!!\\
mad: now… I wonder what dream is this little child seeing…?\\ ufufufufu!!\\
near ryuu: uwaaaah\\
mama: what’s wrong, hakuryuu?\\
ryuu: mother…\\
ryuu: a saw a frightful dream…\\ my father, my brothers and even you were all killed by the remnants of a enemy’s country…\\ and only me and my sister survived…\\
mama: hakuryuu…\\
mama: it is alright. \\
mama: le’s teach you one truth today, ok?\\
ryuu: “truth”…?\\
mama: you father did an incredible thing…\\ he saved the people of three countries that were suffering in a war… so there is no one that intends to kill him, your brothers or me other there. It is alright\\
ryuu: … really?\\
mama: sure\\
mama: come on let’s go hakuryuu\\
people: hurrah for the kou king!! Hurrah for the kou empire!!\\
mama: ok?\\
ryuu: yes…!!\\
ryuu: mother…\\
mad: heh, so easy…\\
mad: no matter who is it, if he is still a children, he cannot go again me\\
mad: with this halo fan I will control the future rule of this world while they will be still children\\
mad: and then… and then…\\
mad: all the humans in the world…\\
mad: will be mine… ufufufufufu!!!\\
mad: hohohoho\\
ali: dammit! I know that this is one of her techniques and yet why I feel like this…!!?\\
ali: I want to rely on her!!\\
mad: children cannot survive alone. They cannot solve their problems and troubles alone\\
mad: now: you are trouble right? Tell me what troubles you…\\
ali: hum… Sinbad-san\\
ali: about balbadd’s incident…\\
sin: ah yes. The meeting went well. It seems the emperor is ok with permitting balbadd’s autonomous government\\
sin: in that way the people will not oppressed, and I and chief of the seven seas alliance will not permit it\\
ali: … I see, thank you very much…\\
ali: is that… really ok…?\\
ali: this time we will think together…\\
ali: about what is good for us\\ even when it will be difficult to find the answer…\\
ali: that will be\\
ali: balbadd’s new form!!\\
ali: to me balbadd is…\\
ali: more… different… something is not right…?\\
ali: impossible!? Am I doubting about Sinbad-san!?\\
ali: and to begin with, I’m not in a position in which I can do something for balbadd anymore…\\
ali: but…?\\
ali: Why am I so worried about it?\\
mama: alibaba\\
mama: it is ok if you don’t think about it anymore\\
mama: you can forget you troubles… because you mother is with you\\
mama: it will be alright, even if you don’t worry about it…\\
ali: mother?\\
ali: that’s right…\\
ali: even if everything is like this…\\
al: are you really ok about this, alibaba-kun?\\
ali: …? Who…?\\
ali: Aladdin…\\
ali: alibaba-kun… that woman, isn’t you mother, right?\\
ali: I know that…\\
ali: I know that but…\\
al: and even\\
al: if she was your real mother…\\
al: it would be really alright… to do exactly as someone else says?\\
al: we have to live by ourselves already\\
ali: are you… ok with that!?\\
al: yes\\
al: the effect of this move are thin on me because I never practically met my mother, but…\\
al: I’m alright alone\\
al: because…\\
al: inside of me there are ugo-kun, granny…\\
al: those from the caravan, those from sindria, and then you and mor-san…\\
al: I’m full of the way of life and the way the thought of all the people I met until now\\
al: there is something similar\\
al: to that inside of you as well right?\\
al: did something remain inside of the people that entrusted their feelings to you?\\
al: you too mor-san…\\
al: remember the important things you received… from the others!\\
slave: morgiana\\
slave: you always kept you peide!\\
mad: no! listen to what I(your mother) say!!\\
mad: impossible!!? They are going against…\\
mad: my orders…\\
ali: sorry Aladdin… I showed you my bad side\\
ali: I’m sorry… I will not hesitate anymore\\
mad: the halo fan bounced back…!? It is a tool that should work on children without fail… these three…!!\\
mad: even if they have the body of children…\\
mad: the are adults already…\\
ali: hakuryuu! Hakuryuu regain youself!!\\
olba: defend madora\\ to the death!!\\
ali: y-you still want to fight!? Stop that and open you eyes!!\\
ali: t-they are not listening to me…!?\\
mad: ufufu… do you know…\\
mad: who are the ones that search for the motherly love the most…?\\
mad: those who lost their mother’s love during infancy!!\\
mad: that’s why I picked up the orphans in the slums that were abandoned by their mother… you cannot erase the brainwash I did on those children!! Ufufufu!!\\
mor: how cruel…!\\
mad: I leave the rest to you\\
ali: hey wait!!\\
ali: she is getting away!! Hakuryuu, stop her!!
Ali: hakuryuu!!!\\
Ryuu: piku\\
Hand: suuu\\
Ali: ha…!?\\
Al: hakuryuu…!?\\
Ryuu: I…\\
Ryuu: have…\\
ryuu: to…\\
ryuu: go to…\\
ryuu: save…\\my mother…!!\\
ali: wha\\what are you talking about…!?\\
ali: hakuryuu!!?\\
ryuu: dwell in my body…\\
ryuu: zagan!\\
inserted text : tension rises in the next issue!!\\

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