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Buyuden 70

Chapter 70: delinquent

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 6, 2012 08:25 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 70: delinquent\\
inserted text: who is this man with such an evil look in his eyes and who wears their same school uniform…?\\
side text: there is a bad atmosphere behind the school’s building…\\
thug: what?\\ what the hell do you want?\\
teeth: h-hum… I’m a new student of this school. My name is minato…\\
mina: they told me that around here I could meet someone called azuma of the second year…\\
mina: in my class there are certain cheeky guys…\\
mina: and I would like azuma-san to deal with them for me.\\
thug: if you are looking for azuma-san, he will not come today.\\
mina: ah…\\ I-I see…\\
thug: do you want to become one of our underlings?\\
mina: u-underlings!?\\
thug2: if you want to become an underling of the azuma club, you have to pay us 10000 yen every month.\\
thug2: and if you don’t, it’s better if you dye your hair and disappear\\ otherwise we don’t know what will happen to you.\\
thug: what will you do? If you join to the azuma club we will tell him about your problem too.\\
thug: if you don’t, you will just pass the next three years of your life in fear.\\
mina: … I-I don’t want that kind of life…\\
mina: 10000 yen… if I’m able to take those money from kure, then…\\
mina: I-I understand…\\ I-I will bring the money, so let me join to the azuma club as well…!\\
thug: oh, it seems that you have a brain after all, buck teeth.\\
on the pamphlet: new opening! The boxing club is recruiting new members! Let’s live our youth on the ring! Come to ask to kaname moka of the 1st A\\
moka: no one is coming…\\
moka: not even the leaflets I made and distributed with such an high spirit worked.\\
take: there are few guys who would practice boxing after all…\\
kure: you are right. a normal person would never want to hit other people.\\ sorry but I will go home earlier.\\
take: eh…? Ah, wait kure!\\
take: what’s wrong with that guy~~~?\\
moka: take-kun.\\
moka: maybe kure-kun is right, normal people are not cut for this.\\
moka: if we have to invite someone, we should invite those who are interested in hitting others.\\
take: eh?\\
moka: in other words delinquents!\\
moka: I’m sure that they will not refuse.\\ let’s try to talk with them!!\\
take: whaaat!?\\
kure: ah~~ I’m so glad.\\ if they really formed the boxing club, then I would be forced to participate.\\
kure: moka-chan is cute, but…\\
kure: take-kun will be there too, so I will never have any chances.\\
mina: ah, kure.\\
mina: something came up.\\
mina: lend me some money.\\
kure: what…?\\
mina: 10000 yen should be fine.\\
mina: you did that often when we were kids.\\
kure: I-I don’t have all that money…!!\\
kure: and you didn’t give me back even one single yen of those I lent you…\\
mina: what!?\\
kure: ah.\\
kure: m-my glasses…\\
mina: you bastard, you learnt to talk back in a really cheeky way!\\
mina: I will not repeat myself! Bring 10000 yen tomorrow!\\ otherwise I will make you see hell again.\\
mina: do you understand me!?\\
sick guy: hey wait\\
sick guy: are you the one who threw this glasses toward me?\\
mina: eh? So what?\\
moka: delinquents are probably near here somewhere.\\
take: probably they went home already.\\
take: anyway, are you serious about this, moka?\\ boxing is not just a brawl, to practice it with that kind of guys would be…\\
kure: a-are you alright, minato-kun!?\\
mina: s-shut up, it was nothing\\
kure: but you have such awful wounds…\\ i-it is better if we call a teacher…\\
mina: I told you to leave me alone!\\
mina: you are probably thinking that it serves me right.\\ don’t try to behave like a good person!!\\
take: hey what happened, kure!?\\
kure: nothing… there was a small quarrel…\\
kure: I-I didn’t do anything…!!\\
take: I have already understood that.\\
take: someone beat him into a pulp, right!?\\
kure: i-it was someone with brown dyed hair and with a mask, but…\\
kure: anyway he was really strong, and I was afraid…\\ I thought that he would have killed minato-kun…\\
take: where did that guy go!?\\
kure: eh… I think that he was just going back home, but…\\
sfx: pant\\pant\\
moka: could he be the guy!?\\
sick guy: what?\\
moka: do you have a minute?\\
moka: we are those people who want to start a boxing club\\
moka: we were distributing these leaflets this morning, did you see them?\\
take: wait a minute.\\
take: you are the one who beat up the buck teeth just a little while ago, right?\\
take: I don’t know the details, but you seem like someone who has confidence in his skills!\\
take: if you have energy to spare, what about joining the boxing club?\\
take: not only it is fun, but you could become even stronger!!\\
sick guy: get lost.\\
take: wah!!\\
take: hey that was dangerous!\\
take: don’t do that so suddenly!!\\
sick guy: don’t try to talk with me ever again!\\
take: look, I told you that they are all like him.\\
take: they are savages.\\
moka: eh?\\
moka: it is a student ID.\\
take: did he drop it?\\
moka: we should go after him.\\
take: it is alright, just leave it there.\\
take: he was the one who told us to not talk with him ever again.\\
moka: t-take-kun!!\\
moka: this…!!\\
moka: look at this!!\\
take: what?\\
on the id(first underlined line): watari harumi\\
take: wa…\\
take: watari~~~~!?\\
side text: watari who trained with then became a delinquent!!? Why!?\\

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