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Buyuden 57

Chapter 57: probably she will not come

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 1, 2012 09:17 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 57: probably she will not come\\
inserted text: an ice cream on the way home <3\ eh? What about the diet…??\\
inserted text: the summer of the middle school’s third year. What will be the future of a honour student like isamu…?\\
text: staff room\\
take: I see…\\
prof: so you don’t intent to get the sport referral, huh.\\
take: yes.\\ I will take the exam like everyone else, and go to a private high school in the neighbourhood.\\
prof: so you will stop practicing swimming, right?\\
take: yes.\\
take: because my dream is to became a professional boxer.\\
take: thank you very much.\\
prof: that’s a pity.\\
prof: in your case you could become a top swimming athlete.\\
take: no… it is not a pity.\\
take: I will just become a top boxing athlete.\\
kure: t-take-kun!\\
take: kure…\\
take: ah, that’s right… sorry for the other time\\
take: I left you behind and run after moka.\\
kure: t-take-kun\\
kure: I need your advice for something…\\ do you have time now?\\
take: eh?\\
take: eeeh?\\
take: y-you fell in love with moka!?\\
kure: y-yes.\\
kure: l-lately I always think about her and I’m not able to concentrate…\\ what should I do…\\
take: w-what should I do, you say…?\\
take: why are you asking me this…?\\
kure: y-you know a lot about her right!?\\ but you just know her since you were kids and you didn’t meet for a while…\\ so you are not lovers or something, right?\\
take: no… well, there isn’t such a relation between the two of us but…\\
kure: s-so, maybe you could ask her…\\
kure: if I have any chance or not…\\
take: no.\\
kure: eh!?\\
take: stop playing around.\\
take: you shouldn’t rely on someone else for such a thing, if you are a real man.\\ you cannot avoid the risk of being rejected and put yourself in a confortable situation.\\
kure, if you want to meet moka, come with me after school.\\
take: we train everyday in a boxing gym.\\
take: anyway…\\
take: it is reckless to confess to a woman after meeting her only once.\\
take: no matter how good your looks are…\\
take: she will probably not say something like “I’m so happy, I love you too, ufufu” without knowing well what kind of man you are.\\
take: first you have to begin with becoming her friend, like people normally do.\\
take: and you can become her friend by showing interest in boxing\\
take: for the time being, try to become intimate with her, and then attack when you are able to understand her personality.\\
kure: y-yes…\\
kure: thanks take-kun. I will do my best!!\\
take: hey, what the hell am I doing…\\
take: why am I instructing in the way of love someone that wants moka? \\
take: and what will I do if the things between the two of do begin to go well!!?\\
take: eh?\\ there is no one here yet.\\
kure: wow… so this is a boxing gym huh…\\
take: oh well, let’s change clothes, kure.\\
take: I will teach you the fundamental things about boxing little by little.\\
kure o-okay.\\
take: good, good.\\
take: shoot a punch and then return quickly in the guard position.\\
take: not bad, like that, good.\\
kure: I wonder if he is serious or not. Leaving boxing aside, not only I never had any interest in sports, but I also suck at them…\\
kure: haha, really?\\
take: hey hyouma you are late.\\
hyo: sorry, I had to attend some supplementary lessons.\\
hyo: eh?\\
hyo: who is he?\\
take: ah well, the truth is…\\
hyo: whaaat?\\
hyo: he fell in love with moka at first sight and decided to start practicing boxing!?\\
take: you got the general idea.\\
hyo: well, it was the same thing for isamu too, so I’m fine with it, but...\\
hyo: it is useless to fall in love with moka, you know.\\
kure: eh!?\\
hyo: because this guy here is aiming for moka since the sixth grade.\\
hyo: and even a man with his looks and skill did not have a chance with her.\\
kure: eh…\\
take: you talking pineapple!!\\
take: it doesn’t anything to do with kure! Stop giving personal information like that!\\
hyo: no it has to do with him.\\
kure: s-so it was like that…\\
take: y-yeah.\\
take: b-but there is nothing between us yet!\\ and we don’t know anything about her feelings…!!\\
take: ah the phone.\\
on the phone: moka\\
take: it’s moka.\\
take: hello.\\
take: yes it is me\\
take: I… see.\\ ok.\\
hyo: what happened?\\
take: her physical condition is bad today, so she will not come.\\
hyou: physical condition?\\ hahaha, I hope she didn’t sprain her ankle or something.\\
hyo: she was too reckless yesterday with a body like that…\\
moka: you are boys and I’m a girl.\\
moka: even if I’m not an amateur at boxing… after looking at the two of you today, I clearly realized the difference of level among us.\\ the sound… was too different.\\
moka: but it is already too late.\\
moka: even without my eye wound, that will be the last period of my life I was able to compete against boys.\\
take: It cannot be…\\
kure: hum…\\
kure: I’m going home now.\\
take: eh…?\\
take: h-hey wait!\\
take: moka will not come today but… you came all the way here, so what about practicing a little more!?\\
kure: no… I’m fine like this.\\
kure: I cannot win against you plus…\\ I was fundamentally wrong when I thought that someone like me could approach a cute girl like her.\\
hyo: eh? Where did that guy with glasses go?\\
take: he went home.\\
take: because you said too many unnecessary things.\\
hyo: eh?\\
take: moka probably will not come anymore.\\
hyo: ah? Why?\\
take: because she was really shocked yesterday…\\
take: she said that the sound was too different…\\
take: and that we are boys and she is a girl…\\
guy: eh? Where did you say you are from?\\
guy: saitama’s star gym?\\
moka: y-yes.\\
guy: I heard about it but… we don’t train with people from other gym here.\\
guy: plus you are middle school students.\\
guy: sorry but could you try somewhere else?\\
on the phone: gym\\boxing gym\\irudo gym\\kosei boxing gym\\katsura boxing gym\\ tanku kankawa gym\\
moka: they didn’t accept either…\\ this is not going well\\
moka: for them, a middle school student like me is not qualified to even talk about matches between gyms…\\
side text: isamu’s misunderstanding, kure’s lovesickness and cowardice… and moka searching for an opponent in another place away from them, what will happen!?\\

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