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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Buyuden 66

Chapter 66: isamu’s determination

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 2, 2012 12:41 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 66: isamu’s determination\\
inserted text: sea… swimsuits… the third year of middle school’s summer break. The summer that will remain in their memories starts…\\
sidetext: from one side isamu is attending seisoukan’s boxing club, while on the other side moka is training at the star gym. Why is she so pumped up…!?\\
hyou: hey what’s up? You seem to be in high spirits today.\\
hyou: are you finally going to take your diet seriously?\\
moka: I decided.\\
hyou: what?\\
moka: that I will get slimmer and go to seidoukan together with take-kun.\\
moka: a fat ass is not appropriate to be the manager of a boxing club after all.\\
hyou: eh!?\\
moka: the deviation value is low, but I will practice in that boxing club as well.\\
moka: There will be a high tuition fee and high travelling expenses, but I will manage somehow with a part-time job.\\
hyo: no… wait a minute, moka…\\
moka: I don’t care about the deviation value!\\
moka: If I study hard when I go to the university, the high school will not make any difference!!\\
hyou: that’s not the problem!\\
hyou: did you gather any information about seidoukan!?\\
moka: eh?\\
hyou: it is a male only school, you know.\\
moka: i-impossible!!\\
near isaku: ubooo~~~~\\
hyou: uwah! Something happened to him as well!!\\
moka: they will not let you go to the seidoukan!?\\
take: yeah…\\
take: they said that if I want to go no matter what, I have to leave home and be able to go there with my own devices…\\
take: and they also said that they will not support such a stupid and egoistic son…\\
hyou: I knew that such a thing would happen. There are no parents who would let their son expressly go to a high school that makes his personal deviation value fall of 10 points or even more.\\
hyou: and that’s even more true when you do such a thing because you want to practice boxing and not some other popular sports such as baseball or soccer.\\
moka: how much is seidoukan tuition, approximately?\\
take: the tuition for one year is one million yen…(~13000 USD)\\
take: and I’m still a middle school student, so I cannot even take a part-time job, in other words they essentially told me to give up…\\
take: dammit…\\ if you think about it, I can go to any high school out there thanks to my grades, and yet…\\
take: that’s the only place where I can find such a boxing environment!!\\
hyou: well, it is a pity, but you don’t have any other choice but to give up.\\
hyou: isn’t it alright, after all? I cannot go there either,\\ and even if moka wants to go there, she cannot be accepted because she doesn’t have a penis.\\
moka: pen…\\
hyou: aren’t you glad, moka?\\
hyou: if isamu doesn’t go there, you don’t have any reason to attend that school either.\\
moka: this is not good!!\\
moka: you cannot give up yet, take-kun!!\\
moka: there is still a way to earn enough money to pay the school tuition!!\\
moka: if it is for making you go to a place with a good boxing environment, I will help too!!\\
take: eh…?\\
moka: welcome, welcome!!\\
moka: what about you, young man?\\
TLN: on the board there is written the same things as some chapters ago.\\
moka: you can punch this take-chan man to relieve your stress!\\
moka: if you are able to defeat him, you will receive a incredible prize of 10000 yen!\\
moka: that’s right! we still have the street challenge!!\\
moka: even a middle school student can earn money thanks to that!!\\
moka: during the daytime you can go to train at seidoukan just like you did until now…\\
moka: and then in the evening, you can work as street challenger to earn money for your school tuition!!\\
moka: someone like you cannot be defeated by a common salary man!\\
moka: with 10 customers every day, you can earn 5000 yen, and in one month 150000 yen.\\
moka: if you do your best for half a year, you will earn enough money to pay your first year tuition~~~!!\\
guy: wow~~ this is interesting, I will try it.\\
guy2: yeah do it.\\
moka: ah, thank you very much!!\\
police: hey what the hell are you doing here?\\
police: road attractions are forbidden around here.\\
police: go away immediately.\\
take: the police!\\
moka: eh…?\\
moka: well… it is not like we are in the way with the people passing trough here and…\\
police: eh? How old are you?\\
police: do you have an ID card?\\
take: ah… s-sorry!\\ we will go away immediately!\\ let’s go, moka\\
moka: eeeeh? But we finally found a good spot!\\
moka: haaa…\\
moka: we couldn’t find a good place.\\
moka: if we don’t stand out, people will not come, and if we stand out, police will come.\\
take: … it is alright, moka.\\
take: it is useless to do this.\\
take: the truth is that even if I will be able to raise the money, my parents will not allow me to go there…\\ let’s give up already\\
moka: what…?\\
take: I cannot make moka keep me company for this kind of business in this shopping district during the evening.\\
take: this is my problem, and I have to do my best by myself.\\
tsuru: what?\\ you want me to tell you a good place for street challenging?\\
take: I beg you!\\
take: yesterday I went around town searching for it, but I couldn’t find even a single good spot!\\
take: I will absolutely not get in your way!\\
tsuru: why do you want to try with the street challenger again?\\
tsuru: not only the last time you went though a bad situation,\\ but I also told you that such a thing wouldn’t be a good training.\\
take: I know…\\ but my parents don’t want me to enrol in this school… I have to earn money with my strength alone.\\
tsuru: … I see, so this is all to pay the tuition, huh…\\
tsuru: in other words you are in my same situation.\\
tsuru: fine, I will tell you.\\
tsuru: I stopped doing the street challenging business, so you can use the spot under the highway as much as you like.\\
take: eh…!?\\
tsuru: I was doing that simply because of my family’s economical circumstances, but…\\
tsuru: they decided to give me an enrolment recommendation for this school…\\
tsuru: in seidoukan, the matriculation fee and the school tuition become really cheap once you get an enrolment recommendation, so I don’t need to work anymore.\\
take: thank you very much~~~\\
take: I should close soon.\\
take: I just got 5 customers today.\\
take: it is difficult to have 10 customers every single day… if things continue like this, I will not be able to earn 1 million yen\\
??: ah, wait a minute!!\\
??: are you still open?\\
take: eh… ah, yes sure.\\
???: wow, a street challenger, huh?\\
??: yeah.\\ this is a quite good physical activity.\\ do you want to try it too, chief?\\
dad: heh\\
take: d-dad~~~!?\\
dad: 500 yen huh, in that case once you have done with him, I will challenge you as well.\\
side text: the one who came to challenge him is… his father who is against all this!!?\\

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