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Translations: Gintama 531 (2) , One Piece 776 by cnet128 , Bleach 615 by cnet128

Buyuden 61

Chapter 61: I’m not trash

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jun 28, 2012 08:33 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 61: I’m not trash\\
inserted text: I will strike, strike and Strike!! So next time I will win!\\
side text: isamu suffered a great defeat against a boxer of his same age, but…!?\\
on the sign: star gym\\
hyou: tsurugu hayato? A third year middle school student!?\\
hyo: and isamu couldn’t do a thing against someone of his same age!?\\
moka: yes, but that’s comprehensible. That guy was a monster who is the under 15 national tournament champion for 2 consecutive years.\\
hyou: champion!?\\
moka: he challenged him to test his skills, but the level of his opponent was too high so it wasn’t a good way to measure his ability.\\
hyo: hey, you said champion… in other words someone belonging to the elite…\\ why such a guy is a street performer!?\\
moka: beats me…\\
hyo: hey, isamu!\\
hyo: I heard that the masked falcon kicked your ass.\\
moka: take-kun, is you body alright!?\\
take: there is nothing to laugh about.\\
take: it is not somebody’s else problem, hyouma.\\
take: if I’m trash, that’s mean that someone like you who is on my same level is trash as well.\\
hyo: eh… t-trash?\\
take: yeah…\\
take: I came here today just to get my things…\\
take: I understood that it is meaningless to continue training myself in the gym like this, so I will not come here for a while.\\
hyo: eh…\\
moka: t-take-kun!\\
moka: you shouldn’t feel so down!\\ you opponent was a champion, right!?\\ it is not like you can win so easily against him!\\
moka: and in the first round you showed a speed and a stamina that drove the masked falcon into a corner…\\
moka: it is not like the training you piled up until now was meaningless!!\\
take: moka.\\
take: stop…\\
take: yesterday I was only able to perform that kind of battle before of your eyes…\\
take: I was pathetic and I felt ashamed… I would have hidden myself into a hole if there was one around there!!\\
hyo: he wanted to show you how he became strong after three years, and yet…\\
hyo: he tried to show off that he would become a pro boxer if he continued training like this, but he just ended up like that!\\
hyo: when he told you 3 years ago that he would become champion in your stead…\\
hyo: that was nothing more than some empty words from a frog in a well!!\\
take: that guy…\\
take: he went to a tournament, so he obviously belongs to some gym…\\
take: probably he is training under the guide of a good coach and a good trainer…\\
take: but, I cannot do such a thing with the star gym in that situation…\\
take: welcome, welcome!\\
take: what about a round, sir!?\\
take: I’m the new street challenger, take-chan man!\\
take: hey miss what about do you want to try?\\
take: what about striking me to release stress!?\\ right now I’m doing a limited time offer: 200 yen for 1 round!!\\
on the sign:{
new opening!! street challenge shop\\
center: take-chan man\\
one round 3 minutes!\\
on the right: I will just dodge and I will not fight back! Why don’t you try to strike me? if you KO me the prize is 3000 yen!\\
girl: so cheap! Only 200 yen!.\\
girl: eh? Aren’t you the same masked guy who could be challenged for 500 yen but with a different mask!?\\
take: ah, that’s my rival and competitor.\\
mask: hey!!\\
mask: you bastard… that’s plagiarism!!\\
mask: and to the hell with rivals and competition, you are just picking up a fight!!\\
take: calm down,\\ it is alright.\\
take: ah, wait, miss!\\
take: it is like a rival ramen shop fight, if we try to outdo each other, we will be able to attract more customers.\\
take: oh man, they got away.\\
mask: you bastard… that voice and that physique…\\
mask: you are that trash I KOed yesterday!\\
take: right on the mark.\\
take: but I’m not called “trash”, I have a name, take isamu.\\ that’s why I called myself take-chan man\\
mask: I’m astonished.\\
mask: you want to take revenge on me by interfering with my business because I defeated you huh.\\ how much low can you go, trash?\\
take: I don’t have such intentions!\\
take: I thought that if a champion is doing this street challenge thing, then it must be an effective training and I decided to try to imitate it!\\
take: but if it troubles you, I can go to elsewhere.\\
take: I still don’t understand how things work for the street challenge, so I just wanted to learn them by staying near you.\\
mask: heh, what an idiot. Like this kind of thing would become a good training for an amateur.\\
mask: I’m not doing this for training!\\
mask: you are in the way with my work! So hurry up and disappear, bonbon\\
take: bon…\\
hoodlum: hey look?\\ it says that this is a street challenger shop.\\
hoodlum2: it sound like fun, let’s try it.\\
hood: it says that if you beat him you get 3000 yen.\\
hood2: really? Then I already found the money for drinking today.\\
take: ah… s-sorry but the shop is closed for today…\\
hood: what?\\ don’t decide things by your own, it’s still fine.\\
hood: here.\\
take: I-I don’t have any other choice, let’s take on these costumer and then change place.\\
hood2: ok, let’s go.\\
take: s-so big, I have to fight against him!!?\\
take: ah… sorry…\\ I was forgetting about the mask…\\
hood: eeeh? You don’t need that!!\\
hood: you will suffer less damage if you wear a headgear\\
mask: oh man: I don’t care, that idiot can just die.\\
side text: isamu opened a street challenger shop in order to fill up for his lack of real fights experience… but he is already in a pinch!!\\

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