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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 145

Night 145: Gathering

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 23, 2012 06:44 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 145: Gathering\\
orange and yellow letters: animation\ orange and white letters: decided!!!\\
white and yellow letters on the left: the world’s creation magician who guides destiny!!!\\
on the left: every week on Sunday at 5 p.m.\\
below in black and yellow: the start of the broadcast has been planned!!\\
Black letters below: from October 2012 on MBS-TBS national network!!\\
inserted text: rukhs go around… in light and darkness… the miracles born during the times of legend, the destined ones who are living now,\\
inserted text: will all be whirled in a time of great wars. This is the story of the humans that became independent from God. The story of the world’s creation engraved in eternity.\\
inserted text: what is yunan talking about!?
yunan: the emperor of the kou empire has died.\\
yunan: what will happen… while this horrible news spreads in the lands of the west…?\\
box: magnoshtatt\\
girl: kouha-sama…\\
sfx: *whisper*\\
ha: whaaat?\\
wizard: mogamett-sama…\\
moga: what?\\
moga: prince…\\
moga: we are in a dire situation now, this should be no longer the right time for negotiations, am I wrong…?\\
box: magnoshtatt academy chancellor\ matal moganett\\
moga: return to your country,\\
moga: as soon as possible, please…\\
ha: you are right…\\
ha: but, the warning I gave you wasn’t a lie.\\
ha: the kou empire will invade magnoshtatt soon.\\
ha: choose between submission or destruction… before that happens.\\
ha: see you then…\\
moga: …\\ damn you…\\
moga: “gois*”!!!\\
TLN: the kanjis for this word means “poor magicians”. This term should be a derogatory term for those not blessed with magic. Probably he is discriminating kouha because he can use magic even if he is not a magician thanks to the metal vessel\\
al: Halharl Rakii(evaporation baptism)\\
guy: a magic spell composed by heat and water!?\\
girl: why a novice like him can do such a thing?\\
near her: incredible\\
al: because that’s the only thing that yamu-san was teaching me…\\
al: and I’m becoming more and more accustomed to use the magoi within my body.\\
al: perfect, let’s keep up the good work!\\
al: eh? That’s…\\
al: hey, kouha-kun~~~.\\
ha: ah, Aladdin.\\
al: long time no see.\\
ha: you are right… but sorry, I have to return to my country immediately. \\ I really want to hang out with you after so much time passed from out last encounter, but… my father is death you know…\\
al: w-whoa… I see…\\
near al: kouha-kun= prince= so his father is=\\
al: eh!?\\
big kanji: Emperor\\
ha: that’s right he has died…\\
ha: I leave these girls in your care while I will be absent. They are more or less strong magicians…\\
girl: don’t go away, kouha-sama!!!\\
near her: waaaah\\
ha: eh?\\
ha: don’t worry I will be fine.\\
ha: It is obvious that the next emperor will be my brother En…\\
ha: plus there is not even a single power left that can oppose us inside of our country\\
al: what will you do…?\\
al: hakuryuu… hakuei-san…!?\\
ryuu: I will cause a war that will split the kou empire into two\\
ryuu: I will reunite with my sister’s army on the northern Tenzan plateau…\\
box: and…\\
box: a month after the emperor’s death, northern border of the kou empire\\
guard: the western subjugation army and northern corps general ren hakuei…\\ will return soon!\\
guard: n-northern corps you say!? The messengers arrived there only half a month ago.\\
guard2: how were they able to arrive here from the western part of the northern Tenzan plateau in only half a month…!?\\
box: kou empire western subjugation army and northern stationing corps\ general ren hakuei\\
box: imperial city\\
?: who are these savages…?\\
mei: hakuei-dono!\\
mei: you surprised everyone with you fast return. And who are these people?\\
ei: yes… they are the kouga cavalry, there are more than 100 of them…\\
ei: they are my household.\\
mei: more than 100 household vessel users!?\\
box: bator\\
box: boyan\\
box: ren hakuei follower of the kouga household corps\ cavalry captain, dorji\\
ei: it seems that my “Paimon” was a fecundity type of djinn …\\ maybe because she is a female djinn?\\
ei: thanks to their strength, I was able to fight until today…\\
mei: magnificent. Thanks to the number and the battle power of your household the kou empire will be invincible!\\
mei: and I also heard that you young brother joined under your command half a year ago, right?\\
ei: yes… hakuryuu will arrive soon…\\
mei: ? how will he come here…?\\
guard: koumei-sama, that…\\
mei: ?\\ what’s that…?\\
mei: what are these monsters!?\\
ei: that’s… hakuryuu’s household…\\
ei: but…\\
ei: they are nothing more than creatures that he made into his servants thanks zagan’s power…\\
ei: we were able to pass the Tenzan in just half a month\\ because they carried us halfway here…\\
ei: hakuryuu…\\
ei: what is going on inside of your head…?\\
ei: you came back to me without any previous notice…\\
ei: zagan’s powers were too dreadful.\\
ei: in just three days he subjugated one after another the long lasting resistances of soldiers from the local ethnic groups…\\
ei: hakuryuu!! These methods are…!!\\
ryuu: sister.\\
ryuu: from now on we will need even more power…\\
ryuu: for now, just do as I say…\\
ei: I don’t understand…\\
ei: something is changed in him…\\
??: the general commander has arrived!!\\
box: kou empire, first prince\ western subjugation army general commander\ ren kouen\\
en: long time no see\\
en: hakuryuu,\\ hakuei.\\
ei: … kouen-dono…\\
inserted text: what is the relation between hakuryuu and kouen!?\\

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