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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Buyuden 53

Chapter 53: rejection!?

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 26, 2012 08:41 | Go to Buyuden

-> RTS Page for Buyuden 53

I wonder if the readers are pleased of buyuden's recent fan-service

Chapter 53: rejection!?\\
inserted text: he pours his hot passion into boxing, so one day she will be able to watch him again…\\
inserted text: what about this boy who was saved by isamu and moka…?\\
teach: hum… in other words\\
teach: the energy for the motion, is proportional to the mass of the object and the square of its velocity…\\
moka: here\\
kure: eh… i-it is all right, I don’t need those money. You can take them.
Moka: why? These are the money for your glasses and your phone.\\ If I take them, it would be a theft\\
Kure: t-then…\\
moka: see you\\
kure: w-wait!\\
kure: t-thanks…\\ for saving me\\
moka: … I didn’t do that for you.\\ it was just that they tried to make a fool out of me and I got mad\\
moka: rather, you were the one that saved me\\
moka: you should be happy to have such courage\\
kure: she was a little chubby but, not only she was brave but also cute…\\
kure: oh man, I should have asked her name at least…\\
kure: and that guy, I wonder where he was from…\\
kure: I didn’t have the glasses, so I couldn’t see his face but…\\
girl: hurry up, hurry up!!\\
girl: the lunch break will end soon!\\
isamu: hey, it is prohibited to play volleyball on the rooftop\\
isamu: things will get bad even if I’m the student council president\\
girl: don’t worry!\\
sfx: blah, blah\\
kure: that’s… the student council president and the ace of the swimming club\\
kure: take isamu, a very popular guy who is the best in both in study and sports in his grade…\\
isamu: come on, take it\\
kure: dammit… I’m so jealous that he is so popular with the girls\\
kure: even if we are both guys, he lives in a totally different world than someone like me who eats his lunch alone …!\\
kure: why is the world so unfair…!!?\\
??: where are throwing the ball?\\
kure: bugeh\\
take: ah, sorry\\
take: are you alright?\\
kure: ouch\\
kure: I-I’m alright\\
isamu: ah, so you are a student of my same school, huh.\\
kure: eh…?\\
take: hey, don’t you remember me!? \\ it is me!\\ you were the one who was bullied by those two delinquents outside of the subway station yesterday, right?\\
kure: eh!?\\
kure: s-so you are the one who saved us yesterday…\\
girl: hey, what are you doing, take-kun?\\
take: ah, sorry, sorry\\
take: ah, that’s right, why don’t you play with us?\\
kure: eh!?\\
kure: no… I-I… suck at volleyball…\\
take: it doesn’t matter\\ it is all right, plus the more we are the more the fun\\
kure: eh… ah.. no\\
girl: ah… you are doing fine\\
girl: come on\\
kure: i-it is so fun! I’m playing volleyball with girls…\\
kure: what is this, it is like a dream\\
kure: ah, that was fun\\
kure: I never played in that way together with girls before…\\
kure: it must be so good to be you take-kun, you are cool and popular with the girls.\\
take: you are saying that again, and besides, you have a girlfriend already, right?\\
take: that girl from yesterday I mean\\
kure: s-she is not my girlfriend!\\
kure: she only saved me from those delinquents that were bullying me on the train!\\ I don’t even know her school or her name\\
take: eh… really?\\
take: and, that chubby helped you against those delinquents?\\ does she practice judo or something?\\
kure: it wasn’t judo\\ eh…? Didn’t you see that girl fight, take-kun?\\
take: hum… no, I came just when they were beating the hell out of the two of you…\\
kure: I’m not well acquainted with hand-to-hand fighting sports but…\\ one of those two guys said\\ that she seemed to have some experience in boxing…\\
take: boxing!?\\
take: impossible…\\
take: that there is no way that chubby was moka…\\
take: and moka would immediately recognize me but…\\
kure: ?\\ what’s wrong, take-kun?\\
take: do you… know which school her uniform is from?\\
kure: eh!?\\
sfx: piih\\
moka: iih!!\\
teach: a-are you alright, kaname!!?\\
moka: that was a shock…! I could jump over that so easily in the past and now…!!\\
moka: this is not good… I look just like a barrel\\
moka: after I quit boxing, I had the binge eating disorder for a certain period …\\
moka: and for all that time I pretended to not see how I was becoming but…\\
moka: ok, I will go on a diet!!\\
moka: I was so easily beaten by that thug…\\
moka: and even take-kun didn’t recognize me!!\\
moka: take-kun kept our promise, and became so strong!\\
moka: I cannot show to take-kun his former master in such a self-indulgent appearance after all he did\\
moka: I will become a slim beauty and make take-kun apologize for yesterday!!\\
moka: I will regain the figure I have when we first met!!\\
girl: moka, do you want to eat an ice cream at forty-one on the way home?\\
moka: ah, ok. In that case I will take a hopping shower and a Choco-mint double\\
moka: hey, I cannot do that!!\\ Stop! I cannot eat sweet things anymore!!\\
girl: uwaah, here she goes again with one of her useless diets\\
moka: shut up!! I’m serious this time\\
kure: yeah, it is the same uniform, no doubt about it\\
take: I see…\\
take: so if we stay here, she will probably show up\\
kure: are you sure, take-kun!?\\
kure: you said that girl was one of your childhood friends…\\ why didn’t she recognise you yesterday!?\\
take: I already told you, right? she was slimmer in the past\\
take: but, this is the same middle school she went to, and she has some experience in boxing,\\ no matter how you look at it, she should be the person I know\\
take: … after we graduated, I avoided to contact her…\\
take: one day her trauma over boxing would go away…\\
take:, and there was a tacit promise between the two of us that I would not met her until she would not try to contact me.\\
take: but…\\
take: if she is moka…\\
take: if moka used her boxing to oppose to those delinquents…\\
take: probably her rejection toward boxing already vanished!\\
take: and probably the day I can show moka my boxing has finally arrived!!\\
kure: she is here!\\
take: moka!!\\
take: you are moka, right!?\\
take: it is me moka, you already know that, right!?\\ why did you ignore me yesterday!?\\
moka: you got the wrong person\\
take: h-hey\\
take: you liar! You still talk with your kansai dialect…!!\\
side text: they tearful reunion… did not happen! Moka’s unexpected escape!?\\

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