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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 132

Night 132: confession

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 22, 2012 13:26 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Well, considering that there was no magi in the shonen sunday issue that was out yesterday, I'm officialy on par.

Night 132: confession\\
inserted text: the truth revealed!!\\
ryuu: my brother told me that…\\ that you were the one that wanted to kill us…\\
ryuu: but… I don’t believe him\\ I’m sure that my uncle wanted to become emperor and…\\
ryuu: right?\\
ryuu: mother?\\
ryuu: why aren’t you negating that!?\\
ryuu: mother!?\
mama: hakuryuu…\\
ryuu: m-mother…?\\
mama: if I said\\
mama: that it is the truth, what would you do?\\
mama: would you say that to hakuei?\\ or would you kill me?\\
mama: look\\
mama: you cannot do anything right?\\
mama: it is alright\\
mama: I will marry the new emperor. And you will continue to love me.\\
mama: so you can act as a good child as you did until now\\
mama: hakuryuu…\\
ei: hakuryuu…\\
ei: hakuryuu… is something wrong? You seems to be in low spirit…\\
ryuu: no, there is nothing wrong sister\\
ryuu: I cannot tell her…\\
ryuu: I have to protect her life…\\
ryuu: from this demic country\\
ryuu: and then one day…\\
ryuu: I will kill that woman\\
ryuu: ren gyokuen\\
ryuu: the witch from al samen that betrayed the stupid kou princes in order to manipulate the kou empire\\
ryuu: she was a woman that resembled a lot the great holy mother\\
ryuu: dhe didn’t care sbout her own son.\\
ryuu: that woman… the only thing she cared about was to continue living\\
ali: … that’s why you killed the great holy mother huh…\\
ryuu: even if I didn’t do anything, she was going to be executed in any case\\
ali: that could be the case…\\
ali: but, didn’t you do that because of a personal grudge of yours…!?\\
ali: what’s happening?\\
child: o-olba!?\\
olba: I will kill you\\
olba: you…\\
olba: you…\\
olba: killed her…!!!\\
ryuu: what are you talking about?\\
ryuu: how many people did you kill in this city?\\ there were even women among them right? Weren’t them the mothers of someone else?\\
ryuu: what about those children!?\\
ryuu: and just after your mother’s dead, you behave like that!?\\ aren’t you thinking about things in a too convenient way!?\\
ryuu: … plus…\\ you vaguely realized it already, right?\\ you already know that the great holy mother was just using you…\\
ryuu: because… the great holy mother commander you to kidnap even more children, right?\\ that was in order to create new pirates…\\
ryuu: you should know this already\\
ryuu: there is no reason to be sad\\
ryuu: you\\
ryuu: since the beginning,\\
ryuu: were not loved\\
ali: hakuryuu!!!\\
guard: hurry up and move you damn brats!!\\
guard: we are moving you from here\\
guard: you will go to the meet your execution or you will be sold as slaves in any case!\\
al: that…!!?\\
al: this is bad! I have to stop them…\\
ali: wait, please\\
ali: could you hand over\\
ali: those pirates to us?\\
guard: w-what? It is true that you collaborated with us in the capture of these pirates, \\
guard: but aren’t you going beyond your authority when you interfere on how criminals from aktia should be judged?\\
ali: no, my country has half of the responsibility on those pirates…\\
guard: r-responsibility you say?\\
ali: yes. The great holy mother acted on a trade route that went between sindria and aktia, so… as members of the sindria kingdom we cannot ignore this\\
ali: plus…\\
ali: regarding all the damages caused by the pirates on the maritime commercial routes between our countries,\\
ali: if aktia says that they would cope with them and give us reparations, we will only convey this principle to his majesty the king of sindria\\
guard: !!\\ t-that’s…\\
guard: y-yeah…\\
guard: s-sindria\\
giard_ f-fine, we will give the remaining of the pirates to you…\\ but we will confiscate all of their magic tool!\\
guard2: are you sure about this?\\
guard: yeah…\\ it is better to not stir up thing against sindria…\\
guard: in any case, they are a strange bunch… what they want to obtain by taking over a group of uncontrollable bunch of little murderers\\
guard: just what do they want to do with them…?\\
ali: … I have an idea. In any case, let’s go from here\\
ali: you are their leader, right?\\
olba: don’t touch me!!\\
olba: we don’t have any place to go!!\\ we are madoora’s children!!\\
olba: is it wasn’t for her…\\
olba: if it wasn’t for her…\\
olba: there… is no meaning for us to exist anymore…!\\
child: olba…!!\\
olba: but she is already dead…\\
olba: she cannot come back… it is the end…!!\\
ali: that’s right…\\
ali: you cannot change what happened…\\
ali: but, all the pirates gathered here,\\
ali: depend on you from now on\\
ali: you are their big brother, right?\\
ali: they are all devoted to you…\\
ali: so if now that your mother is not here anymore you say that there is no meaning for you to exist…\\
ali: they will begin to think that as well\\ they will begin to wonder why they were born like this… begin to hate…\\
ali: I want to stop that…!\\
ali: and you power is needed to accomplish such a thing…\\
ali: I beg you, lend me your power…!!\\
cap: I want to report with the king for the moment but…\\
al: ok, leave that to us\\
ali: yes please… there is something I want to say to sinbad-san\\
al: eh?\\
ali: what’s wrong Aladdin?\\
al: well… were are mor-san and hakuryuu?\\
mor: wait hakuryuu-san\\
mor: are you departing alone like this?\\
ryuu: yes…\\
ryuu: I cannot be with you anymore… thank you for want you did for me until now…\\
mor: wait\\
TLN: the manga is not scanned well but I will do my best\\
mor: I-I don’t want to bid farewell to you in such a way!\\
ryuu: then…\\
ryuu: come with me\\
mor: eh?\\
ryuu: come together with me…\\
ryuu: to the kou empire\\
ryuu: I like you…\\
ryuu: morgiana-dono\\
inserted text: hakuryuu confessed his real thoughts\\
TLN: no chapter in the next issue of shonen Sunday\\

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