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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 131

Night 131: bitter enemy

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 20, 2012 17:53 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 131: bitter enemy
inserted text: what will happen to hakuryuu after his father and his brothers were killed?\\
noble: the kou emperor and 2 imperial princes died during the that great fire…\\
noble2: could it be another assassination from some defeated country…?\\
noble3: who is the next emperor…?\\
noble: well, obviously…\\
noble: his majesty younger brother, ren koutoku-sama*!\\
TLN: wow his name even means “crimson virtue”\\
Guard: hurrah for his majesty!\\ hurrah for his majesty!\\
Mama: listen now, hakuei, hakuryuu…\\
mama: his majesty will welcome the two of you as adopted children…\\ and with that he will protect your life… and you will be able to live as the first imperial princess and the first imperial prince like you did until now…\\
ei: yes… thanks mother\\
people: hurrah for his majesty!!\\
people: hurrah for his majesty!!\\
people: hurrah for the kou emperor!!\\
people: hurrah for the kou empire!!\\
ali: am I able to cut it now…!?\\
ali: hakuryuu’s magoi’s coating is becoming weaker!?\\
mor: he is at the limit of his magoi manipulation…\\
ali: why are you doing this…\\ hakuryuu!?\\
ryuu: you…\\
ryuu: did that to my mother… right!?\\
ali: what…!?\\
ali: hakuryuu!!\\
ali: what was he… talking about!?\\
mor: I’m sure… it is about that…\\
mor: he said his mother was killed by al samen…!\\
ali: eh!?\\
al: ah! This is bad, mor-san alibaba-kun!\\
ali: ah!!\\
ali: where is… the great holy mother!?\\
mad: I don’t like their company, let’s retreat\\
mad: !? wha… what is this!?\\
??: you are surrounded\\
??: surrender, great holly mother!!\\
mad: i-impossible…\\
mad: why… are you here in a time like this…!?\\
box: the great holy mother did not expect aktia’s navy’s in1tervention\\
box: but this time after they heard that a sindrian trade envoy was heading to a pirate suppression mission\\ they were forced to take action, because of aktia deep diplomatic relations with sindria\\
box: olba and the others showed to want to fight till their death, but the great holy mother ordered them to surrender and after they were captured, they were brought to the port.\\
box: the pirate crew of the great holy mother\\ the remainder of they group was composed by children less than 16 years old…\\
mor: what will happen to these children…?\\
cap: well…\\
cap: the navy is completing the preparation for transferring them. Probably they will be imprisoned, and after that…\\ well…\\
ali: but these guys… are only really small children…\\
olba: madoora!! Don’t go, maddora!!\\
mad: it is alright, my little boys\\
olba: madoora…\\
mad: tsk,\\
mad: what useless children…\\
mad: why do you think I raised you until now? For the sake of my magic tool… I went through the trouble of kidnapping brats choosing them among naïve orphans that would do as I say, only because I needed them to produce magoi…\\
mad: aaah… that fawning faces, they make me so angry. I don’t need you anymore. I’m not you madoora(mother)\\
mor: are you alright, hakuryuu-san?\\
guard: ok, let’s transfer her\\
hand: sun\\
woman: kill her…\\
woman: kill that woman…\\
woman: immediately!\\
guard: wha…!?\\
near the people: that’s right!!\\ right!!\\
people: she is right, kill her!! She did terrible things you don’t have to transfer her!!\\
woman: give my husband back!\\
man: give my wife back!\\
man: kill her!!\\
people: kill her!\\
people: kill her!\\
people: kill her!!\\
guard: s-stop!!\\
guard: uwaaah!!\\
people: kill!\\
people: kill!\\ die!\\
mad: h-hiii!!\\
mad: gyaaah!!\\
mor: w-what is…!\\
ali: let’s stop them!!\\
al: yeah!!\\
people: die!\\
people: kill her!!\\
mad: a-aaaah… stop…\\
children: madoora!!!\\
ali: h-hakuryuu?\\
ali: could it be that he iss still under that spell…!?\\
mad: ah, little boy!! You are such a good boy, I believed in you\\
mad: you came here to help me right!!!\\
mad: come on\\
mad: quicly!\\
mad: come to you mother’s side!!\\
mad: come, you are such a good boy…\\
mad: hakuryuu…!!\\
TLN: this manga becomes gore when you don't expect it. in one frame you see people smiling and in the next you see heads and limbs fly away...
ali: hakuryuu…\\
ali: what.. the hell did you done…!?\\
ryuu: what you say…? I executed the captain of the pirates. It was the only way to calm down this people\\
ryuu: and the people of this town wanted that too…\\ in the first place we went to exterminate the pirates for the sake of the people of this city, right?\\
ryuu: plus…\\
ryuu: a small part of her magic was still lingering in the air…\\ I still saw her as my own mother…\\
ali: you saw her as your mother!? Then why did you do that!!?\\
ryuu: that was the reason\\
ryuu: I remembered\\
ryuu: my mission is\\ to kill the al-samen witch…\\
ryuu: that betrayed my uncle and usurped the kou empire…\\
ryuu: to kill…\\
ryuu: my own mother\\
inserted text: a shocking truth!!\\

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