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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 153

Night 153: mission

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 4, 2012 09:06 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 153: mission\\
Colour page:
Rukh!! World!! Give the light to this boy!!!\\
inserted text: they meet again, but?\\
al: I wonder what is wrong with titos-kun… He suddenly came to visit me in the middle of the night…\\
ti: I have to talk with you.\\
al: … I wonder if it is all right that he came here after he left the “imprisonment”…\\
ti: your injuries…\\
al: eh?\\
ti: are you injuries… alright now? I heard that a restoration magic magician healed you, but…\\
al: ah… yes!\\ I’m healing thanks to that. Yes, I’m alright now.\\
ti: I attacked you…\\
ti: not during a duel between fellow magicians…\\ but when you were not putting any resistance…\\
ti: I’m really…\\
ti: sorry.\\
al: don’t worry, it’s alright!\\
al: didn’t he come here…\\
al: to talk about “that thing”…?\\
al: is he a magi too!?\\
ti: yunan…\\
al: eh!?\\
ti: or judar from the kou empire…\\
ti: you are the subordinate of one of them, right?\\
TLN: here is literally “to which one you are the subordinate?” but it sounded funny in English\\
Al: subordinate?\\
Ti: I’m…\\
Ti: a magician who received a secret mission…\\
Ti: from the raem empire’s magi, Scheherazade-sama.\\
al: whaaaat!?\\
al: so you are not a magi yourself!?\\
ti: no…\\
ti: I’m not Scheherazade-sama. I cannot say that I’m totally unrelated to her, but… I’m just a magician.\\
al: I see… so he wasn’t a magi, huh…\\
al: I’m a little disappointed…\\
ti: and this is the proof.\\
ti: with this stones I’m connected with the magi of my homeland, and I can talk with her.\\
al: so it was only something that looked like the “rukh’s eye”, huh…\\
al: It seems like I jumped to the wrong conclusions.\\
ti: hey!\\
ti: you are like me right!?\\
al: eh!?\\ h-hum…\\
al: what should I do…\\
al: should I deceive him?\\
ti: I…\\
ti: Think that it is a good thing…\\
ti: that you are the same as me…\\
ti: to be honest, I felt a little of anxiety…\\
ti: I received an extremely important mission in order to protect the raem empire and came alone to this country.\\
ti: I didn’t even know how to behave… and it is not like I can ask someone about those things…\\
ti: and at that time, when you revealed yourself, I thought this.\\
ti: “what if he is someone like me, who acts under the command of some other magi”… that’s why…\\
ti: I beg you to tell me,\\
ti: who you are!!\\
al: ok… that’s fine!\\
al: I’m…\\ a magi.\\
ti: eh?\\
al: as a magi, I came to this country to investigate about some ominous weapons that they are probably creating here and about the relations between those who are magicians and those who aren’t in this country…\\
al: no magi is commanding me, I’m a magi myself!\\ is this enough for you?\\
ti: … impossible!\\
ti: you don’t have the rukh’s divine protection!\\
al: yeah, that happens because of these magic tools on my arms!\\
ti: … in other words it is like this, right?\\
ti: you are the 4th magi who should not exit in this world… and now you are working for the sindria kingdom.\\
al: yeah.\\ but it is not like I’m working for them…\\
ti: heh, Sinbad… that impudent man from that emergent nation, huh.\\
al: ? do you know him?\\
ti: yeah!\\
ti: I heard about him from Scheherazade-sama.\\ she also said that recently she often receives letters from him…\\
ti: and the content of those letters is…\\
ti: something like\\
ti: an “alliance between sindria and the raem empire”.\\
al: Sinbad… so you were thinking about something like that!?\\
sin: would you like to go to the raem empire? As sindria kingdom’s magi, I mean\\
ti: in any case…\\
ti: it is difficult to believe that you are a magi, but…\\ at least I can say that you are different from me…\\
al: …\\ t-titos-kun…\\
ti: … oh well at least,\\
ti: don’t get in the way with my mission.\\
ti: I came here in order to investigate about the abnormalities happening in this country as well. Abnormalities that could jeopardize the raem empire.\\
ti: it seems that the contents of our missions resemble each other, that’s why…\\ you should not commit any mistakes and should not get in the way with my duty. See you.\\
al: ah!\\
al: wait! Titos-kun!\\
al: I also felt like you!\\
al: I never talked with someone who is in the same situation as me until now…\\
al: and probably it is the same thing for you …\\
al: and I was really happy that there was the possibility that we could get along well!\\
al: it seems that we are not exactly in the same situation… but if the things we want to do are the same,\\
al: we should help each other as much as we can! What about that?\\
ti: … heh.\\
al: titos-kun…\\
al: maybe… he wouldn’t agree so easily…\\
