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Buyuden 55

Chapter 55: welcome back, moka

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 15, 2012 10:11 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 55: welcome back, moka\\
over take: Isamu: height : 167 cm\ weight 56 kg\\
over moka: Moka height: 155 cm\ weight: it’s a secret <3\\
inserted text: what is the relationship between them after they grew up…?\\
side text: moka and hyouma meet again after 3 years. But isn’t something strange about star gym!?\\
hyo: binge eating?\\
take: yeah, she became like this because of it.\\
take: but she says that now she wants to lose weight.\\
moka: Sorry about that.\\
hyo: I see…\\
hyo: but if you want to take a diet you should go to another gym, moka.\\ star gym is closed now.\\
moka: yeah\\ take-kun told me about that earlier…\\
moka: but why?\\
moka: why is star gym closed? Is it because of the recession?\\
hyo: my old man… died…\\
moka: i-it cannot be…\\
hyo: almost 2 years passed since that…\\
hyo: it was a subarachnoid haemorrhage\\
hyo: it all happened fast.\\
moka: w-why didn’t you tell me that!?\\
moka: I didn’t know anything about this…\\
hyo: sorry…\\ I talked about it with akina, and we decided to not tell you about his death.\\
hyo: because we thought that the emotional damage that you would suffer would be too great, because you were trying to forget about boxing.\\
hyo: and you have lost your father too…\\
hyo: the gym was already in a bad state.\\
hyo: we didn’t even have the allowance to employ a new trainer and we have to close the gym until further notice.\\
hyo: we even considered about selling the gym, but now I’m living in the second floor together with my mother and my sister with the money we earned by selling our house.\\
hyo: why didn’t we sell the gym, you ask?\\
hyo: well that’s obvious. I will become a pro from the star gym that my father left behind after his death\\ the position on gym owner will be taken by my sister and we will continue to move forward.\\
moka: eh…!?\\
moka: so… could it be that take-kun is also…\\
take: yeah, we trained until now in this gym in order to become professional boxers\\ we relied on the training schedule that the owner left us and did our best every single day.\\
take: obviously we intend to take the pro exam in high school when we will become 17.\\
moka: wow… they are so mature…\\
moka: they became quite real men during the time I wasn’t with them…!!\\
take: well, we are going to the gym to train now.\\ moka you can take the bus over there and go home\\
moka: eh?\\
moka: will you run to the gym?\\
take: yeah\\
hyo: see you.\\
hyo: double hook lead!\\
hyo: uppercut from the feint!\\
hyo: avoid the attack to the right side of your chest!\\
take: good job.\\
take: haa\\haa\\
take: I want to fight a real match…\\
hyo: … that again huh.\\
hyo: It is impossible for us to have a match now.\\ the gym is in this situation and we cannot be the only two participating to the junior tournament.\\
take: it is boring to spar with you all the time.\\
take: and I’m also tired of doing all the same moves.\\
hyo: shut up it is the same thing for me too!\\
take: we have to wait another 2 years to become pro.\\
take: if we continue to train like this, our motivation will not increase, and we will not understand if we become stronger.\\
take: and I want to show moka one of my matches as soon as possible.\\
hyo: if you don’t like this you can stop here.\\
hyo: there are a lot of other gyms in the city.\\ differently from me, there is no reason for you to be so fixated about this star gym.\\
take: I-I wasn’t saying that!\\
take: it is just that I want to have a real match…\\
take: I cannot go to the other gyms!\\ I still have a debt of gratitude toward your father after he trained me for a whole year!\\
take: I cannot even think of taking my pro debut from a gym that is not this one!\\
take: m-moka!!\\
take: what’s wrong!?\\
moka: I went home and changed…\\
moka: maybe I’m still not able to follow your pace but…\\
moka: can I train together with you from now on?\\
take: eh!?\\
moka: this is not just about the diet!\\
moka: I… was deeply moved when I saw the two of you so motivated to become pros…\\
moka: after I heard that you want to become pro in the star gym left behind by the dead owner… My heart began to tremble…\\
moka: I cannot be your sparring partner, but I want to become your strength!\\
moka: I will collaborate as manager to make the star gym rise again\\
moka: I came to this place dear to me…\\
moka: in order to involve myself with boxing again!\\
moka: c-can I…?\\
hyo: I’m ok with that,\\ what about you, isamu?\\
take: I was sure that you would return to this place…\\ welcome back, moka.\\
hyo: but I never thought that you would come back as a heavy weight.\\ rather, it is like you got 3 times bigger!\\
moka: hahahaha, I will because slimmer!\\ I swear it!\\
side: text: the three of them made an oath in the place they hold so dear… their life together begins to move again.\\

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