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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 154

Night 154: cooperation

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 9, 2012 04:34 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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reserved for sense-scans

Night 154: cooperation\\
inserted text: sfintos is in high spirit, but?\\
merchant: magician-sama! This also suits you!!\\
sfi: I see, I see.\\
merchant: this is splendid, magician-sama! Your are in such a good mood!\\
sfi: wahaha, there’s no need to hold back!!\\
sfi: well… this is a great country!!\\ They pamper you like royalty just because you are a magician!!\\
al: yeah…\\
al: but don’t you think that people are a little too obsequious toward magicians…?\\
al: isn’t that a little strange… what do you think titos-kun!?\\
ti: aaah!! Look aladdin!!\\
ti: there is a baby here!! A baby!!\\
baby: ogyaaah!!\\
al: titos-kun are you really so interested in just looking at the city!?\\
ti: yeah!!\\
ti: this is a baby.\\
ti: this is a mother.\\
ti: this is a cat.\\
ti: a store.\\
ti: the people who talk\\
ti: the smell of food…\\
ti: so this is… how people live their life…\\
ti: …it is splendid!!\\
al: … yeah…\\
al: is he moved by such ordinary things?\\
sfi: this is the “4th level authorization district” huh…\\
al: at the beginning we went to the 3rd level, so what remains is only the 5th level.\\
al: excuse me, mister, where is the “5th level authorization district”?\\
man: eh? 5th level?\\
near them: buh\\haha\\
man: magician-sama… in that district there are only garbage and outcasts.\\
man: it is better if you don’t go in such a place!\\
al: “garbage”…\\
al: “and outcasts”…!?\\
box: that evening in the academy’s dormitory\\
sfi: at the end you weren’t able to get more information about the “level of citizenship” than the one provided by the explanation you missed that evening when you were sleeping.\\
1st level of citizenship: all the high level magician under the magnoshtatt academy’s chancellor\\
2nd level of citizenship: it is extended to all the magnoshtatt academy’s second year students and above and to all the magicians who have the magnoshtatt nationality\\
3nd level of citizenship: it is extended to all the gois* who have both their parents as magicians, to all the gois who have some particular technical skills, to those belonging to the army or working for the government\\
TLN: the term “goi” was introduced in chapter 145 and means “poor magician”
4th level of citizenship: all the goi citizens of magnoshtatt\\
5th level of citizenship: the goi citizens of magnoshtatt who are not able to pay the tax liability\\
al: tax liability?\\
al: excuse me, professor!\\
al: I want to try to go to “5th level authorization district” but, where is it located?\\
nocle: I cannot disclose such information to students\\ until they don’t complete the required “ideology reformation” course.\\
TLN: hum… brainwash incoming\\
Al: “ideology reformation”??\\
Al: today nothing ominous happened in the city, but… the behaviour of the people there worried me…\\
man: eh? 5th level? In that district there are only garbage and outcasts.\\
al: I’m sure that the key… is in the “5th level authorization district”!\\
sfi: anyway we don’t have to go there today, right?\\ let’s just eat and then go to sleep.\\
al: y-yeah… you are right.\\
ti: ----- and then…\\ that’s….\\
ti: so…\\
ti: I saw a lot of things today… I saw how the world was shining and sparkling…\\
ti: I’m really grateful to you Scheherazade-sama… because you gave me this mission in such a splendid world!\\
sche: … what about the things you had to do…?\\
ti: eh?\\
sche: were those the only things you did…?\\
sche: don’t get distracted by superfluous matters, \\ and accomplish your mission as soon as possible.\\
sche: because you exist for that purpose…\\
ti: yes,\\ Scheherazade-sama.\\
box: aladdin and sfintos’ room\\
sfi: yeah… mumble mumble I will do my best, father…\\
al: w-what!?\\
al: titos-kun!? Why are you here so late in the night!?\\
ti: the “5th level authorization district”…\\
ti: let’s go there!\\
al: eeeeh!?\\
al: you want to go there now!?\\
sfi: why do I have to go there too…?\\
near sfi: he was involved\\
sfi: hey little lord… you are an idiot, this is be the “1st level authorization district”…\\
ti: you are the idiot here, sfindull\\
ti: what!?\\
ti: we still don’t know where the “5th level authorization district” is, right? that’s why we have to investigate on its location first, Inside of the academy’s “1st level authorization district” ’s reference room.\\
