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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Buyuden 69

chapter 69: recruiting

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 30, 2012 09:14 | Go to Buyuden

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chapter 69: recruiting\\
inserted text: isamu and moka are high school students now. Eh? …what is this awful feeling?\\
inserted text: their high school life begins but… why is moka here?\\
prof: ok, let’s finish here for the day.\\
prof: everyone, you should enjoy your high school student’s life at the fullest from now on.\\
??: stand\\
??: bow.\\
moka: hey.\\
moka: to think that we would end up in the same class. We were lucky.\\
take: what’s the meaning of this, moka… !?\\
take: you are supposed to be attending a girls exclusive combined junior high and high school, why are you here!?\\
moka: … I wonder…\\
take: don’t answer me like that!\\ hey, wait…\\
take: didn’t you become huge again since the last time I saw you?\\
moka: yeah… I grew more than 15 cm in the last 6 months.\\
moka: I’m taller than 173 cm now.\\ I think that this is more than enough and I really want to stop growing.\\ Also my body weight is not decreasing…\\
take: she is huge!\\
take: anyway, why did you come to a public school!!?\\
moka: oh well, who cares, it is fine like this.\\
kure: wow~~ she is even more cute now.\\
kure: I’m so lucky to go to the same school and the same class of that girl.\\
moka: ah, I’m in the same class with you too.\\
kure: ah… y-yes.\\
moka: I see.\\
moka: what was your name?\\
kure: I-I’m kure. Kure yuunosuke\\
moka: ah that’s right, kure-kun.\\
kure: w-well, see you.\\
moka: ah, wait a minute, kure-kun!\\
moka: did you decide to which club activities to take part to?\\
kure: eh… no, I don’t have anything particular in mind…\\
moka: in that case why don’t we go together in the courtyard?\\
moka: the clubs are recruiting people there right now.\\
kure: ah… i-in that case…\\
tooth: that fat ass is here too…\\
tooth: that's good. I will make them pay back for what they did to me that time soon!\\
4th frame: soft tennis club\\
5th frame: now recruiting, come to the track and field club!!\\
6th frame: brass band club, let’s play the harmony of youth together!!\\
moka: wow, there are so many clubs.\\
take: hey moka!\\
take: do you have any problem if I go back? I have to train at the gym.\\
take: plus there isn’t a boxing club in this school,\\ this is meaningless for me.\\
girl: are you a new student!?\\
on the board: female volley club\\
moka: ah, y-yes.\\
girl: you are so tall! What’s your height?\\
girl: I sure that if you put a little of effort in it, you will become the ace of our volley club!!\\
girl2: hey wait, you have a good physique!\\ do you want to do basketball!?\\
moka: no… sorry.\\
moka: there is another club I want to be part of.\\
take: a club you want to be part of…?\\
take: what is it, moka?\\ is there something in particular that you want to do?\\
moka: ah, it seems like this is the only corner left.\\
moka: oh well, no other choice then.\\
take: hey, what are you doing, moka!?\\
moka: you asked what club I wanted to be part of, right?\\
moka: obviously , it is the boxing club!!\\
on the paper: big recruiting for the new born boxing club!!\\
take: eeeeeh~~~!?\\
moka: I didn’t come late today because I overslept.\\
moka: but because I went to talk with the principal.\\
moka: to know what I should do to create a new club…\\
moka: and the answer was simpler than I expected.\\
moka: he said that he would consider it if I’m able to find more than 5 club members…\\
take: r-really!?\\
moka: yeah.\\
take: … c-could it be that…\\
take: you came to this school…?\\
take: for my sake, because I wanted to practice high school boxing …!!?\\
moka: yup, that’s why right now the boxing club is recruiting new members…\\
moka: hey young man, what about joining us?\\ let’s create the boxing club together.\\
take: yeah…\\ let’s create it and gather 5 people!!\\
take: anyway, we are already in 3!\\
take: two people left. Perfect I’m eager to find the other 2!!\\
kure: s-stop joking!\\
kure: I don’t have any interest in boxing…!\\ hahaha.\\
guy: ouch!\\
kure: ah… s-sorry…!!\\
on the board: come!! Judo club\\
guy: hey what’s wrong?\\
guy2: nothing, this guy stepped on my feet\\
guy: really?\\
guy: that’s not good.\\
guy2: ah that’s right, we will not forgive you unless you enter into the judo club.\\
kure: i-impossible…\\
guy: it’s your choice, you can enter in the judo club or pay the money for my feet’s medical treatment.\\
kure: whaaaat~~\\
guy: hey, what will you do?\\
kure: n-no…\\ I… I…\\I…\\
kure: I’m already a member of the boxing club!!\\
kure: eh… what the hell am I saying!!?\\
take: did you hear that?\\
moka: yup.\\
black: what?\\
black: that fat ass and that boxing bastard are attending the keyakidai?\\
teeth: yes, and they are in my same class.\\ if things continue like this and they continue to have everything in their way, I will ditch school.\\
teeth: do something, tetsu, come on!\\
teeth: you can even use underneath tactics , I don’t care!\\
tetsu: sorry, but I will pass.\\
teeth: eh…?\\
teeth: w-why!?\\
tetsu: that guy is stronger than me.\\ If we pointlessly involve ourselves with him further, nothing good will come from it.\\ leave him be.\\
teeth: t-tetsu!!\\
tetsu: if you want to do something about them no matter what, then ask to asuma-senpai.\\
tetsu: no one is able to win against him easily.\\
take: join our club, please.\\
moka: here!\\
on the pamphlet: new opening! The boxing club is recruiting new members!\\
sick guy;: heh.\\
inserted text: a dangerous shadow is moving behind the scenes… who is the world is this guy?\\

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