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Translations: One Piece 869 by cnet128 , Gintama 640 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 152

Night 152: titos’ true identity

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 28, 2012 09:32 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 152: titos’ true identity\\
Inserted text: is titos a magi?\\
Nocle: aladdin and titos… their movements became duller after the last attack… did something happen to them?\\
Al: it cannot be…\\
Al: it cannot be…\\
al: this person is a magi as well!?\\
al: that’s impossible!\\
al: but, I also hid my real identity and came here…\\
al: could it be that this is reason why the rukh around him were moving restlessly?\\
al: the same thing happened with that person called judar-kun. When I met him I realized in an instant that he was different…\\
al: but I cannot be exposed in front of such a big crowd…\\
al: I have to continue… the fight…!!\\
moga: stop\\
moga: the fight!!\\
prof: …?\\ is something wrong, moganett-sama?\\
moga: young children…\\
moga: this fight\\
moga: is a draw.\\
moga: now we understand your real abilities.\\ titos… you are superior when it comes to techniques related to magic combination. Just like a magician with 100 or 200 years of experience…\\
moga: on the other side aladdin, you compensate for you deficiencies in magic with superior physical strength, courage and judgement than titos.\\ just like you are already accustomed to real battles even if you have such a young age.\\
moga: I will directly teach to you any time you want in my office.\\
above the two of them: wow~~!!\\
black: t-the chancellor will teach to them directly…!?\\
sfi: you did it aladdin, great job!!\\
al: wait titos-kun!!\\
al: who are you!?\\
al: if you are like me…\\
al: then why are you here?\\
al: I… want to talk with you a little…!\\
guy: oooh?\\
sfx: su…\\
guy: ah! He acknowledges his rival after the fight!\\
guy2: it seems that those two will become good friends!\\
sfx: gu\\
ti: sorry…\\
al: eh?\\
ti: if you are here… I will not be able to carry out my duty…!\\
sfi: aladdin!!?\\
girl: this is terrible… aladdin!!\\
sfi: the exam was already finished…\\
sfi: so why did titos do such a thing!!?\\
??: aladdin doesn’t wake up…\\
??: what about titos?\\
sfi: he was imprisoned for tonight…\\
sfi: the academy’s regulations forbid to fight against a fellow student without
sfi: that should be obvious…!\\
sfi: more importantly…\\
sfu: are you alright… aladdin…?\\
??: king…\\
??: king…\\
amon: king among kings, Solomon!\\
amon: now, the world is becoming one little by little. This is the result of your great deeds.\\
?: no one ever aspired to accomplish…*\\
TLN: from the way she talks she seems like a girl.\\
?: such a extraordinary and splendid dream…\\
solom: do you really believe such a thing?\\
?: yes… in this way…\\ many countries, many religions…\ and many tribes…\\
?: will be able to forget their pasts and understand each other…\\ if they will be able to surrender themselves to you, who is called great vessel…\\
solom: so the magicians…\\
solom: at the end…\\
solom: didn’t accept it\\
al: that dream again…\\
near him: ouch\\
al: people who were magician and those who weren’t hated each other,\\
al: and in the past it was beginning of everything…\\
al: if the same thing happens now, the world will end…\\
al: and I want to stop that.\\
al: I have the feeling that the key to achieve my objective… is in this country.\\
al: if he is a magi too…\\ did he come here to investigate the same thing as well?\\
al: no… I wonder if that’s the case…\\
al: I’m a different person from those three.\\
al: and not only from from those three,\\ but I’m also different from alibaba-kun, mor-san and the others…\\
al: because I’m different,\\
al: from everyone here…\\
box: prison\\
sfx: buh\\
sfx: buh\\
ti: m-my apologies…\\ someone discovered my identity and I became impatient…\\
ti: t-to think that another magi’s subordinate was here…\\ w-what should I do now…?\\
she: calm yourself.\\
she: you have to carry out your duty…\\
she: that’s why you were born in this world…\\
she: titos, you have to fight through all this…\\
she: in order to protect\\
she: the raem empire.\\
inserted text: titos was a subordinate of raem’s high priest Scheherazade…!?\\

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#1. by Aikyet ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2012
Wow. What a chapter.

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