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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 155

Night 155: the “5th level authorization district”

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 17, 2012 07:04 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Reserved for sense-scans

I decided, together with sense's quality checker, to change the names of "sfintos" and "titos" into "sphintus" and "titus" because they are more correct for various reasons.

Night 155: the “5th level authorization district”\\
TLN: it seems like the official magi guide book will be released on 29th September\\
inserted text: on which path will these 3 magician go forward?\\
side text: the three of them sneaked into the 5th level authorization district. What expects them in that place…!?\\
al: the 5th level authorization district should be ahead…\\
sph: yeah…\\
al: we found the documents about its location and its entrance relatively easily.\\
sph: yeah. The professor also said that they would tell us anyway at the right time. It seems that the 5th level authorization district isn’t such a high classified information after all.\\
al: but…\\
sph: I still cannot believe it…\\
sph: do they really make 200000 people live in that place? And for what reason…?\\
ti: we will know about it once we see the place.\\
ti: with our own eyes.\\
sph: we are outside!!\\
sph: so they really…\\
sph: built a city underground…!!!\\
sph: by just standing here we will not understand well how things really are. Let’s go to see the city.\\
al: for the time being, it’s better if we disguise ourselves by using titus’ light magic.\\
ti: you are right…\\
prostitute: hey look~~ the distinguished magician-sama came to this place…\\
al: this city… seems…\\
ti:?\\ isn’t this just a normal city?\\
sph: you are wrong… I don’t know how to say it, but this place gives me an odd feeling…\\
al: eh?\\ what’s happening…?\\
ti: t-the light magic disguise is dissolving…\\ why!?\\
sph: hey! You useless little lord! Did you cast the light magic correctly!?\\
ti: y-yes!! Why is this happening…!?\\
ti: the light curtain is dissolving…\\
ti: and it’s not just that… little by little the magoi is coming out from our bodies… what the…!?\\
al: hey… look at them well!!\\
ti: what!!?\\
ti: the magoi is leaking out from the people around the city as well…\\
ti: what… is the meaning of this!?\\
al: hey! Are you alright!?\\
sph: I will examine her.\\
al: please!\\
sph: … the magoi is coming out from her as well…. Plus she is running out of it. Will she die…!?\\
child: h…\\
child: help me…\\
sph: even if I can heal wounds with healing magic, I cannot increase her magoi!!\\
al: what should we do… does anyone here… know this girl!?\\
al: …!? No one intends to help her…? Why…?\\
ti: move, I will do it!\\
ti: when we were covered with the light curtain, our magic wasn’t stolen.\\
ti: by following the same principle, I will protect your body with a curtain made of magic.\\
child: thank you… mister…\\
near her: *smile*\\
ti: no worries…\\
ti: anyway, sphintus, you were really useless there!\\
near ti: even if you said “I will examine her”…\\
sph: shut up!!\\
al: calm down…\\
near ti: what? is this all you have got?\\
??: I cannot believe it… a magician is helping someone from the 5th district…!\\
al: do you live here alone?\\ is here anyone of your family?\\
child: no.\\
child: my mother died a little while ago.\\
child: they took too much of her “magoi” while she was sick and then she died…\\
al: what is this city?\\ I never saw a city where the magoi leaks out from the people…\\
old man: …\\ could it be that you don’t know about this…?\\
old man: magician-sama this… 5th level authorization district is…\\
old man: something similar to a magoi production facility.\\
al: magoi…\\
al: production facility?\\
old man: yes. Just by staying in this city you get tired…\\
old man: it seems that they absorb that thing called “magoi” from you.\\
old man: and then the gathered magoi goes to the surface…\\
old man: and it is used as power source for the magic items created for the everyday life of the people in the 4th district and above.\\
al: … what?\\
sph: impossible, are you telling us…\\
sph: that they are forcing you to live here just for that reason?\\
sph: and you… are you ok with that?\\
??: yeah, it’s fine!\\
blonde: this is the best place where one can live!\\
blonde: you don’t have to work, and you can get food for free from the government. Plus you can get alcohol, women and medicines as much as you like!\\
blonde: those on the surface, from the 4th district and above who are putting such an effort in their life seem more like the idiots here.\\
soh: d-do you really believe that?\\
old man: stop!\\
old man: magician-sama… it seems that you don’t know about it, but this is this country’s…\\
old man: and I fear even others countries’, once the magic items will spread…\\ divine providence.\\
al: providence?\\
old man: people like us, who are nothing more than peasants who are only able to cultivate their farms, don’t have a job anymore. Because the magic items are more efficient than us when it comes to perform such a task.\\
old man: even people who failed at their business and couldn’t pay taxes were thrown here…\\
old man: the humans who can have pride… and live a good life are the doctors, the scholars… and the magicians…\\ only those who have abilities…\\
old man: we don’t have such abilities, so we are worthless humans.\\
old man: plus… those who are born here have a frail body and cannot live long.\\
old man: that child… malga…\\ you helped her, but in any case she will not live more than another 1or 2 years…\\
sph: what the hell!!?\\
sph: hey! Titus, say something! Why eere you silent for the whole time!?\\
al: … titus-kun…?\\
sph: eh?\\ titus said that we will go after he casts a little more of magic on her?\\
al: yes…\\
ti: malga, do you like books?\\
mal: yeah, but I don’t understand them.\\
mal: to be honest I don’t know the characters.\\
mal: today I went to learn them from someone who is able to read, but I collapsed on my way back.\\
mal: I want to study. My mother said that if I become a scholar or a doctor, maybe I would be able to go to the world outside…\\
ti: and what will you want to do once you will go in the world outside?\\
mal: hum…\\
mal: …. Heheh,\\
mal: you know…\\
mal: I only know what my mother told me, but…\\
mal: I want to see a city with the sky …\\
mal: with dogs and cats …\\
mal: and shops aligned…\\
mal: I just want to see a normal city!\\
ti: I see…\\
ti: … that’s good.\\
inserted text: what is titus thinking…!? (Next issue we will be on a break. Our apologies…)\\

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