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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 491

Battle 491: ryouzanpaku’s full mobilization


-> RTS Page for History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 491

Battle 491: ryouzanpaku’s full mobilization\\
inserted text: do your best kitty! Just a little more!!\\
inserted text: the disciple’s shouts as usual resound in ryouzanpaku…\\
ken: ha!!\\
ma: no it’s not good, at the beginning you must perform a large movement, and then little by little, smaller ones.\\
miu: let me join.\\
miu: my grandfather told me to train with you for a little.\\
ken: that’s great, even a painful training becomes like heaven when miu-san trains with me <3\\
ma: hey, ken-chan you have a lewd look on your face! You must concentrate during training!\\
miu: urgh, I cannot let my guard down for various reasons.\\
miu: so what were you practicing?\\
ma: ah, well… what was it again?\\
ken: concentrate shifu, please.\\
ma: first, perform a movement with the largest and greatest power by using the strength of the side and the lower parts of you body\\
ken: wappuh!!\\
ma: however this is a technique in chinese kenpou that gradually puts together smaller and smaller movements.\\
ma: that happens because if your opponents finds out about the flow of your strength, he will able to endure and to dodge your attack.\\
ma: that’s right, don’t lower your power, just make your movements smaller…\\ and narrow them down just like a spiral.\\
ma: and then at the last moment, with the same outward appearance of the movements you performed until now, but with a totally different orientation of your strength, accomplish two thrusts.\\
ken: buh!\\
ma: if you use this in close range battle as “hidden strength”, it will become an attack that will hit your target for sure.\\
ma: in other words…\\
ma: like this.\\
bake rasetsukei!!!(ma style, rakshasa’s strength)\\
ken: impossible!!!\\
ma: why are you so surprised? You will become capable to do it as well.\\
ma: aren’t you becoming more and more demanding lately?\\
ma: that’s for sure, because I expect you, ken-chan, to become a master sooner or later, even if you take a lot of time to learn moves.
Aki: well, if he doesn’t die before that…\\
Ken: guh… kouetsugi-shishou… why do you always add those unnecessary words…?\\
Aki: kensei, sakaki is calling for you… come for a minute\\
Ma: eh? Sakaki-don is?\\
Ma: well then, you can continue by yourselves. What’s the matter?\\
Miu: first, big movements.\\
Saka: hey\\
Near apa: apa\\
saka: we found another one of yami’s secret base.\\
hayato: indeed, inspector honmaki told us a really useful classified information.\\
hayato: I thought about doing it like we already did before, that is to strike before the police begins to move. What do you think?\\
miu: this resembles a technique I learnt a lot of time ago…\\
miu: enter with a trajectory that directly strikes your opponent, and…\\
hayato: indeed, I think that this time all the members of ryouzanpaku should be deployed.\\
hayato: because we don’t know how many men of yami are lurking in that secret base.\\
hayato: I’m assuming that we will find ourselves in the worst possible situation!!\\
ken: uwaah!!\\
ken: m-miu-san you are bleeding!!\\
miu: ah.\\
ma: what happened?\\
miu: ouch.\\
ken: ma-shifu, miu-san hit the log with an incredible strength and then…\\
hayato: you body cannot keep up with you ki release.\\
hayato: ma, could you teach miu a little about the tendons and muscles’ mastery of skills, please?\\
ma: … why?\\
hayato: she is releasing the “ki of do”. \\
ken: what? Isn’t that dangerous!?\\
hayato: I already told you.\\ the greatest danger is to do things half way.\\
third: do you know the reason why kensei-sama is taking so many yomis?\\
third: that’s to perform the “specialized training” that expands one’s special characteristics. This is some kind of assurance for when his disciples will break because that very “specialized training”.\\
third: in other words we…\\
third: are more close to experiments than disciples to him.\\
third: right now I’m worried about Atalanta who is training with him in the mountains.\\
third: It would be good if she comes back safe and sound but…\\
third: on the other side\\ somewhere in his heart, kensei-sama wants that someone among us obtains a strength that exceeds even his own expectations…\\
third: and then one day, he wants us to kill him with that strength … he seems to desire something like that.\\
third: I see it in that way.\\
ber: … if it is something that you think…\\
ber: … then it is a lot probable.\\
third: yes.\\
third: I can see those things really well.\\
TLN: blind guy Vs sieg, I like the idea\\
ken: is that yami’s secret base?\\
shi: yes…\\
ma: a lot of time passed since ryouzanpaku’s full mobilization <3\\
aki: it is true hat I told you to “bring with you anyone who wants to come” but…\\
aki: I never thought that the entire shinpaku alliance would be here.\\
uki: y-you can bet on it!!\\
uki: we won’t be real martial artists if we don’t come to such an interesting battlefield.\\
niji: I’m going home…\\
saka: ok then, don’t even try to move from here.\\
ki: eh?\\
take: why?\\
ma: you should already know that. We cannot bring you with us if we don’t even know how many masters are there.\\
aki: if we told you to not come, you would have ended up following us in some strange way and then there would have been troubles. So we let you come with us.\\
shi: if we know where you are, it is easy to protect… you.\\
ki: what the hell is that…?\\
saka: what noisy brats!!\\
saka: if you want to come no matter what, you have to defeat me!\\
ki: y-you are a tyrant~~~\\
kaname: heh, even if all the members of ryouzanpaku are involved, if we go together with them, we will just get in their way. We are here only for sightseeing.\\
ma: what understanding good child we have here~~~\\
hayato: well then, we are going ken-chan, miu.\\
ken: yes.\\
miu: yes.\\
saka: remember to nott do anything weird!\\
ki: they flew!! Are they some kind of missiles!!?\\
uki: this time we don’t have any other choice than follow the ryouzanpaku’s masters orders.\\
take: don’t you feel like they are on a totally different dimension?\\
thor: that’s right, but I’m a little disappointed.\\
sieg: I got the inspiration to write the “masters’ assault” melody!\\
ken: yesterday you trained until late with ma-shifu in order to learn those mastery of skills, are you alright?\\
kiu: yeah.\\
miu: if there is something that worn me out was his sexual harassments but…\\ I’m alright, ma-san is a first class martial artist after all, so I learnt a great deal about those mastery of skills.\\
ma: you are wrong, the truth is that when you have to train in the mastery of skills, you need to be lightly dressed so I can see you muscles. Well then, now let’s try it with this swimsuit.\\
miu: my patience is at its limit .\\
ken: ma-shifu… I hope you took some pictures…\\
near ken: *excited*\\*heartbeats*\\
near miu: why are you so excited?\\
niji: everyone, pay attention on your left!!\\
miu: a limousine…\\
niji: it’s of the same type of the ones that came for Rachel and the others.\\
ken: I have to tell this to my masters.\\
niji: this is bad, it stopped. Did they spot us?\\
ken: ma-shifu doesn’t answer to the phone…!\\
niji: … it’s climbing up here!!\\
ken: waah!!\\
niji: you are…\\
niji: berserk!!!\\
third: hum? they seem like really young people.\\
ken: who is the other one!?\\
inserted text: a new yomi appears on the scene!! What is his real strength…!?\\

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