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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 139

Night 139: the rem empire

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 19, 2012 06:22 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 139: the rem empire\\
inserted text: something terrible happened to alibaba\\
box: hello, my name alibaba, and I’m 18 years old.\\
box: I’m a swordsman that came all the way to the capital of the rem empire in for his training!\\
box: but, as you can see, I’m reduced to such sorry state\\
ali: I’m so hungry…\\
ali: something terrible happened to me… I thought I helped a ship from the thieves…\\
ali: but I never thought that the people on the ship were their accomplishes…\\
ali: they flattered me and made me drunk, and when I woke up I realized…\\
under the arrow: nude\\
near him: eh!?\\
ali: dammit… I will not trust anyone from now on…!!\\
box: a picture of his image\\
tln: lol at the black rukh\\
old woman: may god bless you…\\
ali: I cannot take with such light attitude the things that happen around the world… ok, I have to do my best.\\
ali: I… came here in order to become a gladiator…!\\
girl: no, you can’t.\\
ali: eh?\\
ali: hum… this is the shanbal swordsmen’s training grounds, right…? I want to go in there, but…\\
girl: no you can’t.\\
toto: Toto cannot let you pass through here. You don’t have a letter of introduction. And you are suspicious.\\
ali: I-I told you… that Sinbad san wrote that letter for me and they stole it…
ali: urgh… what should I do…\\
toto: in that case fight.\\
ali: eh!?\\
toto: if you will be able to defeat toto with your sword, you will become an associate of the swordsmen training grounds.\\
toto: that’s how it works for those like you!\\
ali: so this his the first trial huh…\\
ali: I like this…!\\
ali: well then,\\
ali: let’s fight!!\\
ali: dammit… I’m so hungry that I don’t have any power…!!\\
toto: hahaha… you are too weak\\
toto: I cannot let you enter… here!!\\
ali: uwaaah!!\\
ali: d-dammit!!\\
toto: biii\\
guy: oooh… this guy, he has a really good sword with him.\\
guy2: but brother, apart for his sword, he is really in a bad condition.\\
guy3: what…? Brother… look, could it be that he is…!?\\
cool guy: could it be that that boy is…?\\
guy: boss…\\
guy: boss alibaba…\\
ali: eh…?\\
nando3: ah he regained consciousness!\\
ali: who are… you?\\
ali: eh…? Impossible…\\
ali: you are…!?\\
nandos: that’s right boss! It is me the S nando!\\
nandol: I’m L nanado!\\
nandom: I’m M nando!\\
nandos: long time no see!!\\
box: the three SML brothers\ former members of the fog troupe. They also carelessly stole sinbad’s metal vessel.\\
nandos: this is one of the room of our store!\\
ali: s-store!?\\
nandos: yes… the truth is that we became really rich after we entered in rem’s gambling business…\\
nandom: we are called the three casino brothers right now!\\
ali: I’m glad to see that you are doing so well…!\\
ali: it seems that I’m indebted toward you…\\
ali: but I cannot cause you anymore inconveniencies…!\\
ali: I have to enter into shabal’s training grounds… because in that place…\\
ali: there should be the members of the “magic manipulation” clan…!\\
nandos: what’s happening … boss!?\\
SFX: guuuuu( stomach’s sound)\\
Ali: g-give me food…\\
Nandos: yes, immediately!\\
nandos: … so, are you really sure that you want to become a gladiator?\\
ali: yeah, is it such a surprising thing?\\
nandos: yeah sure! More than half of the gladiators here are slaves, you know!?\\
nandos: they are all people that are forced to risk their life fighting because of their masters…\\
ali: I head about the “fighting contests” but… I didn’t think they were so awful…\\
nandos: well, more or less…\\
nandos: … but! This is really a great place for its citizens!\\
nandos: they manage…\\
nandos: the town…the roads,\\ the water supply, and even the safely in the streets…\\
TLN: this rem empire seems to be based on the roman one…\\
Nandos: the state guarantees the life of its citizen, so they will never starve.\\
Nandos: this country is full of prosperity! Hahaha…\\
Nandos: ah, by the way, about what you were talking earlier, boss…\\
Guard: mister, you are already broke, give up and go home, please\\
Ali: h-hum… are you alright?\\
Guy: yes.. thank you… boy!\\
ali: what’s wrong… with him…?\\
guy: in the next hand I will put on stake my last treasure!!\\
box: his last treasure\\
guy2: you lost.\\
toto: master, you are broke.\\
guy: just another round! Please, just another one!\\
toto: no!\\
guy: just another one!!\\
toto: no!!\\
ali: isn’t that… he girl I met this morning? Why is she here?\\
toto: master, remember the reason because we are here! It’s him!\\
guy: ah, that’s right, sorry…\\
guy: hello! I’m shanbal ramal…\\
ramal: my disciple toto was a little rude with you this morning, right?\\
ramal: my work is to deal with the applicants…\\
ramal: you want to become a gladiator under our patronage, isn’t that right boy…?\\
ali: ! y-yes!\\
ali: that’s great!\\
ali: I totally failed the trial this morning… but it seems that they will let join them!\\
toto: *grin\\
ramal: stop toto!\\
ramal: sorry but, could you fight toto again here?\\
ramal: I cannot admit in the training grounds children so weak that they would lose to toto\\
nandos: don’t break our shop, I beg you!\\
toto: it is useless… you are weak, you cannot win against toto!!\\
ali: I wonder about that…\\
ali: I regained my energies now…\\
toto: you are…\\
toto: too cheeky!!!\\
ramal: hooo, that’s stance is…\\
tot: kuh…!!\\
ali: smile\\
toto: h-he is not weak!?\\
ramal: toto!\\
ramal: it seems like he is the real thing.\\
raml: we are outside of the training grounds but, now can use your “strength” here.\\
toto: yes, master\\
ali: “strength” you say?\\
inserted text: could it be that this power is…!?\\

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