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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 479

Battle 479: in the far east lands


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Wow this killed me, it is two or three times the text of a normal kenichi chapter

Battle 479: in the far east lands\\
inserted text: he has to protect his people. He has to protect his country. That’s why… the king cannot die.\\
side text: the fight for hegemony that broke out because of junazard’s death was magnificently handled by jihan, but?\\
saka: hurry up and eat, you lost a lot of blood.\\
ken: I’m more concerned about miu-san’s conditions!\\
ken: I should have gone together with her and the elder…\\
saka: everything will be fine, she is in the old man’s hands.\\
elder: bring me at least three of these leafs.\\
doc: did you learn tidat’s secret arts somewhere!?\\
elder: a little… in the past.\\
miu: ughn… kenichi… san…\\
elder: martial arts and medicine can bring happiness or misfortune to the people according to the way they are used…\\
nora: will hongo be alright?\\
sham: doctors from jihan-sama’s palace were dispatched to treat him, so he should be alright, princess.\\
hongo: I don’t need any anaesthesia, so hurry up with the first-aid treatment.\\
hongo: seta, hayami\\
the two of them: y-yes!!\\
hongo: get the helicopter ready.\\
doc: ho ho it seem that you are doing quite well, even if you have wounds that would have killed a normal human ages ago.\\
doc: I understand that you don’t want to lose consciousness, but if you move because of the pain I will not able to perform the surgery well.\\
doc: we are not your enemy, can you trust us?\\
hongo: fine.\\
doc: ok, go with the anaesthetic!\\
assistant: y-yes!\\
assistant: hiii!\\
hongo: that’s not what I meant.\\
hongo: I was saying that will not move any muscle, so there will not be any need for an anaesthesia.\\
doc: is your master always this stubborn?\\
senta: ah, yes sorry.\\ he is always a little…\\
haya: stubborn.\\
jihan: enough.\\
on the fan: uchiwa(that is fan in Japanese)\\
jihan: I learnt a move to fan myself in the case it is too hot.\\
nora: you never change, brother.\\
nora: he atmosphere around him is somewhat different…\\
sham: your majesty!\\
sham: this is the karambit knife I dig out from the avalanche, when I was searching for you.\\
sham: I took care of it so I could to use it one day to get my revenge against junazard.\\
jihan: … fine\\
jihan: you can have it.\\
sham: great! I really like it <3\\
sham: so, your majesty, what happened after that avalanche?\\
sham: I searched for you on that snowy mountain for three days and yet…\\
jihan: ha ha ha, it seems that I will have to tell you how I spent my days in the far east lands now.\\
jihan: my rival from the east, shirahama kenichi.\\
jihan: this is what happened after I was defeated by you and my master buried me under the avalanche.\\
box: I was able to narrowly avert death by crawling out from that avalanche, but…\\
sham: jihan-sama~~\\
jihan: dingin(so cold)\\
box: if my guru… junazard would find me out, he would have killed me for sure, that’s why I needed to avoid the search party and then went down the mountain.\\
box: I don’t know where I wandered to, but when I finally reached a town I was so exhausted that I could not move anymore.\\
jihan: what unpleasant feeling… could this be what they call “hunger”?\\
guy: hey young boy, if you sit there you will get in the way with my business.\\
jihan: guh… if someone reports me to the public institutions, those from yami will know about me and it will be the end of the line…\\
guy: it will trouble me if you die in front of my store.\\
guy: you can eat this.\\
box: that was the first time since I was born that I received sympathy from the plebeian…\\
box: a king would never accept sympathy from the enemy, but he wasn’t an enemy.\\
jihan: it’s hot!!\\
guy: yeah sure!\\
jihan: and then I began to live as an employee into that store.\\
box: and then I immediately absorbed all the know-how about that work, because I’m different from the commoners…\\
guy: you didn’t even make the water boil!\\
jihan: yes, for some particular reasons I never entered in a kitchen, but I already remember everything. You have to tell me things just once.\\
woman: wow, this boy learns really fast.\\
near jihan: ah, it is boiling\\
jihan: here young girls I made you wait.\\
guy: you idiot, you have to say “sorry to keep you waiting” to the customers!!\\
box: but, I had to return the favour to those people in some way, my dignity as a king was on stake.\\
jihan: I really enjoyed talking with you. Well then, let me speak with someone more important than you now.\\
box: the taste of the food made in the store was not bad even for someone like me who tasted all the delicious foods from all around the world, so I used the television and my knowledge about society to advertise the store.\\
