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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 138

Night 138: everyday study\\

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 13, 2012 05:12 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 138: everyday study\\
inserted text: run Aladdin!\\
mai: you maggots, if you rest now you will drop out of school!!!\\
mai: push-ups!!\\
mai: abs!\\
mai: maulenia rabbits jumps!!\\
box: maulenia rabbit\\
mai: you are too slow!!\\
al: kih!!\\
Guy: I cannot do this anymore!! Aren’t we noble magician after all!!?\\
Box: and after one month…\\
Mai: those who survived the training are just these five students.\\
mai: I have to praise you. Especially the midget!! I didn’t think you would last till the end!!\\
al: yes! I could do that thanks to istructor maiyaz!\\
mai: I see…\\
al: every day was so really tough for me…\\
al: but every time,\\
al: what gently encouraged me was…\\
al: thank you…!! Instructor(‘s tits)…!!!\\
mai: well then, you can finally follow the lecture about magic!!\\
al: uwaaah!!\\
al: somehow I feel like I’m finally studying magic!\\
mai: what the hell are you doing? First you have to come here\\
mai: use this\\
al: waah, so beautiful\\
guy: what is that…?\\
mai: take turns and touch the statue with your two hands. And put into it a light quantity of magoi just like when you used your magic in your village\\
al: Am I the first one?\\
sfx: pita\\
above his fellow students: doki\doki(heart beats)\\
al: the rukh inside the stone are…!?\\
mai: perfect you are a “first type red magician”!!\\
al_ r-red magician??\\
mai: second type blue magician\\
mai: fifth type wait magician!!\\
mai: fourth type yellow magician!!\\
girl: what was that… instructor…!?\\
mai: this is…\\(the bubble is cut, following the flow)\\
mai: a magic tool for classifying the magician in 8 different kinds\\
box: magic tool “eight magic colour selection crystal”\\
al: eight types of magicians…?\\
mai: yes, you know that magician and rukh have some individual traits, right?\\
al: in…\\
al: individual traits??\\
mai: the rukh that cause the waves in the sea\\
mai: the rukh that cause the wind in the sky\\ are different\\
mai: and magnoshtat classified that infinite types of rukh out there into 8 great categories\\
mai: in this way\\
1st type: rukh that manipulate flames\\
2nd type: rukh that manipulate water\\
3rd type: rukh that manipulate light\\
4th type: rukh that manipulate lightning\\
5th type: rukh that manipulate wind\\
6th type: rukh that manipulate sound\\
7th type: rukh that manipulate power\\
8th type: rukh that manipulate life\\
mai: then those who have an edge when it comes to attract first type rukh, and their speciality is flame and heath magic are called…\\ “first type magicians”\\
mai: and incidentally, the rukh of first type shine with a red colour for humans eyes when cause a natural phenomenon\\
mai: for that reason, the first type magician are commonly called “red magicians” as well\\\\
al: so…\\
al: that’s how things are huh…\\
guy: but instructor… I’m a second type magician because I can only perform water based magic, right?\\
guy: and that’s probably because I don’t have any talent…\\
mai: you are wrong. That’s happens only because…\\
mai: you are ignorant.\\
mai: for example do you know that second type magicians have a remarkable aptitude toward sound magic after water magic…?\\
mai: you are still inexperienced because of your ignorance…\\
mai: but you shouldn’t feel ashamed because of that\\
mai: in this world…\\
mai: there are still so many sleeping truths about magic that you don’t know…\\
mai: and you inexperienced maggots are to study as much as possible,\\
mai: so that you will become able to open those infinite doors of knowledge!!!\\
mai: now, from today onward you have to learn a lot of things in the month that separate you from the exam!!!\\
everyone: yes!!\\
box: after one week\\
mai: you have to start by mastering simple magic like producing only fire or only water!! In this words exists high level magic that combine the 8 types, but it is too early for you!\\
guy: uwaah!!\\
mai: what’s wrong!?\\
guy: nothing… it is just that I was able to perform a very powerful magic…
guy: even if I was never able to do such a thing…!?\\
mai: that’ the simple proof…\\
mai: that your body became stronger.\\
mai: there is a burden on the body every time a magic is used\\
above: over the mage: recoil\over the arrow magic\near the mage burden\\
below: above: power saving\ under the magician: recoil\ over the arrow: magic\\
mai: and the rukh inside of the body unconsciously arrest the output of the magic in order to protect the body\\
mai: by training your body you just removed that limit…\\
girl: ah, that’s right!!\\
guy: me too!\\
al: Halharl \\
al: Infigar!!\\
al: s-she is right…!!\\
al: it is becaming stronger than the time I used it in the entrance exam…!!?\\
box: after two weeks\\
mai: it is not good to renly only on one type of rukh! The rukh are one big flow… for that reason by communicating equally with all the type of rukh, your magoi conductivity will increase…\\
mai: and as a result, even the power of magic that now is your speciality will increase!\\
mai: you should begin from studying wind magic!\\
al: w-wind!? Why!?\\
mai: look at this picture\\
mai: pay attention to the magic of your type and the one at the extreme opposite…\\ for a first type like you the fifth type, the wind magic…\\
mai: is the next type of rukh you have the highest compatibility to!!\\
al: eh!?\\
above him: really!?\\
al: what about the water rukh…?\\
mai: you don’t have a good compatibility with them. It is a kind of magic no suitable for your early studies\\
al: yamu-san… why were you teaching me only water magic…?\\
yamu: water\\ water, water\\ water magic\\ (arrow: her preferencies)\\
yamu: it goes baaah and gaaah!!!\\(arrow: that’s an exaggeration)\\
mai: now try to use wind magic on this!\\
box: 5th type magic aid tube\\ an high concentration of 5th type rukh are entrapped here\\
al: by I don’t know even a single wind spell…?\\
mai: that’s a aid tool…\\ the only thing you need to do is to listen to the rukh\\
al: listen… to the rukh…?\\
al: what is it, everyone?\\
al: asfal riif(piercing wind)!!\\
rukh: byuuuu\\
al: I… it did it!! That was my first wind magic!!\\
box: and then after a month the “iktiyar”\\
mage: if the power of your magic will not satisfy the passing criterion you will drop out from school. Well then let’s begin from the 6th godor!\\
al: smile\\
al: Halharl Infigar!!\\
mage: oooh! This is splendid!\\
mage: you pass! Plus… take this!\\
box: 1st godor\\
sfi: he became a 1st kodor!!\\
guy: from the 6th to the 1st in a single shot!?\\girl: incredible!!\\
guy: you did it Aladdin!\\
girl: Aladdin!!\\
al: I did it mor-san, Aladdin-kun!\\
al: are you doing you best right now too…?\\
box: at the same time, western continent…\\
ali: I’m finally here…\\
ali: this is the rem empire huh…!!\\
inserted text: next time id his turn!!\\

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