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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 144

Night 144: the great rift

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 17, 2012 03:38 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 144: the great rift\\
TLN: yes I changed the name because of this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Rift_Valley_%28geographical_concept%29
If I guessed well, then “dark continent== Africa” so this should be correct.\\
Side text: morgiana arrived to the southern part of the rem empire on the dark continent, but what will be there…!?\\
Guy: are you going, morgiana?\\
Mor: yes,\\ thank you for all the things you did for me until now, people from the toran tribe.\\
Mor: you warmly welcomed me into your village after finding me wandering around in the forest…\\
Near mor: you even taught me some of your words\\
Guy: morgiana, you good person, friend.\\
Mor: thanks.\\
Guy: that’s why worried… no one returned from valley…!!\\
TLN: in Japanese his talk lacks some particles, so I decided to make him speak like this in English.\\
mor: incredible…\\
mor: it is like the world is ending here…\\
mor: there is really something beyond this…?\\
mor: but…\\
mor: they say that on the other side of the “great rift“ there are still fanalis…\\
mor: I want to go there and confirm what they told me!!\\
mor: I’m going now!\\
guy: morgiana!!\\
old guy: what are you doing!?\\
near the baby: kyaah\\
sfx: stomp\\
mor: if this is a valley, there should be a bottom somewhere…\\
on the forest: toran’s village\\
below: bottom of the valley\\
on the elephant: fanalis’ village??\\
mor: I will walk along the bottom, and head toward the other side!!\\
mor: anyway…\\
mor: I’m surprised that…\\
mor: the toran’s tribe was even in a place like this…\\
mor: why are they living is such a remote region?\\
mor: why are they the only ones who have a different language from ours?\\
mor: when I will come back…\\ I want to ask them to teach me more of their language…\\
mor: … this is strange…\\
mor: it is gradually becoming darker and darker… even if there is nothing obstructing the sunlight… I wonder why…?\\
sfx: *gulp gulp gulp*\\
sfx: jaraaaa X 7\\
sfx on the sides: jaraaa\\
sfx between that sfx: haa…\\haa…\\haa\\
mor: I cannot see anything… anymore…\\
mor: this feels strange…\\ Am I…\\ really going down?\\
mor: I wonder if there is really a bottom here…\\
mor: otherwise…\\
mor: I will end up in the country of the dead…\\
mor: no… I’m scared…\\
mor: I want to go back… I’m still in time!\\
mor: but…\\
??: morgiana!\\
mor: I-I reached… the bottom of the valley!!!\\
sfx: *growl*\\
mor: this is the smell of the earth… this sensation under my feet… it is the same I have when I’m above ground. I have to calm down…\\
mor: so this is a valley after all, not the country of the dead!\\
mor: let’s go!!\\
mor: I can use the household vessel to make light…\\
mor: no,\\ I cannot waste magoi…\\
mor: and… I would not be able to se anything even by using it…\\
mor: there is a wall behind me, and an a very large empty space in front of me…\\
mor: I have to go forward!!\\
mor: I will not hesitate anymore,\\
mor: I will run until I reach my destination, no matter where it is!!\\
mor: … light…!?\\
mor: an house…!?\\
??: you did a good job coming here,\\
??: morgiana.\\
mor: a person…!?\\
??: could it be that it tastes bad?\\
mor: eh?\\
??: you know… a lot of time passed since I had a guest,\\ and I forgot how to make tea.\\
mor: n-no… it is delicious…\\
??: I see, that’s great…\\
mor: hum…\\
mor: who… are you…?\\
??: I’m…\\
??: yunan.\\ the guardian…\\ of this valley.\\
mor: guardian…\\
mor: hum… why did you know my name…?\\
yunan: ah…\\ sorry,\\ maybe I did something impolite.\\
yunan: I knew it…\\ because I heard it.\\
yunan: when you were talking with the people of the toran tribe, they were calling you with that name…\\
mor: …!? You were near us… then?\\
yunan: no.\\
yunan: I heard it from here.\\ I can hear everything in the valley, comprised what happens on both the sides of the rift…\\
yunan: that’s why…\\
yunan: I also know that you were talking about how you wanted to meet…\\
yunan: the fanalis on the other side of the rift.\\
yunan: you were saying…\\
yunan: how you were really looking forward to the possibility of meeting your brethren…\\
mor: … “the other side”…\\
mor: does it really exist?\\
yunan: yes…\\
mor: and, are the fanalis\\
mor: there?\\
yunan: yes…\\
yunan: do you want to go to… meet them?\\
mor: y-yes… I want to go!! Let me go there, please…!!\\
yunan: yes… you can go.\\
mor: finally…!!\\
yunan: but…\\
yunan: you will not able to return to this side here anymore…\\
yunan: are you still fine with it…?\\
mor: … eh?\\
yunan: even if I can bring you there from here…\\
yunan: I cannot bring you back from there to here.\\ or at least, I think that I don’t want to bring you back…\\
yunan: maybe it would be better for you like that…\\ on this side the fanalis were forced to experience a lot of sad things…\\ Am I wrong…? Morgiana…\\
yunan: and…\\
yunan: from now in the world on this side…\\
yunan: a great war will begin. A war that will involve all of it…\\
mor: what are you… talking about?\\
yunan: you don’t know about it…?\\
yunan: someone is dead in certain country…\\
yunan: the emperor of the kou empire,\\
yunan: is dead…\\
inserted text: next issue we will go to the kou empire. There will be an important announcement, front cover and central colour!!\\

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