box: obviously, the store became really popular in a short time…\\
jihan: yes, put one store near that station\\
woman: dear… there is no need to us to work anymore\\
guy: I cannot just stay put and do nothing when he is working\\
box: I was able to persuade the owners of the shop, and using the chance to develop a chain of stores.\\
jihan: after saving money for half a year, we were able to grow it into a trading business and a company…\\
jihan: they even have three boats now.\\
ken: I heard that all the people chosen to be part of yomi were blessed with talent, but this guy is a little on a different dimension… I don’t want to admit it, but he really is a king after all…\\
jihan: I learnt a lot of things… and then I don’t know why, but I wanted to meet you commoner… ah sorry… shirahama kenichi!!\\
ken: he really changed…\\
jihan: even for someone like me who is filled with wisdom, the thought of someone like you who earnestly struggles, was something upon which I could rely in my heart.\\
near saka: just like the alcohol is for me!!\\
ken: he is still the same guy at the core…!!\\
guy: there is no malice in his words, shirahama-dono.\\
jihan: when the elder of your dojo… furinji hayato,\\ told me about the crisis that was befalling on tidat I hesitated to take action but…\\
elder: indeed!!\\
elder: I wanted to go to my granddaughter’s side as soon as possible.\\
ken: elder!\\ is miu-san alright?\\
elder: she is stable, if we continue to treat her for a while after returning in Japan she should be alright.\\
elder: while I was searching for junazard and collecting information, I noticed that jihan-dono survived.\\
elder: and I also understood that the situation in tidat would not stabilize without its prince.\\
rona: even if he was concerned about his granddaughter, he even cared for a country he doesn’t belong to. This is what they call a man with a great heart.\\
jihan: furinji-dono is not just a common talented person, rona.\\
elder: I even knew that sakaki-kun entered in tidat.\\
ken: he really had faith in you, sakaki-shishou.\\
jihan: anyway, maybe I am a little late to thank you but…\\
jihan: people from the east, for all the things you have done for my country…\\
jihan: you have my gratitude.\\
saka: what about thanking another essential person? Your majesty?\\
nora: that’s right. I have to go and thank personally hongo-dono for fighting and risking his life.\\
jihan: eh? Then I have to go too…\\
sham: there no need to do that, jihan-sama.\\
rona: ah!\\
rona: hongo!!\\
rona: … thanks.\\
miu: uuh…\\
ken: miu-san, did you regain consciousness?\\
miu: uuh… kenichi-san…\\
ken: I’m so happy.\\
miu: hey kenichi-san,\\ I don’t know why but…\\
miu: right now I saw a dream where… I met my father…\\
ken: the others from ryouzanpaku are waiting for us…\\
ken: let’s return in japan… miu-san.\\
rimi: eh~~~~~~, is that true kensei-sama!!?\\
rimi: did that master called the demon fist god really die~~~~~?\\
ogata: that’s the truth.\\
kensei: I heard that the karate user, the god fist, killed him with his own hands.\\
ryuuto: did you know the demon god… junazard, well?\\
rimi: eh, ah no, odin-sama <3\\
rimi: waaah! He talked to me, I’m so lucky <3\\
rimi: but I met him once in one of yami ‘s branches…\\
rimi: these yomi meeting stress rimi a lot~~~~ I had sneak away and to go the toilet,\\ rimi’s naïve heart is so tired <3\\
rimi: I wonder why this branch is in such a mountain recess.\\
rimi: ah that’s an akebia.\\
jud: is that a Japanese fruit, little girl?\\
rimi: what’s this feeling!?\\
jud: I didn’t see them in any fruit store.\\
rimi: they don’t eat akebia a lot around here, that’s why…\\
jud: indeed, a real delicacy.\\
jud: that’s right, let’s share it little girl.\\
box: to have that old man who was devouring the akebia so greedily…\\
rimi: it has seeds~~~~\\
box: in front of me just like one of those beasts that appears in myths and legends gave me a really uncomfortable feeling…\\
rimi: kensei-sama, even someone like him who looked like he was chosen by god or the devil,\\
rimi: can die…?\\
ogata: isn’t that just incredible?\\
ogata: and that happened because of the martial arts!!\\
side text: kenichi returns to japan where his friend are waiting. Next issue a new development!!\\

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#1. by aise2i ()
Posted on Jun 23, 2012
Thanks for the trans.
- "Dinjin" -> "Dingin"

I somehow don't get this part "for some reason the kitchen wasn’t inside but I immediately realized it", but reading the raw doesn't help me much too... I got the impression that the "入る" there has more the meaning of joining the kitchen staff.
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Jun 24, 2012
Yeah sorry, I got it wrong. It is "for some particular reasons I never entered in a kitchen, but I already remember everything. You just have to tell me things once"

Anyway I corrected both the things.

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