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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 137

Night 137: everyday special training

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Apr 28, 2012 06:48 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 137: everyday special training\\
side text: aladdin’s academy’s entrance exam results will be announced soon!\\
ja’far: was Aladdin able to enrol without problems?\\
yamu: yes, I’m sure he was admitted in the first year…\\
yamu: and right now he should be taking the examination in order to decide his kodor, that is the 6 levels of ability the first year students are divided into\\ jaf: hee, levels of ability huh…\\
yamu: in Aladdin case, considering his talent…\\
yamu: I sure he will be selected for the first kodor, the higher level among them…!\\
box: 6th kodor\\
mage: next!\\
mage: you are not very good, “6th kodor”\\
mage2: 4th kodor!\\
al: this is strange. Can I try again, old man?\\
mage: what noisy freshman\\
al: Halharl Infigar\\
sfx: pon\\
mage: 6th kodor\\
guy: puh\\
guy: you suck little brat…\\
box: 4th kodor
al: what? Will everyone say that I lack magic power because of this?\\
al: I cannot show my face to yamu-san anymore…\\
mage: well then, we will enter to the academic city. Follow me!\\
mage the academic city is surrounded by a strong magical barrier so you cannot enter or exit it unless you use the designated gateways. Once you entered you cannot go out unless you has the permission, so bear that in mind.\\
al: uwaaah…!!\\
kid: magic, magic… this town is full of magic users…!!?\\
boy: i-incredible…\\
al: even people who don’t seems like magic users are not surprised by seeing magic!!\\
al: by looking around well, there are a lot of strange things scattered around the city…\\
al: could it be that they are all magic tools…!?\\ What in the world is happening in this city…!?\\
mage: what the hell are young? Hurry up and enter…\\
mage: from now on you will enrolled in this glorious magnoshtat academy third term of the academic year!\\
al: so, where I should go?\\
al: “the “maref”(magic guidance from high class magicians) will be tomorrow morning, so just enrolled students should do to the academy campus dormitory and rest”…\\
al: I see, I will have classes from tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to them!\\
al: this is my room\\
guy: whaat?\\
al: ah! You are…!\\
(guy): puh, you suck little brat…\\
al: we are in the same room, nice to meet you! I’m Aladdin!\\
guy: ha, I don’t intend to become friend with a “6th kodor”… don’t try to talk with me…\\
box: “4th kodor” sfintus nikamen\\
al: so your name is sfintus-kun, nice to meet you!\\
sfi: don’t look at other people things!!\\
sfi; ha, the dunce is getting closer… you should hurry up and drop from school!\\
al: d-drop from school!?\\
sfi: it seems you don’t know that huh… in this place they make you take a magic exam called “iktiyar” once every two months…\\
sfi: and if you fail it they will take you head, your head\\
al: huum…, this seems like a very strict place…\\
al: I have to do my best from tomorrow onward too!\\
al: judging from the appearances the city didn’t have such a bad feeling about it, so for first I have to dedicate myself to study.\\
sfi: hey, what’s wrong with your maref(lesson) schedule!?\\
sfi: it is full of body strengthening maref!\\
near the bubble: as expected with 6th kodor!\\
al: body strengthening maref??\\
box: the next day\\
box: the thunder whip magician\\ maiyaz\\ she is the magician in charge of the 6th kodor. There is a rumour that says she was member of a certain country’s army in the past…\\
mai: you of the 6th kodor are the first in list to be dropouts from this academy!!\\
mai: if you don’t want to better her, I will make you all be banished from here!! Prepare yourself!!!\\
mai: I didn’t hear your reply!\\
everyone: … yes…\\
mai: I didn’t hear you!!\\
al: uuuu…\\
mai: hey you midget!!\\
mai: is your voice like that when you yell!?\\
mai: try to rise your voice more!! Show me how it is when you do your best!!\\
al: YES!!\\
sfx: gu\\
mai: your voice is too low!!\\
mai: listen now! I will teach you of the 6th kodor about the things you lack!!\\
mai: and that’s…\\
mai: physical strength\\
everyone: physical strength???\\
guy: urgh my arms!!\\
guy2: why do I have to do such a thing…!? Isn’t this a school that teaches you about magic…!?\\
guy2: urgh…\\
guy2: eh?\\
mai: you weakling!!!\\
guy2: gyaaaah!!!\\
box: thunder magic tool\\
girl: this is like a military training…!!\\
oldman: according to the rumours, that instructor is a former magician of the partebia army…\\
guy: that should be expected…\\
al: kiri\\
al: uuuuurgh…\\
mia: you bastard!!!\\
al: higyiiih!!!\\
al: s-sorry… its seems like I never trained my body a lot in the past…\\
mai: I know really well what you bastards are underestimating…\\
mai: you are irresponsibly thinking that “something lime physical strength doesn’t have anything to do with magic”, right?\\
mai: an healthy magic dwells into an healthy body…\\
mai: and yet…\\ you are to weak even among among the already physically weak magicians!\\
mai: that’s why you are not qualifies to think about this!!\\
Mai: If I say to you to run, you run!! If I say to you to eat, you eat!! If I tell you to yell you yell!!\\
Mai: for the next month, believe in me, and I will award my guidance about magic…\\
Mai: only to those who didn’t give in!!!\\
Mai: now begin to run!!! The ones who will stop will drop out from school!!!\\
Everyone: y-yes!!\\
Al: I didn’t think…\\
Al: that I would attend a class such as this one…!\\
al: this is totally different…\\
al: from yamu-san’s teaching style I was expecting…\\
al: but, I want to know a lot more of things about magic!\\
al: I have no other choice but doing this!!\\
mai: 6th kodor!! Be sure to eat tonight and to endure tomorrow’s maref as well!!\\
guy: urgh… I don’t feel like eating that much…\\
mai: believe in me, and I will award my guidance about magic only to those who didn’t give in…\\
sfi: hey Aladdin…\\
sfi: a 6th kodor like you should follow the orders of a 4th kodor like me… so I command you to talk with me and keep me company…\\
sfi: hey Aladdin, where are you from?\\
sfi: I’m from Eliohaphut…\\
sfi: hey!! H-he already fast asleep!!\\
sfi: wake up! Aladdin, hey!!\\
inserted text: Aladdin’s : everyday special training!! Do your best!!\\

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