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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Buyuden 54

Chapter 54: the reason why I cannot meet you

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 7, 2012 09:32 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 54: the reason why I cannot meet you\\
inserted text: I will take back the passion and my former self!\\
side text: moka ran away from isamu. Why is she doing that!?\\
take: h-hey moka!!\\
moka: why!? Why did he find me out!!?\\
moka: this is bad! with this appearance I still cannot meet take-kun!!\\
moka: m-mai-can!\\
mai: ah, senpai\\
moka: sorry but could you lend me your bicycle!!?\\
mai: eh!?\\
maka: I will give it back as soon as possible!!\\
mai: ah… w-wait!\\
take: ah… hey!!\\
take: wait a minute!\\
take: why are you running away mokaa!!\\
moka: fuh, that was a close one… I’m sure he shouldn’t be able to catch up with me now…\\
moka: forgive me take-kun\\
moka: I cannot absolutely meet you until I get slimmer\\
moka: anyway there are a lot of choices here.\\
moka: I wonder which one will really work…\\
moka: this is not it…\\
on the magazine: become beautiful with a simple diet\\
moka: this is the best choice after all\\
on the magazine: beauty boxer size\\
take: it is useless to read something like that now\\
near take: found you\\
moka: ah…\\
moka: t-take…\\
moka: uwaah… I mean…\\
moka: t-take… takenoko takeyabu takekobuta*…!\\
TLN: takenoko: bamboo shot, takeyabu: bamboo groove, takekobuta: some kind of book I think\\
Take: hey, it is useless now\\
Take: did you think that I would lose just because you had a bicycle?\\
Take: sorry, but I run 10 kilometres every day for road work\\
moka: how did you understand it was me…?\\ yesterday you didn’t notice anything\\
take: that guy with glasses you helped yesterday, his name is kure and he goes to kote middle school, just like me.\\
take: and he said to me that you tried to oppose those delinquents with boxing\\
take: so I realized it was you and came here to make sure\\
take: and I also considered the possibility that you are fine with boxing now…\\
take: … but after you ran away, could it be that I was wrong?\\
take: or maybe you don’t want to meet me anymore?\\
moka: maybe you are right…\\ If I wanted to meet you, I would have talked with you yesterday and today I wouldn’t have run away…\\ and came to meet you instead\\
take: so that how it is! … I understand!!\\
moka: wait, it is not like that!!\\
moka: it cannot be possibly like that!! I always wanted to meet you since a lot of time!!\\
moka: but I read on a newspaper that you won a swimming competition and I thought that you quit boxing and I gave up meeting with you again!!\\
moka: I thought that you forgot about me and boxing!!\\
moka: … but, I was wrong…\\
moka: after looking at your fighting style yesterday, I understood that you were practicing swimming only with the club in your school…\\
moka: I was really happy…\\
moka: you continued to practice boxing\\ and you became so strong... I was really happy!!\\
… so… why didn’t you want to meet me…\\
moka: you idiot!! I didn’t want you to look at me as I am now (you block head)!!\\
take: I see…\\ you were affected by binge eating because of the stress huh.\\
take: … I can understand that.\\
take: boxing was stolen from you after all\\
take: you should have told me that since the beginning.\\ It is not like we cannot laugh together just because you got fat\\
take: and besides, considering you tried to help someone you didn’t know or even see before, your pride and your sense of justice didn’t not change, ,\\ even if you are like this now, I’m glad to see that moka is still just moka after all\\
moka: come on! Don’t say those thing!\\
moka: ops\\
moka: but I cannot continue like this,\\ I realized it after those delinquents beat me\\
moka: I will get slimmer before I enter in high school\\
moka: by the way I think that “boxer size” I saw in the bookstore wasn’t that bad\\
moka: I cannot go on the ring anymore, but thanks to the “boxer size” I can still wear my gloves and punch the sand bag!\\
take: yeah, that’s a great idea!\\ I want to see you do that again!\\
moka: in that case maybe I should go to the star gym again,\\ speaking of which, are akina-san and hyouma doing fine!?\\
take: uhm…\\y-yeah\\
moka: what? Is something wrong?\\
take: you can practice boxer size at star gym but…\\
take: there isn’t a trainer anymore in the gym, so the only thing you can do is to look at that book and practice alone\\
moka: eh…!?\\
moka: what do you mean by that!!?\\
take: can you come with me to the star gym now?\\
take: you will understand if we go there\\
notice: the gym is currently closed\\
moka: impossible…\\
moka: w-why!?\\
take: you can enter from the back door just like we did in the past\\
moka: eh… take-kun, why do you have the key!?\\
take: I borrowed the spare key from Hyouma\\
take: hey hyouma!\\
take: I brought a familiar face with me today\\
hyo: eh?\\
hyo: could it be…\\ that you are moka?\\
moka: y-yes…\\
hyo: buhahahahahaha!!\\
hyo: what happened to your nice body?\\
hyo: did some witch curse you with magic!?\\
moka: I’m going home!\\
take: come one, he is just joking\\
hyo: sorry sorry\\
hyo: it is just that the difference is too evident…\\ are you doing fine?\\
moka: what…?\\
inserted text: the star gym is closed… and why is the boss’s picture is there!!?\\

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#1. by max mahito ()
Posted on May 7, 2012
It is obvious from all the signs in this chapter that the Boss has kicked the bucket.

But, the most intriguing thing about Buyuden from this point is: How Boss passed away? Beaten to death by delinquents? Died from a disease/stress/depression of some sort? Darker forces like rowdyism invovled in it? Perhaps an old rival/enemy came back to take revenge? Or did he die in an accident?

Buyuden has been waxing and waning up and down until now in popularity.But, this is it.The point where buyuden takes its "decisive curve".It all depends on the reason stated for Boss' death.Also, I forsee a possibility of Moka returning to official boxing.This manga turns very much intriguing after all....

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