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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 134

Night 134: the day before the farewells

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 1, 2012 12:37 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

-> RTS Page for Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 134

I changed format in order to help in the future sense-scan's quality-checker, but I want the people who follow me on mangahelper to continue enjoying my translations, so tell me if the readability is still good enough for you.

Night 134: the day before the farewells\\
side text: hakuryuu went away, they are in three now, but…!?\\
p1b1 owner: good evening\\
p1b2 owner: and welcome to our inn\\
pib3 ali: we are three person.\\
p1b4box: alibaba and the other will big farewell the following day, so they decided to spend the night in the port city of aktia.\\
p1b5al: it seems that mor-san is not in good spirit…\\
p1b6ali: yeah… hakuryuu suddenly left, after showing us that unpleasant thing…\\
p1b7ali: … well, let’s go to eat something and cheer up!\\ we still have a lot of money they gave us after conquering “zagan”!\\
p1b8al: yeah, let’s go!\\
side text: Aladdin, alibaba, morgiana, the party before their farewell begins!\\
p3b1al: mor-san, are you sure you are alright? You didn’t eat anything until now…\\
p3b2ali: what’s wrong morgiana… your strong point is your physical strength, so if you don’t eat to you hearth’s extent it will not be good for you, here!!\\
sfx: *push* \*sulking*\*angry*\\
p3b3mor: no… I’m fine like this
p3b4ali: ah, is you say that to me…\\ I will end up eating this delicious little fish\\
near ali: come on\come on\\
near mor: *angry*\*angry*… *really angry*
sfx near her mount: *slap*\*slap*\\
p4b1mor: are you satisfied now… alibaba-san…\\
sfx right: *munch*x2\\
sfx left: *whoosh*\\
p4b2mor: *slurp*\\
p4b3ali: you are great morgiana!\\
p4b4al: but…\\
p4b5al: the three of as will have to wait a lot of time before being able to pass again a night like this…\\
p4b5al: tomorrow I will take the land route toward magnoshtatt\\
p4b6al: you two will go together to the rem empire, right?\\
p4b7mor: yes. But we will take different ships\\
p5b1mor: alibaba-san’s destinations, rem empire’s capital “remano”, is one the north-western part of the rem continent…\\
p5b2mor: to reach my destination, the region of katalgo, I have to go trough the southern province of the rem empire\\
p5b3al: I see, so each one of us will go on separated ways…\\
in the sea: sindria kingdom\\
peninsula: aktia kingdom\above: magnoshtat\mistania repubblic\\
up north on rem’s side: imperial capital remano \ under it: rem empire\\
the penisula: paltibia empire\ south: eliohabt kingdom\south: katalgo region\\
p5b6ali: but we will meet again soon!\\
p5b7ali: even it a year is a long period, I intend to come back\\
p5bmor: me too…\\
p5bmor: as soon as I will see my home village, I will go back to sindria\\
p5b8al: I…\\
p5b9al: will probably take more time than that. There are a lot of things I want to know…\\
p6b1ali: hey, don’t stay there for too much time! Otherwise you will never come back!?\\
p6b2al: it is alright! We are tied by destiny\\
p6b3al: we will meet again for sure!\\
p6b4ali: let’s make a promise\\
p6b5al: yeah!\\
p6b6mor: yes…\\
p6b7ali: we will meet again for sure and in one piece!\\
p9b1al: … well then let’s go back and sleep…\\
p9b2mor: yeah\\
p10b1ali: Aladdin. What about taking a little detour before going to sleep?\\
p10b2al: eh? Ah, ok…\\
p10b3mor: I’m fine with that too…\\
p10b4ali: no morgiana, you should go to sleep now. You didn't feel better before either.\\
p10b5mor: ?\\ n-no, I’m alright but…\\
p10b6ali: no! it is dangerous for a girl to stay awake until late in the night, right!?\\
p10b7ali: you should go back!\\
p10b8ali: well, then see you\\
p10b9al: eh!?\\ alibaba-kun, are you making morgiana go home alone!?\\
near al: in the darkness\\
p10b10ali: what are you talking about, it is alright. In morgiana’s case she can take one or two or even 100 ruffians…\\
p10b11ali: rather, you should be worried about them!\\
near al: ahaha\\
near al: ahahaha\\ahahahaha\\
near: mor: *angry…\\
p11b1al: alibaba-kun, didn’t you just say that “it is dangerous for a girl to to stay awake until late in the night”, right? you are contradicting yourself!\\
p11b2ali: shut up Aladdin!\\
sfx: murmuring\\
near al: pipiku!(sudden realization)\\
p11b3al: … she is right mor-san. We have to go now\\
p11b4ali: we have to discuss an important thing between men. See you!\\
p11b5mor: eh…?\\
near al: uhyahya\\
near ali: ehyahyahya\\
p13b1ali: no ~ ~ I really like you girls ~ ~!!\\
p13b2 (ryuu): I like you morgiana-dono\\
p13b3 (ryuu): you are an incredible woman!\\
p13b4ali: you are so incredible ~ ~ ~!!\\ so beautiful that I cannot choose!!\\
p13b5 (ryuu): become my empress!!!\\
p14b1ali: ok!! I will make everyone of you into my empress today!!\\
near al: today I’m the emperor\\
p14b2girls: kyaaah ~ ~ \\ that’s great ~ ~ \\ alibaba-sama ~ ~ ~!!\\
p14b3guys: what was that a earth quake!?\\
near the hole: the stamp of her feet\\
p15b1ali: Aladdin, men need something like that, do you understand?\\
near the bubble: his master’s teachings\\
p15b2al: that’s right, alibaba-kun\\
p15b3ali: anyway, this reminds be of the first time we met…\\
p15b4ali: wow…\\ differently from the fact he is still a brat, he is able to indulge into pleasure to that extent… sometimes he is really frightening…\\
p15b5al: uuuih let’s drink…\\
p15b6woman: drink?\\
p15b7ali: I will not lose! Bring me the most popular girl in this bar!\\
p15b8owners: as you command!!\\
p16b1mar: my name is Margaret\\
p17b2mar: maybe I can sound arrogant, but I’m known here as the strongest p17b3hostess in this bar…\\
p17b4ali: hum… didn’t we meet somewhere else?\\
p17b5mar: oh… are you trying to seduce me?\\
near her: *blush*\\
p176bali: no, I…\\
p17b7ali: this music is…\\
near him: this cannot be…\\
p17b8mar: it is service time!\\
words near the bubble: sorry to keep you waiting\\
p17b9ali: nooooooooooo!!!\\
p18b1box: and then the morning they will part came\\
p18b2al: good morning, mor-san, alibaba-kun!\\
p18b3ali: Aladdin, lower your voice…\\
near him: it makes my wounds shake\\
inserted text: alibaba you are the worst.\\

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#1. by Lawine ()
Posted on Apr 1, 2012
The readability is good for me =D Thanx for the release.

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