box: “1st level authorization district”\ there are the academy’s central facilities and the living quarters of the high level magicians here.\\
sfi: ha! It is not like we can enter … only high level magicians can enter in the “1st level authorization district”! … right?\\
ti: that’s why we will become high level magicians…\\
sfi: eh?\\
ti: by using my light bending magic!\\
sfi: I don’t want this~~~ it’s trespassing…! If we are expelled from the academy I will not be able to face my parents in Eliohaphut anymore…\\
ti: shut up, sfintos. Otherwise the guards at the gates will get suspicions!\\
guard: *smile*\\
guard: welcome!\\
ti: wait!!\\
ti: … there is a barrier here…\\
guard: high level magician-sama?\\
guard: if you have the “first class barrier pass” you should be able to go through there as you always do. Now, hurry up.\\
sfi: “first class barrier pass”!?\\
sfi: w-where is it!?\\
guard: is something wrong, high level magician-sama?\\
sfi: w-we cannot go through… a pass? What is he talking about?\\
ti: I doesn’t matter, we don’t have such a thing anyway. Because we are just shams…\\
mage: oooh! Mayaz! What are you doing here so late at the night?\\
mage: eh…? This is strange, mayaz was together with me until just a moment ago…?\\
ti: geh, a real high level magician!!\\
guard: …? What do you mean?\\
ti: they will found us out… this is the end…!\\
sfi: I don’t have any other choice!!\\
sfi: yoah reg(rest aroma)!!\\
ti: t-they are sleeping!?\\
ti: is this hypnosis…?\\ mind control…? It should be a special high level magic among the 8 types but… what is it…!?\\
sfi: you are wrong, it is just healing magic.\\
ti: h-healing magic!?\\
sfi: but this magic only affects certain parts… minuscule internal organs of the body that are destroyed even when people spend their life in a normal way\\ in order words, it is just a basic healing magic that cures fatigue. When you cast it, it induces a strong sleep state…\\
al: you are incredible, sfintos-kun, just like a doctor!\\
sfi: well, I’m a magician specialized in healing magic after all…\\
ti: hey, let’s press onward!\\
al: press onward… how?\\
guard: hey wake up, you shift is finished…\\
guard: you were dozing off, man.\\
guard2: what? Where are… those high level magicians-sama…\\??\\
guard: you were half asleep.\\
al: so the teachers’ personal silver accessories were the “first class barrier pass” huh.\\
ti: let’s borrow it for a while. In that way we will be able to move freely in this place.\\
sfi: what should we do about this old man? My magic should hold for 5~6 hours but…\\
al: I’m sorry, teacher\\
ti: in that case, leave him sleeping somewhere… in the meantime we will settle everything!\\
box: reference room\\
al: I found it… the “blueprints of the academy city”…\\
al: from above…\\ 4th \\3rd \\2nd \\1st level authorization district…\\
sfi: is the 5th level not there?\\
ti: then where is it…?\\
ti: this is a document about the population.\\ the total population of the magnoshtatt academy city amounts to 300000 individuals…\\
sfi: 300000…?\\
al: is that a lot or not too much, sfintos-kun?\\
sfi: … that’s a lot…\\
sfi: it is about a fifth of raem city’s population, but it is still a lot of people. however…\\
sfi: in the streets we saw this afternoon, it didn’t seem that there were so many people living there…\\
sfi: what… is the meaning of this…?\\
ti: hey… look at this…!!\\
sfi: “classification of the population according to the levels”…?\\
sfi: 1st level of citizenship around 500 people…\\ 2nd level of citizenship around 3000 people…\3rd level of citizenship around 20000 people…\\4th level of citizenship around 80000 people…\\5th level of citizenship…\\
sfi: 5th… level of citizenship… 200000… people\\
ti: 200000…!?\\ more than two thirds of the population is part of the 5th level of citizenship!\\
ti why…\\
ti: did they quarantine such a great number of individuals… and where are they living in this city…!?\\
inserted text: what is magnoshtatt’s secret…!? And in the next issue the xxx-tion* will be announced\\
TLN: the character here are omitted except for the last one “化” that mean “action of making something in something else”, for example to make a manga in an anime is written アニメ(anime)化. I don’t know if it refers just to the anime or something else.

TLN: I think they are using the rukh of all those people to supply of magoi the magic items around the city…\\

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#1. by SubliminalInsanity ()
Posted on Sep 11, 2012
Oh wow, you're right. Kind of like how people were used in FMA for creating the Philosopher's Stone.

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