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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 473

Battle 473: life found in certain death


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 473

Battle 473: life found in certain death\\
Inserted text: is this time… really over!?\\
Jud: our history as warriors is quite different…\\
Rona: aaah…\\
Ken: the god fist… kanou shou’s master was defeated!!\\
side text: the karate master, the god fist hongo, was handled like an infant! What can he do against junazard’s strength that is beyond common knowledge…?\\
jud: well then…\\
jud: I feel like eating up another karate master right now.\\
jud: we finally fight each other, brat.\\
jud: the two strongest karate master in this world should die peacefully on tidat soil, kakakaka!\\
saka: I don’t feel like fighting,\\
saka: old man.\\
jud: eh!?\\
jud: he didn’t die even after suffering that blow…\\
jud: plus in less than an instant he captured my position. I have no chance of getting away from him now!!\\
jud: impossible… could it be that he was aiming for this very moment!!?\\
jud: for the instant my spirit would be unprepared because I would believe that I totally won…?\\
saka: I can understand hongo’s intention from his concentration.\\
saka: will he be able to use that!!?\\
hongo: jinetsuken,(god fist)\\
hongo: inyou kyouha nukite!!( yin and yang extreme destruction nukite)\\
jud: impossible! I cannot completely avoid it!\\
jud: like this there is no way to stop the two nukite simultaneously!!\\
jud: ha!!\\
jud: this move…\\
saka: that move…\\
saka: devotes one’s body and soul in a single nukite.\\
saka: that’s right, just in one, in other words one of those two nukite is a feint!!\\
jud: a fake nukite!!\\
jud: there is no doubt about it, my fighting sense is telling me that…\\
jud: if I stop that fake nukite that will be my only chance to “find life in certain death” from this situation\\
jud: but which is the right one? Right or left!?\\
jud: on the right arm there is the wound I inflicted him.\\
jud: the fake nukite is on the right!!\\
jud: that was a close one, if I didn’t know what kind of person you are, you would have defeated me.\\
jud: a normal person would not be so crazy to perform his secret move by using his wounded arm…\\
jud: but you are not that kind of man!!\\
jud: I could stop this strike because you were the one who was able to tear off a complete victory from me, so I knew that you would be able to pull off such a feat!!\\
jud: how many years passed since my blood boiled and my flesh throbbed in such a way…?\\
saka: hongo!!\\
ken: eh? What the hell happened just now!?\\
jud: farewell god fist!!\\
nora: noooooooooooooo!!\\
fodder: j-junazard…\\
fodder: junazard-sama won…\\
fodder: junazard!\\
fodder: junazard!!\\
fodder: the devil fist god, junazard!!\\
fodder: the devil god won against the god fist!\\
fodder: the devil god was the strongest after all!!\\
saka: they are right.\\
saka: it is probably true that \\
saka: junazard is stronger than hongo!!\\
ken: b-but, that person… the god fist was approximately on par with sakaki-shishou in terms of strength!!\\
ken: then by following that reasoning he is stronger than…\\
saka: yeah…\\
saka: he is stronger than…\\
saka: ME\\
sham: kyaaah!!\\
fodder: hiii!\\
ken: his killing intent is pointed toward us!!\\
ken: I feel like it is piercing through my body!\\
ken: eh?\\
ken: w-what is this uncomfortable feeling!?\\
ken: this is strange…\\
ken: really strange!!\\
ken: even if I’m struck by such a killing intent…\\
ken: I cannot feel any surge in sakaki-shishou’s ki!!\\
side text: junazard’s limitless killing intent is now locked on him!! But sakaki is not affected by the slightest tremor. What are his intentions?\\

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