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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 487

Battle 487: those who have and those who have not


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 487

proofread by ashitaka

Battle 487: those who have and those who have not\\
Shi: swimsuits are… indecent.\\
Inserted text: my master belongs to the loincloth faction.\\
side text: ukita kouzou is a really unfortunate man. But even if your opponent is beautiful, noble and strong, there are times when you have to do it!!\\
uki: shiratori!!\\
uki: let’s duel to decide who will have kisara!!\\
shira: Fine by me, captain ukita.\\
shira: I will make sure whether you are a suitable man for kisara-sama or not!!\\
kisara: kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaah\\
ki: stop it you two! This is not the place for such a thing!!\\
ki: shiratori this is not your school, get out of here~~!!\\
blonde: hey what’s happening?\\
other guy: they said that they will have a duel to decide who will have kisara-senpai.\\
above kisa: haa\\
girls: kyaah, so romantic~~~<3\\
uki: kisara, I will show you my feelings!!\\
kisa: I don’t want to look at them!!\\
shira: heh, there is no man in this world that can surpass me when it comes to adoring kisara-sama!\\
kisa: d-don’t provoke him!!!\\
on the right: hyuuu hyuuu, nanjou you are so popular~~\\
kisa: ah…\\
kisa: ah~~…\\
left: ha ha ha which one do you prefer!?\\
kisa: funyaaaah!!\\
guy: it’s good to be popular!!\\
uki: stop clinging to her… look, she is probably embarrassed because of you!!\\
shira: don’t put the blame on me!!\\
miu: ukita-san…\\
miu: so he decided to act like that ~~<3\\
between her hands: triangle\\
uki: perfect, the match will be tomorrow!!\\
shira: I’m fine with it, I will decide the time and place!!\\
ken: what the hell happened between those two?\\
miu: it is a long story to explain.\\
ken: I see.\\
ken: is shiratori-san really that strong…?\\
uki: yeah, he said he became strong just to get rid of the enemies who would get in kisara’s way, and be a hindrance to her.\\
uki: he is incredible, because he was able to become that strong thanks to such a bizarre belief!!\\
uki: I always had that vague sensation that… I don’t have an incredible talent like furinji, you, sig, takeda and freya.\\
uki: and kenichi, I don’t think I have those incredible beliefs like you.\\
uki: but you know, I cannot leave things like this and give up without fighting against that shiratori bastard, there is no chance in the world!!!\\
uki: If I accept defeat against that bastard without doing anything… I will have thrown away the last special thing that I have left!! I know that for sure!!\\
ken: ukita-san I don’t completely understand that feeling, but I know what you mean!!\\
ken: do your best!! I will be rooting for you!!\\
uki: yes, thanks, kenichi!!\\
near miu: smile\\
??: but you will be defeated.\\
take: uooooh!!\\
james: stooooop!! Takeda stooooop!!\\
ken: t-takeda-san!!\\
james: fuhahahaha, he always runs at the limit, so he cannot answer you immediately.\\
uki: w-why do you think that I-I will lose, takeda’s master!!?\\
uki: it is true that shiratori is strong, but…\\
james: it is not something I think. It is the truth!!\\
uki: guh.\\
james: effort surpasses talent ~~!?\\
james: if you desire something strongly enough, you will realize it~~? Stop saying bulshit!!\\
james: I will say it clearly! There are only 2 two kinds of people in this world!!\\
james: those who have and those who have not!!\\
james: those who have normally do things better, no matter what it is,\\
uki: urgh…\\
james: those who have not normally don’t have any other choice than to swallow their tears and live a miserable life!!\\
james: and very rarely there are people who are like computer bugs, that are able to change that situation!!\\
james: those who base themselves on an extremely rare example and look at it as a simple dream will become miserable for sure!!\\
james: know your limits and embrace your nature, boy!!\\
ken: this guy will never get along with koetsuji shishou.\\
near akisame: *irritated*…\\
take: d-dai-sensei… even considering that… one should put all his efforts in that small possibility,\\ am I not here today because I had such feelings in the past!?\\
james: you fool!! you are one of those who have talent!!\\
take: ouch!!\\
shiba: and that young man called shiratori has…\\
james: haiyoh!! Your break is over!!\\
take: guuah!!\\
take: don’t lose ukita!! I will be rooting for you!!\\
ken: ukita-san…\\
uki: yeah, I know.\\
uki: but,\\
uki: I will fight anyway!\\
aki: damn shiba-chi, to think he would say such things…\\
near aki: *irritated*…\\
aki: I hope he will not have a bad influence on his disciple but…\\
saka: well, it is inevitable that they have those kinds of thoughts in normal dojos.\\
ma: that reasoning falls apart if you remove its fundamental factor, that is the “the master’s talent”.\\
ken: guwaaah~~~ kill me, I prefer to die!!!\\
box: purgatory, 28th revision.\\
aki: geez…\\
miu: akisame-san, this machine seems to be more atrocious than the normal!!\\
shi: ah,\\ you became indulgent toward kenichi since you returned from tidat… kingdom \\
miu: it is not like that!!\\
shi: ah, she became… red.\\
ken: mibu-zaaan!!\\
elder: ho ho ho\\
elder: lately he is experiencing real battles without breaks and his fighting strength is improving, but we cannot relax, our disciple is still not built like his masters want.\\
above kenichi: gyyaaah\\
miu: grandfather, it is like you are saying that you are making kenichi-san into what you want…\\
ma: she is right elder, you will ruin our reputation.\\
elder: yeah, you are right!\\
aki: if he proceeds on the route we pictured, he will not only be able to open holes into the walls that represent his limits, but to do much more.\\
ken: gaah~~~ Geronimo~~!!!\\
elder: actually we want to fill that gap before those of yami attack, in order for kenichi-kun to improve, even if only a little bit…\\
shi: yami’s silence…\\
shi: indicates that their next move will be even… bigger.\\
above ma: *stare*
ma: indeed.\\
saka: few of them remained after junazard’s death, so they are probably in trouble now.\\
elder: … hum,\\
elder: maybe even junazard’s death was one of their plots…\\
elder: ah no,\\
elder: old people needlessly worry you know, forget what I said.\\
elder: miu, you should put special effort in your training too.\\
miu: yes.\\
kisa: don’t get injured, you two.\\
kisa: haa~~\\
shira: ha!!\\
shira: let’s go captain ukita!!\\
uki: look at me kisara!!\\
miu: hurry up kenichi~~\\
miu: their fierce battle for love could have already begun~~\\
ken:sorry, I worked so hard yesterday with koetsugi sensei's "training machine" after a long time that my legs and loins are a little...\\
ken: even if I promised that I would be ukita-san’s fight witness, I’m really late~~!!\\
label near the stick: apa-stick\\
miu: geez, I will lend you a shoulder!!\\
ken: afuh <3\\
ken: let’s arrive there before the duel is concluded!!\\
side text: to push yourself to the limit in order to obtain your objective is a part of the rose-colored youth!! But it seems that their battle for love will not end so easily…!!?\\

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