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History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 486

Battle 486: everyone’s motivation


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 486

Some weeks ago one of you guys(or maybe it was a girl) contacted me and told me that Rimi's nickname I used, that is "Atlantis" could be wrong and it should be "Atalanta/Atalante" instead. I made my research and found this entry on wikipedia:


her profile fits. So from now on I will use for rimi's nickname the word "atalanta" pronounced as "Atalantē". if you have doubts on the pronunciation you can go here:


I will use the 5th BC attic/ 1st BC egyptian pronunciation.

Sorry for the incovenience.

proofread by ashitaka

Battle 486: everyone’s motivation\\
inserted text: I want to go on a date with kenichi too!!\\
side text: enemies appeared during the double date, and shiratori attacks first!! What will ukita do after his slow start, considering that he wants to protect kisara as well?\\
shita: ha!!\\
uki: wow!!\\
take: hyuuu\\
kaname: you are good at this, shiratori.\\
thug: you damn brat!\\
shira: fuh!!\\
shira: twim yeo pandatol ryochagi!!!\\
TLN: I’m not sure about the spelling, if you have some suggestions let me know\\
Uki: i-isn’t that’s taekwondo, just like you kisara!!?\\
Uki: shiratori, you bastard, you were a martial artist!?\\
Kisa: eh? You Didn’t know about that, ukita?\\
shira: I’m kisara-sama’s white shadow!!\\
shira: I will get rid of all the people who get in kisara-sama’s way, and all of the people who will be an hindrance in the development of her martial arts!!\\
shira: that’s why I constantly aim to become like her!!\\
take: and you resemble her.\\
take: even if there is such a difference in your physiques, that’s exactly kisara-chan’s battle style!!\\
shira: tah!!\\
uki: tha…\\
uki: that’s incredible!\\
kisa: hey shiratori, you improved once again huh, if we just consider the strength of your kicks, you are even better than me, right?\\
uki: what!?\\
james: ha ha ha.\\
james: As I should expect from my disciple ikki’s friends, you are able to fight a little!!\\
james: hey ikki, you have to do your best now, otherwise you will not be able to show your good side to these girls!\\
uki: I’m sure that this guy is takeda’s master, called shiba or something but, what’s wrong with him?\\
take: typically shiba-sensei is able to provoke the hatred of bad people without even realizing it!\\
thug: gofuh!!\\
take: I’m already accustomed to beating up all the guys who attack me without even thinking about it!\\
james: that’s a good disposition!!\\
uki: you shouldn’t be so proud! You ruined our long awaited date!\\
kisa: you chose one hell of a master, takeda.\\
kaname: heh… something like this is more appropriate for us.\\
thug: orah!!\\
kaname: hun!\\
thug: guwah!!\\
kaname: stand back ukita.\\ I won't let you be slashed again.\\
uki: eeeeh!?\\
kisa: it looks like fun, I will fight too!!\\
thug: guwa!!\\
shira: ah, they are visible, kisara-sama!\\
kisa: awaah….\\
kisa: d-don’t look!\\
kisa: anyway, stand by me, ukita.\\
uki: eh!?\\
kisa: I will protect you if I need to.\\
near uki: guwaah… Why are they so strong~~?\\
uki: uuuh…\\
uki: waah…\\
rimi: uh uh…\\
rimi: uooooh!!\\
rimi: uooooh…\\
rimi: uooooh!!\\
ogata: ha ha ha.\\
ogata: you have good muscles after all, Atalanta, you are the first person to have climbed up here after just one day of training.\\
rimi: a-are you sure?\\
rimi: rimi is obviously a genius after all… hiih hiih.\\
ogata: anyway, Atalanta-kun.\\
timi: yes?\\
ogata: why are you wearing a gym uniform?\\
rimi: eh? I was told to bring clothes which I could move in easily so…\\
rimi: I thought that it would have made kensei-sama happy.\\
above her: eheheh <3
rimi: guwaaah!!\\
kensei: she really is a disciple with good muscles, but…\\
rimi: hiiih~~~\\
rimi: I have to do it again!!?\\
rimi: uooooh….\\
rimi: oooh!!\\
rimi: faster…\\
rimi: faster!!\\
rimi: rimi must gain speed that can even surpass her's!!\\
on the plate: machino dojo\\
uki: shi!!\\
uki: shi!!\\
machi: hey what happened ukita, you have such remarkable fighting spirit today.\\
uki: machino-sensei.\\
machi: I was really disappointed when you strayed from the right path and didn’t attend the dojo for a while.\\
machi: because I sensed that you probably have the talent to go to the national tournament like me… no, even to the Olympics.\\
machi: that move that you created that other time, the one called “arashi guruma” or something, was really incredible.\\
near chikage: the one who secretly taught it to him.\\
machi: in any case there is something that shines about you, so you should not stop practicing martial arts.\\
uki: … yes.\\
guys: we are leaving, ukita-san!\\
uki: see you.\\
uki: … heh…\\
uki: something that shines… huh.\\
miu: nya <3\\
uki: hey!\\
uki: fuurinji.\\
miu: nya…\\
miu: aaah~~~\\
miu: sorry, you suddenly approached me from behind, so…\\
uki: don’t worry, just leave me here and go!!\\
uki: there is something I want to think about while I lay here.\\
miu: what!?\\
on the sign: anmitsu\\
miu: I see…\\
miu: to think that such a thing would happen on your double date…\\
miu: I never thought that shiratori would be so good~~~\\
miu: and even kenichi~~~\\
uki: he has been training himself with the determination of someone who would even throw his own life away in order to become a man who would suit you!!\\
uki: he is incredible, I’m sure that he was a normal guy like me, and yet he overcame countless trials and he is still becoming stronger and stronger!!\\
uki: but you know, the moment I bet my life on something, it will die…\\
uki: I’m sure of it, I was able to understand it in one way or another, after all…\\
uki: If only I were a man capable of protecting kisara…\\
uki: I probably don’t even have the requisites to associate with her…\\
miu: are you saying that even if…\\
miu: you love someone, you are not qualified to be with her?\\
uki: I think that you shouldn’t restrain yourself when it comes to loving someone.\\
miu: ukita-san, it is true that kenichi-san told me that he wants to become strong enough to be able protect me.\\
miu: and that made me really happy.\\
miu: and I’m sure that even if in the future kenichi-san gives up on martial arts,\\
miu: that happiness will not fade.\\
miu: well, I’m not saying complicated things, but…\\
miu: those are my honest feelings.\\
uki: thanks Fuurinji\\
rimi: I have a question, kensei-sama.\\
ogata: are you sure this is the right moment?\\
rimi: yes.\\
rimi: it is something I want to ask you before the training gets serious no matter what.\\
ogata: I see, what is it?\\
rimi: is it an impure motivation for a martial artist…\\
rimi: to aim to improve one's skills for the person they like?\\
ogata: … in the martial arts world, all humans are equal, and all possible motivations depend completely on your own free will.\\
ogata: that’s why even if your motivation is totally broken, you don’t have to feel ashamed! Thanks to those beliefs you will be able to make efforts.\\
ogata: into satsujinken!!\\
rimi: that’s great <3\\
rimi: now rimi feels relieved.\\
ogata: glad to hear that.\\
side text: there are several motivations to master martial arts. Those motivations will tightly entangle each other in the next issue!!\\

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