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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 489

Battle 489: the karma of martial arts


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 489

Battle 489: the karma of martial arts*\\
TLN: literally “the cycle/wheel of karma of martial arts”
inserted text: sea? Pool? I never said that I didn’t want to go there!!\\
side text: in order to protect kisara, ukita throws himself without second thoughts against the killer whose ultimate objective is shiba. An headlong dive!\\
uki: ooooooh…\\
kisa: ukitaaaaaa!!\\
ken: uwaaaah… ukita-saaaaan!\\
take: shi!\\
take: shi!\\
take: ukita!!\\
take: … maybe it was just my imagination…\\
take: eh? By the way\\ where is shiba-daisensei?\\
shiba: I told all those things to you, and yet…\\
shiba: you do such unreasonable things…\\
shiba: for “someone who have not”!!\\
shiba: in martial arts you lose everything if you make even one single mistake…\\
shiba: heh… but…\\
shiba: to think that you would do such a thing…\\
shiba: just like it should be expected by my disciple takeda ikki’s best friend!!\\
aki: hum…\\
aki: he simply lost consciousness. He has bruises all over his body… but those are just injuries inflicted by kicks.\\
kisa: I see.\\
ken: that’s great.\\
shira: the kicks were my fault.\\
shiba: eh? He wasn’t moving, so I thought that he broke his neck bone or something.\\
shiba: I’m more specialized in destruction, that’s why I never had interest in medicine~~~\\
aki: ha ha ha, however I have a better opinion of you now.\\
shiba: what?\\
aki: to think that the shiba-chi I know would be considerate toward other people and help them.\\
aki: you should hold those feeling dearly!!\\
shiba: what? They were attacked by my enemy and also his objective was to lure me out!\\
shiba: and this originally happened because I instigated those ruffians against these kids after casually meeting them in the city, just to have fun.\\
take: I’m so sorry, koetsuji-sensei!! My daisensei gave you so much troubles!!\\
shiba: fuhahaha! It’s all my fault and I get praised instead of being blamed.\\
aki: shibaaaa!!!\\
shiba: fuahahaha!!\\
aki: wait, shiba!!\\
aki: to expose these children to such a danger without any reason…\\
aki: for today you will not get away from here with only a small punishment!\\
ken: kouetsuji-shishou always becomes emotional when he deals that guy…\\
take: uooh, so fast!!\\
shiba: eh?\\
miu: ah!\\
shiba: *stare*\\
miu: ah, please enjoy your tea.\\
shiba: you began to release your ki…\\
miu: eh?\\
shiba: and those guys from ryouzanpaku, even if they are aware of that, they left that alone…\\
take: shiba-daisensei, w-we should go home soon!!\\
shiba: there’s no need to tell me that, just give me the time to drink tea in this filthy dojo!!\\
aki: I caught up with you, shiba-chi\\
shiba: this statue took a lot of your time, right? You devoted yourself to define all the details but if someone strikes it, it will be reduced in very small pieces.\\
box: thousand-armed grappling Buddha, “momimomi”\\
aki: …\\ It took me a month to make it…\\
take: uuuh…\\
ken: incredible, he is able to complete with kouetsuji-shishou on equal ground…\\
shiba: do you dare to make your disciple go forward on this path full of hardships?\\ the same thing is valid for that girl, but…\\
shiba: to involve your disciple in “the karma of martial arts”… If you want my opinion, that’s the most sinful act that a master can do!!\\
shiba: you shouldn’t plant irresponsible dreams in people “who have not”.\\
ken: I was the one who chose that path.\\
ken: I want to go get closer to the world of the people important to me, even if for a little bit…\\
ken: this is the path I chose.\\
shiba: heh,\\
shiba: I’m fed up with these immature kids.\\
shiba: toh!\\
ken: ah, he broke one arm!!\\
aki: shiba~~~\\
on the plate: indoor pool\\
shira: it is my utter defeat.\\
take: well it happened because even if ukita looks like that, he is an earnest person, you know\\
shira: anyway now that captain ukita is not with us, It makes me a little shy to be in this pool without him.\\
shira: well, he just fell from a building after all.\\
take: his feelings for kisara-chan are not something frivolous.\\ would you at least acknowledge that?\\
shira: I became…\\
shira: a little envious of kisara-sama.\\
kisa: shiratori~~~ ukita!! Come on, join us~~\\
shira: ha!\\
shira: if it is kisara-sama’s order then…\\
ukita: a… womaaaaan!?\\
ukita: shiratori, you were a woman!?\\
shira: ah?\\
kaname: that’s obvious, everyone knows that already.\\
kisa: here we go again, airhead takeda strikes back.\\
take: eh~~~~ eh~~~ I… I see, was I the only one who thought that you were a guy?\\
shira: well, I never pretended to be a guy…\\
take: I see, so that’s how it was. But ukita thought that she was a guy too. That’s why he was burning with rivalry toward her.\\
over takeda: takeda’s brain reached its limit\\
shira: captain takeda…\\
shira: captain takeda, n-next time could you tell me something about captain u-ukita? Y-you know, the food he likes or something like that.\\
box: something strange appeared!\\
takeda: c-could it be that this woman likes…\\
kisa: ah, shiratori your breasts got bigger again!\\
shira: k-kisara-sama not that again!!\\
kaname: ah, she is right.\\
take: hey ukita, did you notice that shiratori is a girl?\\
uki: takeda… this is not the first time you don’t make any sense when you talk, but…\\
uki: stop talking about him!!\plus something like that is impossible, geez!!\\
miu: I was sure he knew it\\
ken: eeeh!!?\\ I didn’t know that either!!\\
side text: as a result, ukita became even more popular. Next issue, yomi finally begins to move!!\\

TLN: but, Why? Takeda is much more cool!!\\

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