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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 140

Chapter 140: yanbala

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on May 27, 2012 03:51 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Chapter 140: yanbala\\
inserted text: toto’s hidden power!\\
toto: “ki enhanced sword”!!\\
TLN: this name can be subject to changes as probably “qi gong sword” could be more suitable\\
People: wow, we can look at toto’s moves even outside of the colosseo!\\
Guys: toto! Toto!\\toto!\\
Nandos: I’m glad that my activity became even more popular… but don’t break anything!\\
Ali: what’s happening to her sword…!?\\
ali: kuh… why… is she so strong… even if she has that physique…?\\
sfx: guh…\\
ali: what the hell is happening!?\\
ramal: hooh, that must be a really excellent sword. It stopped toto’s sword enchanced with “ki” without breaking.\\
ali: “ki”…?\\
ramal: it is what…\\\\
ramal: you call magoi.\\
ali: then could it be that…!!?\\
ramal: if you continue to suffer the ki enhanced swords attack like that, both your body and your sword will not last\\
ramal: how will you fight now?\\
ali: what should I do…\\
ali: would I be able to deal with her if I use djinn equipping …!?\\
ali: but… he is testing me right now…\\
ali: I have to win this… by only using my sword skills!!\\
toto: haaah!!\\
ali: she has a shield too!!\\
toto: this is the end!!!\\
toto: what!?\\
ramal: hooh, what flexible parings he has.\\
ramal: I thought he only had the royal fencing he learnt in his hometown…\\ but he also knows moves of a totally different sword style…\\
toto: dammit!!!\\
toto: kuh!\\
ramal: stop there!!!\\
toto: !!? why!? I can still fight!!\\
ramal: the match is finished, you should look at youself.\\
toto: hyaaah!!\\
near ali: he is looking this way\\
ramal: it seems like you have a lot of training.\\
ali: thanks.\\ I could do that thanks to my master’s style…\\
ramal: I can see your complex way of life oozing from your sword, just like Sinbad told me.\\
ramal: alibaba saluja\\
ali: so you are…\\
ali: part of the magoi manipulation tribe…\\
ali: the yanbala gladiators, right!?\\
ramal: indeed! I was waiting for you alibabba-kun.\\
guy: well, you showed us a really nice thing, I really got exited!\\
nandos: shambal-sama, boss, come back here when you want!\\
box: shanbal’s gladiator’s training ground\\
rahmal: they are all gladiators.\\
ramal: former thieves,\\
ramal: former mercenaries,\\ and even knights from ruined countries…\\
ramal: in this training grounds there are a lot of free people who work as gladiators…\\
ramal: and…\\
ramal: our purpose, the purpose of the five yanbala swordsmen… is to train ourselves.\\
ramal: and we are continuing to fight in the colosseo in order to master our respective sword skills.\\
ramal: but little-Sinbad told me…\\
ramal: that you came here to visit us for a special reason, right?\\
ali: yes…\\ I…\\
ali: came here in order to master my magoi.\\
ali: I need to perfectly perform my djinn equip… I cannot do that because for some reason unknown to me my magoi flow is poor.\\
ali: can you search about that reason?\\
ramal: sure. We will examine you immediately. Help me, toto.\\
toto: yes.\\
ali: eh…!?\\
ali: gyaaaa, it hurts!! It hurts!!\\
toto: you are making such a big deal about it.\\
toto: you should be grateful to receive my master’s needle treatment.\\
ramal: that’s too big, toto.\\
ali: hey!! I can feel an ill will coming from you!!\\
ramal: you are in a really dangerous situation… we have to treat you immediately, so try to bear with it.\\
ali: d-dangerous situation??\\
ramal: yes… the truth is…\\
ramal: that is your bosy…\\
ramal: there are two kinds of magoi.\\
ali: two kinds…?\\
ali: and is that a bad thing?\\
ramal: of course!\\
ramal: there must be only one kind of magoi in a body, otherwise you would go against the basic rules of this world…\\
ramal: for example in your current condition of you body is …\\
ramal: on the verge of being tore apart.\\
ramal: if the wills of the two different kinds of magoi begin to struggle because they don’t agree…\\
ramal: before long, the organs throughout your body\\
ramal: will be torn off\\
ali: what, i-impossible…!?\\ why did something like this happen…!?\\ what… should I do…!?\\
ramal: you just have to learn the magoi manipulation.\\
ramal: if you will be able to control your magoi’s flow, you should be able to master the two magoi flows in your body. Don’t worry! I’m sure we will be about to do something about it in a way of another!\\
ali: y-yes, I’m in your hands then…!!\\
ramal: yes!\\
mask: it is time, master.\\
ramal: ah, that’s right!\\
ramal: well then alibaba-kun it is time that you work a little for me too!!\\
ali: eh, work?\\
ramal: well you… don’t have a farus* to pay the treatment fee, right?\\
TLN: copper coin\\
Raml: don’t worry, it is alright… one or two victories in the arena will be enough to pay the needle treatment!\\
ali: … eh?\\
ramal: do your best!\\
ramal: anyway… why does that boy have two kinds of magoi in his body…?\\
toto: eh?\\
ramal: and the new kind of magoi he gained is a bigger power than his original one…\\
ramal: what if… he will be able to even master that power…!? … oh well, I will think about that only after he survived this battle…\\
ali: it is alright…\\
ali: alright…!!\\
ali: I should be able to deal with anyone thanks to my swordsmanship…!\\
ali: I take on…\\
ali: any gladiator that will appear before me!!\\
ape: hokyaaaah\\
Ali: that’s not a human being!!\\
Ramal: ah! I forgot to tell you this…\\
Ramal: in the colosseo, you can only use a normal sword…\\
Ramal: so you cannot you amon’s sword!\\
Ali: eh?\\
Inserted text: that’s impossible!!\\

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