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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 469

Battle 469: mae geri (frontal kick)


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 469

Battle 469: mae geri (frontal kick)\\
side text: satsujinken and satsujinken… how will evolve the fight between the two ultimate masters!?\\
side test: the fight with death lingering in the air… begins now.\\
saka: they are getting started\\
ken: this…\\
ken: wasn’t even the beginning!!?\\
saka: the silat user that fought a close fight against the old man, silkwat junazard huh…\\
saka: don’t die hongo!!\\
jud: jatoohan punchak pohon!!(beneath the trees drop)\\
jud: toundan an gurintana!!(earth revolving kick)\\
jud: punhanchur pungun!!(reverse crush)\\
ken: w-what is that inexhaustible series of vertical and horizontal attacks from all over the directions!?\\
near ken: he went around the tower?\\
doc: the essence of silat is jungle fight. That’s why there are a lot of moves that make use of the terrain and the difference of height\\
bato: it is dangerous, hongo-dono!\\
saka: tsk, karate was created on the assumption that the fight would happen on a flat terrain!!\\
rona: so, it means that it is not very good against silat’s irregular high and low attacks!!?\\
saka: it is not particularly poor against those attacks!! I’m just saying that this is not its strong point!!\\
near saka: just a little…\\
rona: hongo!!\\
ken: however, why is he fighting into his enemy’s territory!!? In this way he cannot use his kicks!!\\
hongo: mae geri (frontal kick)!!\\
ken: h-he used his kicks…\\
saka: I see, after making his enemy unleash his full power in his own territory, he took him by surprise…\\
saka: hehehe, he has trough all this and doesn’t even know how to hold back\\
sham: you are great hongo!!\\
jud: kaka, you are really good!!\\
jud: well, you are one of the nine fists, even considering your young age…\\
hongo: mae geri!!\\
jud: tei!!\\
jud: heh, youngsters today are not able to enjoy a good talk after all…\\
hongo: mae geri!!\\
saka: he is fighting a strong opponent who excels in irregular techniques and that’s the very reason why he is using on of the most basic techniques!\\
saka: be sure to burn into your eyes the way of fighting of the other true karate master beside me!!\\
ken: yes!!\\
hongo: mae geri!!\\
saka: well, probably he simply decided that today was “the day I will bring down my enemy by using the mae geri” or something like that… he is stubborn in the most unexpected ways.\\
ken: uh\\
nora: he is such an earnest guy <3\\
near her: blush\\
hongo: mae geri!!\\
jud: tsk, this is a really sharp kick but…\\
jud: pusaran halilintar!!(falling swirl thunder)\\
hongo shinchi nengen(true earth original) style: chouryou kankuu juurin(mid air jump trampling down)!!
Saka: I see!!\\
Saka: ooh, this is the first time his attacks reached his opponent!!\\
saka: he deliberately used monotone attacks in order to make his enemy aware of that, and then he suddenly used a complex and big move!!\\
ken: woooow!!\\
bato: incredible! All that was just a preamble in order to make this move connect!!\\
doc: that was a simple plan! But it is the very fact that he was able to make it succeed so simply in such a situation that makes one admire the force of his will!\\
doc: but…\\
doc: even that…\\
jud: ka… kakaka\\
doc: pales in front of the martial arts’ madness of that person… of junazard-sama!!\\
jud: it would worry me if it wasn’t like this.\\
jud: if man who gained the title of the nine first, even for a joke… would not be able to use a strategy of this level…\\
jud: in a fight to death against me!!\\
ken: what was that now!?\\
guy: t-that scarred guy step back for the first time!!\\
guy2: yeah!\\
guy: however, what in the world is…\\
guy: the bizarre stance that junazard-sama is using right now!!!?\\
side text: next issue there will be a break in order to write the special edition gaiden. Wait for a even more accelerating fight to death in the 20th issue(out the 18th of April*)\\
TLN: for people of Internet the chapter should be out the 13th of April)\\

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