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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 147

Night 147: a new emperor

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 13, 2012 09:18 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 147: a new emperor\\
inserted text: what will hakuryuu do in front of his enemy?\\
kuen: welcome back…\\
kuen: my beloved children.\\
kuen: what’s the matter… come here.\\
kuen: we didn’t see the princesses since they married… I’m sure that his majesty would be pleased…\\
gyoku: f-father…??\\
gyoku: b-brother…\\
en: did his majesty die…\\
en: because of an illness?\\
kuen: yes… he was ill for a long time, but he suddenly became worse…\\
kuen: come on now everyone, tell your farewells to your father.\\
kuen: kouen…\\
kuen: I only have you now…\\
kuen: will you support me, my most loved son?\\
ha: bleah\\
ha: that old witch… in the past she fawned brother en, but it seems that finally she had decided to move on from our father to him…\\
ha: in that case we don’t need to hear the testament right?\\
near ha: right?\\
ei: hey look in front of you\\
banker?: well then, we will begin to read his majesty’s testament.\\
banker: “we leave to this posthumous imperial edict our last wishes”\\
banker: “by means of this document I will assign the position of emperor”…\\
ha: the next emperor is probably brother en… those who have any right to the succession are all under his command… and in the case there are exceptions…\\
baker:” the third emperor of the kou empire is”…\\
banker: ren gyokuen.\\
banker: “also we leave all the national affairs to the imperial priests that helped us”\\
ha: haaa!?\\
beard: don’t fuck with us…\\
kuen: this is an unavoidable measure…\\
kuen: originally, the one who should have inherited the title of emperor should have been kouen…\\ but,\\
kuen: at the moment he is the western subjugation army general commander, a very important task.\\
kuen: to release him by such important task would be a foolish act that would break his majesty the emperor’s will in half.\\
kuen: therefore,\\ I will… be the temporary emperor until the continental subjugation is complete.\\
kuen: this is,\\
kuen: the emperor will.\\
beard: stop saying bulshit,\\
beard: you sly woman.\\
ei: I cannot allow this! The imperial court will be split into two.\\
ei: we cannot make all the vassals raised by kouen-dono settle down!!\\
ei: m-mother! Please reconsider… even if this is his majesty testament, with this…\\
ryuu: empress…\\
ryuu: please seat on the throne.\\
ryuu: no one can do that other than you!\\
al-samen: sit on the throne, empress!!\\
al-samen: no one can do that other than you!\\
al-samen: empress!! Empress!!\\
ha: what…!?\\
ei: hakuryuu!!\\
ei: why did you do such a thing…?\\
ryuu: because now it is the right time.\\ sister…\\
ei: eh?\\
ryuu: there is a fissure in the collusion between kouen and that woman…\\
ryuu: and I obtained the power too…\\ now I will protect you.\\
ei: w-what are you talking about…!?\\
ryuu: it was our mother who assassinated our father and our brothers.\\
ei: … eh?\\
ryuu: it is not a problem if you don't understand this immediately.\\
ryuu: but I suppose… that you already noticed… that our mother changed…\\
ryuu: and that group of priests behind her,\\
ryuu: are no other than the al-samen that is manipulating this country\\
ryuu: we will destroy them…\\
ryuu: together…\\
ryuu: and then… we will take back our old nation…!!\\
en: ouch…!?\\
ryuu: I lived until today\\
ryuu: just to realize that!!\\
ei: it is impossible…\\
ryuu: why are you saying that, sister!?\\
ei: hakuryuu…\\ hakuryuu!!!\\
ei: didn’t you hear to what kouen-dono said to us yesterday…?\\ “divisions invite destruction”… probably kouen-dono will not allow absurd things such as a civil war…\\
ei: even if it is raising something inside its body the kou empire is…!\\
ei: the world\\
ei: is one.\\
ryuu: …\\ the world…\\
ryuu: is one…??\\
ryuu: … such a thing…\\
ei: h-hakuryuu?\\
ryuu: such a thing…\\
ryuu: is impossible, shouldn’t that be obvious…!?\\
ryuu: even our family… is divided and yet…\\
ryuu: kouen…?\\
ryuu: his pretty words are… contradictory.\\ what he did at the end…\\
ryuu: is nothing more than invading other countries by using force…\\
ei: that’s not it…\\
ryuu: what about balbadd!?\\
ei: eh…!?\\
ryuu: what about\\
ryuu: the people of balbadd and of the kouga tribe that died?\\
ryuu: their families,\\
ryuu: should just frivolously laugh, forget about them and continue living?\\
ryuu: even you sister, didn’t you occupy the kouga’s village by sheer strength!!?\\
ei: t-that’s not true!!\\
ei: they accepted my will…\\
ei: and get rid of their past hatred…\\
ryuu: that’s…\\
ryuu: impossible!!\\
ryuu: hatred will never be erased!!\\
ryuu: the only thing you can do… is to erase the ones you hate!!\\
ei: hakuryuu…\\
ei: something… happened to you after all, right?\\
ei: it is not like I don’t believe you… but now…\\
ei: just… give me a little of time, please. I’m sorry hakuryuu…\\
jud: there is something I want to discuss with you.\\
jud: hakuryuu…\\
inserted text: what is the relation between the two of them…!?\\

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