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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Buyuden 64

Chapter 64: real battle experience

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 14, 2012 06:57 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 64: real battle experience\\
Inserted text: a little of shadow boxing training while I wait. You don’t have time to spare when you want to become strong!\\
inserted text: isamu enters in the summer break too, but…\\
prof: and as I said, from tomorrow we will enter in the summer break, but…\\
prof: as you are aware, you are going to take the high school admission exam next year.\\
prof: indeed you have to enjoy this summer break, but it will become an important key period for your high school entrance exam.\\
prof: spend a meaningful summer break, so you will be able to advance in an high school of your choice.\\
student: yes, stand.\\
student: bow\\
take: prof.\\
prof: oh, take\\ what happened to your face?\\
take: well… nothing in particular.\\
take: hum… regarding the matter of my high school first choice …\\
take: I don’t intend to go there anymore, so leave it blank, please.\\
prof: what!?\\
prof: w-what do you mean, Take!?\\ with your grades and recommendations, you can…\\
take: I decided to take the standard national exam and to go to the seidoukan in chiba…\\
take: cancel all my high school choices, thanks.\\
prof: s-seidoukan…!?\\
prof: seidouka is fairy well known for sports, but…\\
prof: if I remember well, its deviation value is not even 50*\\
TLN: the deviation value is a way to measure the quality of the school. The higher it is, the more it is difficult to pass the entrance exam in that school. It normally goes from 0 to 100, and 50 is considered the standard.\\
hyo: … what’s wrong, moka? Are you exhausted after just three rounds with the rope?\\
hyo: in a way of another you are not doing anything for you diet!\\
hyo: hey, are you listening to me, fat ass!?\\
hyo: she was listening.\\
hyo: anyway, when isamu is not around I’m not able to do my best in training.\\
hyo: maybe he went to the seidoukan today too.\\
hyo: I cannot enrol in that school, but maybe I should participate in their training as well, plus…\\
hyo: my sister is still busy with her work, so it is not clear when she will be able to manage the gym.\\
hyo: maybe it is not a bad idea to practice high school boxing before becoming a pro…\\
moka: hyouma.\\
moka: could you persuade take-kun for me?\\
moak: if he doesn’t go to the seidoukan, we can all do our best together in the star gym…\\
hyo: eh!?\\
moka: if I knew that this would happen, I would never introduced the masked falcon to him.\\
moka: I never thought that he would arrive to change the course of his student career…\\
moka: that is, I was very happy to met him after a long time and to see that he continued to practice boxing…\\
moka: and I want to root for him for his dream to become a pro in the star gym, but…\\
moka: … I suddenly became scared,\\ he said that he would become a champion in my stead, but… I wonder if he is doing something somewhat unreasonable…\\
moka: I wonder if in the 6th grade, when I asked him to continue practicing boxing…\\
moka: I irresponsibly messed up his life…\\
hyo: hahahah.\\
hyo: don’t worry about those worthless things, moka.\\
hyo: you cannot continue to unreasonably practice boxing for someone else’s sake.\\
hyo: even if the occasion presented to him because of you,\\ there is no particular need for you to feel the burden of what is happening.\\
hyo: persuade him? There is no reason to do that, and it would be probably useless.\\
hyo: even if you say to him to stop practicing boxing, he would not listen.\\
hyo: because he is a man obsessed with the desire of becoming strong.\\
trainer: ok, stop!\\
trainer: what’s wrong, asakawa?.\\
near asa: haa\\haa\\
trainer: he pinned you down from the beginning to the end, and he is 2 years younger than you.\\
asa: no… he is tiresome, I don’t want to spar with tsurugi anymore.\\
on the notebook: guard and\ => slip from the left\ => short hook from the right\
tsuru: what are you doing? Are you researching my movements patters or something?\\
take: eh…\\
take: ah, well…\\
tsuru: in that case bring a camera next time.\\
tsuru: by doing that, probably you will be able to study me better.\\
fodder: hey take, come on the ring.\\
fodder: I will train with you again.\\
trainer: wait a minute shimazaki.\\
trainer: you already trained with him 3 days ago and beat the hell out of him,\\ you cannot do it, your difference in strength is too great.\\
shima: eeh? Let me do it, please. Today there is no one around my level I can spar with.\\
shima: it is alright, I will hold back this time.\\
trainer: no, you let you blood go to your head easily and then…\\
take: I will do it!\\
take: I’m coming here because I want to pile up real battle experience after all.\\
take: let me train, please!\\
shima: good one, middle school student.\\
shima: is it ok now? Even isamu is fine with this.\\
trainer: ok, you can do it\\ but I will stop you as long as thing get dangerous.\\
trainer: ok, begin when I give the signal.\\
mean eyes: that shimazuma is bulling the middle school student again.\\
bald: he had the bad habit of plucking the young sprouts that came to train.\\
shima: what a drag,\\
shima: I will let him hit me a little and after having a little of fun, I will finish him with 2 or 3 strikes.\\
pimp: ooh, working hard as usual I see!!\\
?: hello!\\
??: hello\\
glasses: ah, director araki welcome!\\
araki: ah, the third year students already left, huh.\\
glasses: yes, I would have made them remain if I knew that you would come, but…\\
araki: hey tsurugi!\\
tsuru: ah, hello.\\
araki: I have good news.\\
araki: in the board meeting I unofficially recommended you for entering in seidoukan.\\
araki: from next year you will officially be one of our students.\\
tsuru: eh!? Really!!?\\
tsuru: thank you very much!\\
araki: you will become our ace, do your best\\
tsuru: yes!\\
??: s-shimazaki\\
side text: a high school student went down!? Tsurugi and the director witnessed isamu’s real strength…!!!\\

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