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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 146

Night 146: one world

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 1, 2012 03:59 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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hum... this is probably one of the highest quality translation I ever did...

Night 146: one world\\
side text: the generals gather one after another in the kou empire’s imperial city. And finally kouen and hakuryuu meet each other…\\
??: his excellency the western subjugation army general commander is back!!\\
ei: hakuryuu!?\\
??: what insolence…\\
en: you lost one arm…\\
en: but I heard that you conquered a dungeon.\\ Good job.\\
mei: it should take half a day for kouha to be back…\\
en: then we will wait for him. We will go to his majesty’s side after we are all reunited.\\
mei: yes!\\
ka: princess, didn’t you have something to say to kouen-sama?\\
gyouku: kouen…\\
gyouku: I’m sure that… he will be the next emperor… and then…\\
jud: the kou empire will destroy sindria!!\\
gyouku: no…!! I have to tell him that… he is making mistake!\\ no matter what I say that to judar-chan it would be useless…\\ but in my brother’s case, I’m sure that…!\\
gyouku: hum… brother…\\
3rd frame sfx: *blush*\\
gyoku: e-excuse me!\\
gyoku: … eh?\\
ei: that appearance… doesn’t suit you a lot.\\
ei: kouen-dono.\\
en: I think that as well.\\
gyouku: !!??\\ why is that woman together with my brother… and why they seem so closeeeee!!?\\
en: I wanted to talk with you a little…\\
en: hakuryuu.\\
gyouku: ah… I see, he has some business with hakuryuu-chan…\\
gyouku: I wonder what it is…\\
en: hakuryuu…\\
en: do you want…\\
en: to become the emperor?\\
gyouku: w-what are you asking him, brother…?\\
ryuu: that was… one of his majesty’s intentions but… why do you want to do such a thing?\\
en: I…\\
en: don’t want to fight with you… one of my brothers who shares my same blood…\\
en: but there must be only one king.\\
ryuu: you are right.\\
en: no…\\
en: it doesn’t limit just to a single country, this world…\\ need only one king…\\
gyouku: only one…\\
gyouku: king…??\\
en: I always thought about…\\
en: what is a…\\ “king vessel”\\
gyouku: toran language…?\\
en: In the past…\\
en: the people chose by the “magi” became kings…\\
en: just like it is happening to us now…\\ they wielded a great power and shaped history.\\ thanks to the power of the metal vessels, that were probably created by someone…\\
en: the djinns told me that the person who created the metal vessels was king Solomon.\\
en: then, who is this king Solomon?\\
en: according to the toran’s inscriptions…\\
en: in the past, there was in a certain world somewhere with people who talked a great variety of languages, and lived scattered around it…\\
en: because of that, different creeds and ideologies were born, countless kings rose, conflict with each other, and soon perished…\\
ei: when and where did that happen…?\\
En: I don’t know.\\
En: it appears that the world in the inscriptions is completely severed from our own world.\\
En: but, there is the toran language…\\
En: around the world, and inside the dungeons…\\
En: from now on this is just my guess, but…\\
en: why are we endowed…\\
en: with just one language?\\
en: there are the characters derived from that language, but since we began to walk on this world,\\ we were born with just a single language.\\
en: why?\\
en: because in that way we wouldn’t…\\
en: perish.\\
en: so that we wouldn’t become extinct,\\
en: after conflicts born because\\we don’t understand each other and become divided.\\
en: so that differently from the world of the past…\\
en: the our world becomes one.\\
en: for that reason, a single king\\
en: must control the world.\\
en: I don’t know if my intentions are right.\\
en: but, I want to solve this riddle… and I want to take you toward the heights of the “one world”.\\
en: and for that,\\
en: I want you to lend me your strength!!\\
en: so, kougyouku.\\
en: eh!? D-did you notice me!?\\
en: you are vinea’s master… did you listen well to what I said?\\
gyouku: y-yes!! I was a complicated talk, but… you are an incredible person after all, brother!!\\
gyouku: what the hell did I just say~~~~…\\
near en: so in other worlds you didn’t understand\\
gyouku: I missed my chance to talk with him…!! How should I persuade him after this talk?\\
gyouku: so… I cannot do anything for sindria…\\ after all?\\
gyouku: again…?\\
gyouku: lately, I hear a buzzing in my head. It seems like someone’s voice…\\
gyouku: I wonder what it is…\\
en: gyouku…\\
en: kougyoku!\\
gyouku: y-yes!?\\
en: kouha is back. It is already late today, so we will go tomorrow.\\
gyoku: w-where!?\\
en: to our father and mother’s side.\\
box: the next day\\
ei: … our father too…\\
ryuu: eh?\\
ei: the former emperor said the same things as kouen-dono… he unified the three countries in order to save the people of Tenka(extreme east plains) that were perishing because they were divided and conflicting against each other…\\
ei: our father was too severe, and he was killed by the remnants of the defeated armies, but…\\
ei: in kouen-dono’s case…\\
ryuu: sister,\\
ryuu: I have to talk with you later.\\
ryuu: after this audience is finished…\\
box: kou empire empress ren gyoukuen*\\
TLN: her name means charming jewel\\
Gyoukuen: welcome back… my beloved children…\\
Inserted text: she is al samen’s witch, hakuryuu’s mother!!\\

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