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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 133

Night 133: gentle person

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Mar 26, 2012 16:42 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 133: gentle person\\
TLN: volume 12 will be on sales the 18 of April\\
Inserted text: hakuryuu confessed hiss feelings but…?\\
Mor: … eh?\\
Ryuu: I…\\
Ryuu: I like you\\
Ryuu: morgiana dono\\
ryuu: you really are a magnificent woman!\\
ryuu: strong,\\
ryuu: gentle,\\
ryuu: beautiful…\\
ryuu: that why I want…!\\
ryuu: to ask you\\
ryuu: to become my wife!\\
TLN: if there was a way to frighten morgiana, hakuryuu couldn’t not find a better one\\
mor: what’s wrong with you, hakuryuu-san!? you seem strange…\\
ryuu: I’m serious…!!\\
ryuu: since that moment…\\
ryuu: I want you…\\
ryuu: to become the empress of the nation I will build…!!\\
mor: e-empress!? I don’t want… such a thing in the first place…!\\
ryuu: I don’t care about that!!\\
mor: eh?\\
ryuu: you will become\\
ryuu: my empress!\\
box: alibaba pled king Sinbad to accept the pirates in sindria\\
box: sindbad was ready to consent, plus he also took responsibility on the negotiations about how to deal with the pirates\\
ali: this was the only thing that occurred in my mind… at the present time I…\\ don’t have neither a place or a country where make them live nor the power to negotiate…\\
olba: but…\\
olba: I don’t want to become a dog of sindria…\\
ali: olba!!? You…!?\\
olba: if I have to follow someone…\\
olba: the most logical choice would be you, considering that you saved my life…\\
olba: our magoi… is a little bigger than average people\\
olba: we should us it in a way or another…\\
olba: I sometimes saw madoora examine the magoi quantity of the children that we picked up with a certain magic tool… So I’m sure about that\\
ali: in that case I have a favour to ask…\\
box: I want you to look after your younger brothers\\
box: among brothers, the older one is the one the others rely on\\
pirate: that guy called alibaba… he is a strange fellow…\\
olba: yeah\\
olba: but… I cannot absolutely forgive that man with a burn on his face…\\
olba: because he killer madoora in such a way…!\\
al: ah, mor-san\\
ali: morgiana, did you see hakuryuu?\\
mor: … hakuryuu-san…\\
mor: departed from the city already, and is heading alone to the tenzan plateau
al: eh!?\\
al: impossible… will he leave us like this without bidding farewell with us?\\
al: a-alibaba-kun?\\
ali: this is not right… I have to find him… I… I have something I have to tell him…\\
al: something you have to tell him?\\
ali: hakuryuu…\\
ali: resembles cassim…!\\
ali: he has the same eyes as him… that killed his father in order to protect his sister…\\
ali: I finally understood that after what he said about his mother…!\\
ali: and like cassim, he will continue to hate… until one day he will kill his mother… and end up regretting it…!!\\
ali: and then… if… even his elder sister dies…!!\\
al: calm down, alibabab-kun!\\
ali: anyway, I have to find him!\\
mor: wait please!\\
mor: don’t go alibaba-san, please!\\
ali: why!? I have to talk to him!!\\
mor: please…\\
mor: I beg you…!\\
al: I will go. Is that alright with you, mor-san?\\
al: hey\\
al: are going then?\\
al: alibaba-kun is really disappointed by this\\
al: he said that he wanted to talk with you…\\
ryuu: I see…\\
al: plus, if we separate like this, we will feel lonely until the nest time four of us will be together again!\\
ryuu: I wonder if… the “next time”…\\
ryuu: we will be allies like this…\\
ryuu: well, it is time I tell you everything.\\
ryuu: originally I came to sindria in the first place… because I intended to be completely frank with king Sinbad and you to ask for your assistance\\
al: !?\\ assistance?\\
ryuu: aladin-dono…\\
ryuu: from now on I will split the kou empire into two.\\
ryuu: I will cause a war\\
ryuu: when that will happen,\\
ryuu: will you lend me your power as magi…?\\
al: I…\\
al: don’t like wars…\\
ryuu: but you are an ally of sindria, right…?\\
ryuu: in that case we will fight together sooner or later. King Sinbad told me that he would join hands with me\\
ryuu: but this is strange…\\
ryuu: that time I had the feeling that you were not next to us\\
ryuu: you are different from king Sinbad…\\
ryuu: in something I’m not able to understand…\\
al: I…\\
al: I want to become the strength of my “friends”… your strength, I will always run to your side when you will be really in troubles.\\
al: but…\\
al: aren’t you\\
al: imprisoned by your own revenge?\\
al: I was taught that from a fight that began because of revenge,\\
al: nothing can born but sorrow\\
al: are you able to set you heart free from the revenge that binds it!?\\
al: anyway, come back with us! And then…\\
ryuu: Aladdin-dono…\\
ryuu: thanks for everything you did for me in the last few months.\\
ryuu: I… really enjoyed this time together with you\\
ryuu: I feel like that even someone like me that opened his heart…\\
ryuu: only to his sister until now, was able… to make friends…\\
ryuu: but…\\
ryuu: it also ends here\\
ryuu: thanks for everything you did for me until now\\
ryuu: … give me an answer, please\\
mor: sorry… I…\\
ryuu: come with me morgiana-dono, please!!\\
ryuu: I… I really like you…!!\\
mor: stop please!!\\
mor: just stop…\\
ryuu: … sorry…\\
ryuu: but… I’m…\\
ryuu: serious about this…\\
mor: no… it is just like… I…\\
mor: it is the first time a man says something like this to me… and I’m happy about it but…\\
mor: but, I cannot come with you…\\
mor: sorry…\\
ryuu: why…?\\
mor: anyway, let’s go back to the place where alibaba-san and Aladdin are\\ I’m sure the two of them will listen to the things that trouble you!\\
ryuu: thanks… you really are a gentle person…\\
ryuu: that’s one more reason… because I will not give up on you…\\
ryuu: give them my best regards\\
ryuu: morgiana-dono…\\
ryuu: I will… come to propose you once again for sure…\\
inserted text: farewell hakuryuu… we will probably meet once again…\\

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