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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Buyuden 52

Chapter 52: naked fists fight

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 19, 2012 11:13 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 52: naked fists fight\\
inserted text: a confrontation against a boxing expert! What will be isamu’s strength after all this time…?\\
inserted text: he suddenly appears when moka and kure are in the middle of a pinch…!!\\
isamu: what should I do?\\
sfx: scratch scratch\\
isamu: let’s say that if you just go away from here silently,\\ I will let you leave without any problems, ok?\\
moka: there is no doubt!!\\
moka: he is taller, he’s changed his hair style and his voice is different but…\\
moka: it is take-kun!!\\
moka: I’m sure about it, it is take isamu!!\\
moka: ah\\
moka: or rather it seems take-kun still didn’t recognize me!\\
moka: if he looks at well he will find me out!!\\
black: wow, you are quite good when it comes to command others. From what middle school are you from, little shit?\\ do you know maki tetsuya the black tiger from the jouhoku middle school?\\
isamu: black tiger?\\
isamu: is it something similar to jouhoku‘s shrimps?\\
thug: no, are you making fun of us!!?\\
thug: hyahaha, die!!\\
isamu: hey that’s dangerous\\
thug: gyaah!\\
black: step back, taka!\\
black: hey\\
black: heheh… you are an experienced boxer too huh\\
black: but it seems you are good only at dodging attacks\\
mama: mokaa\\
mama: look at this\\
moka: eh?\\
moka: what is this?\\
mama: there is an article about a boy called Take Isamu, on the upper part of newspaper’s backside but,\\
mama: isn’t him take-kun, the friend you had when you were in the sixth grade?\\
moka: eh?\\
moka: yes, take-kun’s name is isamu but…\\
on the paper{
in the box: congratulations\\
bold: saitama prefecture, middle school swimming competition tournament\\
the rest: winner of the male freestyle 200m competition, take isamu-kun\\
moka: swimming!?\\
isamu: I will not quit.\\
isamu: I already told you this,\\ I… will become a champion in my master’s stead!\\
moka: I see…\\
moka: you said that, but…\\
moka: take-kun, you quit boxing after all…\\
moka: … but it is something natural…\\
moka: there is no boxing club in your middle school, plus the environment and the people around you changed…\\
black: where the hell are aiming to?\\
black: you are just running around, and you punches are nothing more than shit!\\
moka: his foot walk is still in good shape but…\\
moka: take-kun , just like me, you are not practicing boxing anymore, and you cannot win against someone in top shape!!\\
black: hey, you are not talking anymore\\
black: could it be that you are going to run out of breath soon?\\
black: I’m seriously aiming to become a pro\\
moka: this is bad…!! He stopped moving, he is totally exhausted!!\\
thug: perfect, kill him tetsu!!\\
black: I don’t know what kind of boxing correspondence course you took, but…\\
black: you shouldn’t try to show off in front of others, you fake boxer!!\\
black: this is the finishing blow!\\
kure: aaah…\\
black: eh…\\
sfx: zuki\\
black: m-my shoulder!!\\
isamu: you finally noticed, huh\\
isamu: I was pretending to be unskilful in order to aim my punches to your shoulder\\
black: w-what!?\\
isamu: in normal cases the shoulder is a robust part of your body that can also be used to block your opponent’s attacks, but that’s true only if your opponent is wearing gloves.\\
isamu: in a naked fists fight, you can cause a great deal of damage even to thick muscles, if you hit them several times\\
isamu: after that finishing hook I gave you while you hit me with that body blow, you will not be able to rise your left arm for a while\\
black: w-why did you take all those troubles to…\\
isamu: why you say? In a naked fists fight you hurt your own fists if you hit the head\\ I’m aiming to become a pro too, my fists are too important to be used seriously in such a situation!\\
isamu: if you are boxer like me, we can fight each other on a ring\\
black: w-wait…!!\\
black: but I hit you with my body blow…!!\\
black: why do you seem to be fine!!?\\
isamu: ah, that hurt a little but…\\
isamu: after I trained my abs so much, that body blow I made you land on me wasn’t such a big deal\\
guy: hey, what are you doing there!!?\\
black: dammit… let’s go taka!\\
thug: eh… b-but that guy is…\\
black: shut up!\\
isamu: well I’m going too then\\
isamu: be careful of delinquents, ok?\\
kure: yeah…\\
moka: w-wait, hum…\\
moka: he didn’t quit…!!\\
moka: take-kun didn’t quit boxing at all!!\\
moka: instead he became far more stronger than I thought!!\
moka: and he didn’t notice that it was me till the end…\\
moka: no… it is better this way\\
isamu: that fatty, she resembled moka little…\\
isamu: well, it is impossible that moka would become so ugly.\\
side text: he continued to practice boxing, but he didn’t recognized moka… after she got so fat!!\\

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