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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 143

Night 143: the high priest

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 10, 2012 02:57 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 143: the high priest\\
Inserted text: who is the one look at alibaba\\
People: hey, why didn’t he kill garda even if he won!?\\
??: hahaa…\\
??: that newcomer has quite a lot of vitality.\\
??: but you don’t like that much gladiators’ fight, am I wrong?\\
??: why did we came to this place?\\
??: scheherazade-sama*.
TLN: I was able to find the page on Wikipedia, so the spelling of the name should be right http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scheherazade\\
Box: rem empire “high priest”\ Scheherazade\\
Sche: he…\\
Sche: has somewhat an air around him that piqued my interest\\
??: is that what you call the rukh’s guidance?\\
??: I‘m not able to understand its meaning that much though…\\
box: rem empire “fanalis army corps” leader\ muu arekius\\
sche: you come here very often…\\
sche: muu\\
muu: hahaa, I do that because in that way the colosseo will become even more popular.\\
muu: is someone like me who is said to be the strongest swordsman in rem comes here to see the matches, then both the public and the other swordsmen will be very happy, right!?\\
muu: well, speaking about serious things…\\
muu: I came here in order to receive an audience with you, schehezarade-sama.\\
muu: there is something that piqued my interest as well…\\
muu: that is rem’s peace* that you continue to protect until now.
TLN: I wonder if this is an explicit reference to the “pax romana”
Muu: … but, there is someone who wants to interfere with that, am I wrong?\\
Muu: I mean “magnosstatt”…\\
muu: I agree that country is abnormal.\\
muu: in any case, I heard that right now their capital if full of a countless number of magic tools\\
muu: and that’s strange. Why did they get in their possession such an high quantity of magic tools that originally exist only in labyrinths?\\
muu: plus, I heard that recently even the lowlifes that appear frequently around magnosstatt’s region posses magic tools.\\
muu: and just after that, the began to lay their hands on the easternmost province of our country\\
map:{ on the right magnosstat on the left: rem empire}
near sche: haaa…\\
sche: … I’m sorry.\\
muu: … eh?\\
sche: I made you worry…\\
sche: so that that story… eave reached you ears…\\
muu: … no…\\
muu: I just want you to command me.\\
muu: to become your sword,\\
muu: and to fight the abnormalities of this world, in order to protect the country and the people you love so much.\\
sfx near her hand: *pat pat*\\
sche: you have such a cute face…\\ muu\\
sche: you made me smile, I like you too.\\
sche: the people of the east…\\
sche: are becoming frightened… they are… waiting…\\
sche: I will protect\\
sche: the rem empire.\\
sche: and…\\
mu: eh?\\
sche: and… in the eastern continent…\\
sche: in the kou empire there is another great abnormality…\\
box: 5 days later, shanbala gladiators training grounds\\
toto: eh?\\
garda: guruuuu…\\
toto: !?\\ garda!? Why are you here!?\\
ali: I’m looking after him.\\
ali: the money prize for the match was absurdly high.\\
ali: and I couldn’t think about another way of spending all that money.\\
toto: b-but…\\
toto: I never heard about buy a fighting beast and then release it…\\
ali: It is just that… I thought he would do something like this.\\
garda: hoooo!\\
toto: alibaba…\\
toto: somewhat…\\
toto: the atmosphere around him has changed…?\\
toto: garda’s eyes are those of someone who looks to his boss with admiration and respect. Even if alibaba was a little pathetic before the match…\\
toto: that’s right… it is like that now…\\
toto: he is a totally different person…!!\\
around toto: doki doki(heartbeats)*
TLN: ah, a good challenger for mor( and kougyoku) appeared\\
Sfx in the third frame: cough\\
Sfx in the fourth frame: cough cough\\cough\\
Ramal: how are you feeling?\\
Ali: ah, shanbal-san.\\
Shamal: by the way, alibaba-kun…\\ there is something I want to ask to you…\\
Ali: yes?\\
shamal: you… were aware of the true identity of the “second kind of magoi”, right?\\
shamal: two kinds of magoi in a single body… it is like two existences are dwelling within your body.\\
shamal: that should be impossible but…\\
shamal: at that time…\\
shamal: I was sure that I felt like your magoi and the other one fused into one…\\
ramal: what did you realized,\\
ramal: in that moent?\\
ali: that’s…\\
ali: the things I have to do.\\
ramal: …\\ hoo\\
ali: there was a country…\\
ali: that I couldn’t protect…\\
ali: I clearly felt that he entrusted me this power…\\
ali: because I cannot leave that country into other people’s hands.\\
ali: the thing that I have to do is…\\
ali: to get back,\\
ali: with these hands the country that I lost.\\
ali: and I need more power,\\
ali: in order to realize that!\\
ali: I thank you for your continue guidance.\\
ramal: yes…\\
box: at the same time…\\
box: dark continent.\\
box: rem empire southernmost province “the great gorge”*\\
TLN: the black thing look like water to me, so it should be a gorge, in the case it is earth this place should be called “the great canyon”\\
mor: should I… go across this…?\\
box: two months earlier catalgo province.\\
mor: it is like masrur-san said… there was not even a fanalis in catalgo… what should I do now…?\\
guy: hey, isn’t that little girl a fanalis?\\ weren’t them all captured around here…?\\
guy: could it be that she came from that place?\\
guy2: you idiot, that’s only a superstition…\\
guy2: that is on the other side of the “great gorge” that splints the dark continent into two… in a place where you cannot go back once you go there…\\
guy2: there are still fanalis!\\
inserted text: next issue, toward the great gorge…!!\\

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Finale, noonethere

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