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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 136

Night 136: ren kouha

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 22, 2012 03:46 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 136: ren kouha\\
inserted text: what is the real strength on this new member of the “ren” family?\\
Ha: metal vessel nyoi rentou!!\\
Thief: wha… the sword!?\\
Thief2: it became so big!?\\
Ha: oh?\\
ha: hey!\\
ha: ah it is so heavy\\
thief: !? what the hell?\\
thief2: he is not able to use such an absurdly big sword! Kill him!!\\
ha: uff\\
ha: I just… made it bigger a little too sooner…\\
ha: ok!!?\\
thief: what!?\\
thives: uwaaaaah!!?\\
thief: what was that now!?\\
thief2: don’t falter, fire, fire!!\\
thief: he… makes his sword bigger only in the instant he cuts down his enemies…!?\\
ha: that was funny old men, bye bye…\\
sfx: pika(the sound of light)\\
ha: oraaah!!\\
thief: ee-h!?\\uwaaah!!?\\
al: who is him…!?\\
oldman: y-you probably will not recognize him even if I tell you his name but…! He is…\\
kou empire’s prince ren kouha-sama!!\\
al: “ren”!?\\
ha: so?\\
ha: whos is this dirty little brat…?\\
girl: he is the one who is traveling with us since a little time ago, kouha-sama…\\
ha: heeee, I don’t care but…\\
ha: eh? What happened to your arm?\\
al: ah, they grazed me with one of their attacks\\
ha: heeeee, take care…\\
blind: I told you the taking the land route would be dangerous… I asked to you the carpet to get there and yet…\\
ha: no… I reeeealy hate that thing, it ruins my skin and gets my clothes dirty… I don’t want to go to Magnoshtat with a carpet!\\
al: magnoshtat?\\
blind: ah!\\
ha: hey!! Wipe these clothes better!! I really like them!!!\\
al: h-hum, did you say Magnoshtat!?\\
ha: yes… we are going to Magnoshtat. We have some business there\\
blind: ah, ah, ah kouha-sama\\
hand: that’s not fair, do that to me too\\
third: me too\\
al: really! I’m going there too!!\\
ha: eeeeeh, you too?\\
ha: but right now in that country, only special exceptions like me and magic users can enter, do you know that?\\
ha: they say that the number of people in the country is limited in order to completely manage the nation…\\
al: don’t worry! I’m a magician after all!\\
al: that’s why I’m going there in order to study in their school!\\
ha: I see… you are and “admitted student”… do you best\\
al: this person is going to magnoshtat as well huh… Sinbad already warned me, to I was thinking about being careful in front of people from the kou empire but…\\
al: now I have to be even more careful\\
yamu: “Aladdin-kun…”\\
yamu: “ no one must find out that you are a magi in magnishtat…”\\
oldman: master! We will arrive to the capital in another 9 days!\\
ha: eeeeeh! It will take so much time! Hey little kid, I have a lot of free time now, do you have some kind of artistic skill to entertain me?\\
al: my name is Aladdin ok?\\
box: Aladdin and the others went toward the north of the aktia kingdom that extends from south to north\\
box: there were a lot of little countries between akutia and magnishtat, but in the recent years a lot of them were attacked by magnoshtatt and annexed to their dominion…\\
above: mistania republic\\
black: magnoshtat(formerly mushashim kingdom\\)
below: aktia kingdom\\
box: aladdin’s route\\
box: aktia’s army, in order to oppose to the threat that now is even pressing to their northern border, laid out a strict vigilance system\\
box: after 8 days\\
ha: did we finally arrive?\\
al: ? where is magnoshtatt academy?\\
oldman: you idiot is just the checking station at the country’s border, the academy city is still far from here!\\
ha: see you then Aladdin, I have someone that will come to pick up me here\\
ha: good luck for your “country entrance examination”\\
ha: the gate to examine the magician is that way\\
mage: next!\\
al: gulp\\
yamu: listen well now, Aladdin-kun…\\
yamu: before beginning to study in magnoshtat and attending to the entrance exam, you have to pass the “country entrance examination”, but…\\
yamu: you must be really careful about that…\\
yamu: there they make you use only a simple magic but…\\\\
mage: ok, next!\\
al: bolg, huh…\\
yamu: the examiners at the gate are magician, so they obviously can see the rukh. That’s why they will immediately find out that you are a magi…\\
yamu: so you cannot use the magic that takes the magoi from the rukh around you\\
al: eh!?\\
al: that’s really difficult…\\
al: when I use magic, everyone around me naturally lend me their power…\\
al: how should I use magic without borrowing their power?\\
yamu: eh!? Y-you are not able to d othat!? What should we do…\\
al: ? is that so bad?\\
yamu: it is really bad… if… they find out that you are a magi during the examination…\\
yamu: magnoshtat will probably use all their power to arrest you…\\
yamu: they are searching for magician with strong qualities… and they will use any possible way in order to obtain them…!\\
yamu: that’s why Aladdin-kun\\
yamu: be carefull!\\
mage: what the rukh are…!?\\
mage: they went suddenly noisy…\\
mage: but… nothing happened… maybe it was just my imagination…?\\
mage: ok, next!\\
al: uff…\\
al: that went well…\\
al: that was thanks to yamu-san…\\
al: what is this stone, yamu-san?\\
yamu: that’s… a magic tool that forces the magoi’s flow to go in a single direction\\
yamu: inside of that magic tool there is a raw material that can be used as prevention valve in order to stop the reverse flow of magoi but…\\
yamu: in this way, you will be able to emit magoi from the inside of you even if you will not receive it from the outside…\\
yamu: as soon as the situation gets dangerous and they are going to find out that you are a magi, put these stones on you arms. They will stand out so be sure to cover them with bandages…\\
al: that’s great. Thanks, yamu-san\\
yamu: that’s not so great!! With this you…\\
yamu: will only able to use your own magoi and become a normal magician, right!?\\
yamu: in magnoshtat not even the rukh… or anyone alse will be your ally…\\
yamu: and you still want to go?\\ to that country…?\\
al: sure!!\\
al: there are things in that country… that I want to know no matter what!!\\
inserted text: it begins!! His days of study!!\\

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