box: and then the next day…\\
box: those who advanced to the second year and obtained the “second level of citizenship”,\\
box: were allowed to enter to different areas where their entry was forbidden until that moment.\\
box: Aladdin was promptly invited by sfintos\
box: to visit the town area outside the academy, but…\\
ti: hello…\\
ti: sorry to keep you waiting, aladdin.\\
ti: ok let’s go.\\
sfi: hey wait a minute.\\
sfi: why are you here too?\\
ti: …?\\ if I remember well you are aladdin’s attendant, right…?\\
sfi: I’m not his attendant!!!\\
ti: you shouldn’t get in our way.\\
ti: aladdin and I promised to help each other from today onward and to complete an important mission together.\\
sfi: is that right, aladdin!?\\
al: y-yes.\\
near al: more or less…\\
sfi: wait, what the hell is this important mission!?\\
ti: that’s… to investigate as a magi, the abnormalities…\\
al: ah, ah---- ah---- ah----------\\
ti: let’s do our best…\\
ti: for our respective masters and respective motherlands!! Right, aladdin!!\\
al: y-yeah!\\
al: I wonder if he is a friendly person after all…\\
near al: is he alright…?\\
sfi: hey aladdin, who are these “masters”!?\\
al: this is the proof of second level citizenship… we should be able to pass through the gate if we bring this with us…\\
al: when I came to this town for the first time, I passed through this gate as well…\\
al: there are several barriers around this country, I didn’t try to pass through them by force, but I will be finally able to look…\\
al: at the everyday life of magnoshtatt people who do not use magic!!\\
al: wow!!\\
al: it is a city!!!\\
al: incredible!\\
al: so lively!\\
ti: look aladdin!! There is a magic tool there!!\\
al: eh!?\\
al: you are right. Could it be that they use it to distribute the water around town?\\
ti: look aladdin! That’s cultivated land!\\
al: you are right…\\
sfi: eh? What’s that?\\
al: eh?\\
al: purple rukh light…?\\
al: the “magic of life” is being activated…?\\
al: they are producing agricultural crops…\\ with magic tools…!\\
al: this is the first time I see producing food by using magic tools.\\
sfi: me too.\\
al: I’m sure that they are doing a lot of other things in this town by using magic…\\
al: but, why did they create a town so full of magic tools?\\
sfi: well, probably because it is convenient. For example…\\
sfi: there aren’t people who look like slaves in this town!\\
sfi: in my country, works like carrying water or cultivating land are all performed by slaves, you know?\\
sfi: and here all those works are performed by magic tools, right? that’s a good thing.\\
al: so it means that thanks to magic tools people like mor-san are not born in this country…?\\
al: it is true that… this place looks like a good country, but…\\
ti: heheh… but I suppose that,\\
ti: this is not the whole story behind this country.\\
ti: the only ones who know about everything are probably…\\
ti: those belonging to the privileged class of the “first level of citizenship”!\\
al: hey, what is this “level of citizenship”?\\
sfi: you were sleeping last night when they explained it to us… so I will tell you.\\
sfi: they told us that magnoshtatt citizens are divided into 5 different classes,\\
sfi: and according to those classes, the places where you can enter, the place where you live and even who you can marry or how many children you can have are severely restricted.\\
al: why do they do such a thing…!?\\
sfi: who knows… but the principle to divide people into those classes is…\\
sfi: if they are born\\
sfi: into a magician family or not!\\
??: magnoshtatt is a country in which magician discriminate normal peoples…\\
al: this really worries me!\\
al: I have the feeling that there is something wrong in that “level of citizenship” system…\\
al: I have to investigate more accurately…\\
al: hey titos-kun!!\\
ti: aaah!? Look!! Aladdin!!\\
ti: it is a cat!! There is a cat here!?\\
cat: nyaah!!\\
cat: nyaaah!!\\
ti: it is saying nyah! It is saying nyah!?\\
sfi: that’s a totally normal thing! You are making too much ruckus about it!\\
al: is he really alright?\\
inserted text: what kind of person is he!!?\\

TLN: mark my words, titos was created by Scheherazade by using herself as model, they even share the same mole under the left eye.

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#1. by SubliminalInsanity ()
Posted on Sep 4, 2012
Thanks for the translations. ^ w ^

Hey that's exactly what I said. XD Although I'm under the impression Titos could also be Scheherazade's child too, given the fact that she has lived for quite a long time and may have had a relationship.

We're not given the impression that Magi's are beings who can't produce or anything, so I'm holding on to the possibility that they can have offspring. ^^

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