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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Buyuden 72

Chapter 72: the cause of the nightmare

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 25, 2012 10:16 | Go to Buyuden

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Chapter 72: the cause of the nightmare\\
inserted text: she decided her objective: to create the boxing club. What do her eyes reflect, anxiety? Or hope?\\
side text: watari really liked boxing. So why did he stop practicing it?\\
wata: good morning!!\\
boss: hey don’t rest!\\
box: left, right! good, attack the body!\\
boss: perfect take a break now.\\
boy: yes, thanks.\\
wata: good morning, boss!\\
wata: I rested well for this week after the tournament!\\ now we can re-start the training at full speed once again!\\
wata: I really regret to have lost that match for a KO, so I’m itching to start training as soon as possible!\\
wata: from now on I will do my best, even more than I did in the past!!\\
wata: I… I will not loose against that guy called tsurugi a second time, I assure you!\\
wata: on the contrary, I’m excited that there is such a strong guy of my same age!\\
boss: that’s impossible.\\
boss: someone like you who lost in such a humiliating way cannot arrive to that level.\\
boss: I finally understood that coaching you is an utter waste of time.\\
boss: it’s better if you quit boxing already.\\
wata: uwaaaah!!\\
on the sign: orphanage\medaka home\\
woman: hey hiroki you left your tomatoes again!\\
woman: eat everything otherwise no snacks for you today!\\
hiroki: whaaaaat?\\
girl: ah, haru-nii good morning.\\
fat guy: good morning haru-nii!\\
girl: ah, mama-san, haru-nii didn’t greet us!\\
guy: eh? Haru-nii, your face has a strange colour this morning.\\
mama: watari-kun, there was a call yesterday from the school.\\
mama: they said that you left early during the afternoon’s classes without permission.\\
wata: … it is not a big deal, I just didn’t feel that well.\\
mama: that’s not a good excuse, you promised to take high school seriously, right!?\\
mama: children who don’t go to school are abandoned you know!\\
wata: that’s fine.\\
wata: in that case I will find a job and get out of here as soon as possible!\\
mama: w-watari!!\\
man: hey.\\
man: something happened?\\
mama: y-yes\\
mama: he is already skipping school…\\ he was finally able to pass the high school entrance exam, and yet…\\
man: impossible…\\
man: he should devote himself to some kind of club activities.\\
man: something that takes the place of what was boxing for him in the past…\\
box: I woke up after a bad dream, and then they make me a sermon…\\
box: this is the worst morning ever.\\
wata: Now I’m not even able to remember that fucking face anymore…\\
wata: he received divine punishment, divine punishment!\\
wata: that old man was rewarded with death for betraying me!!\\
take: eh? Did watari really do that?\\
moka: yeah, to some third year’s tough and evil looking guys…\\
moka: yesterday he was beating the crap out of them on the rooftop.\\ he would have killed one of them if I didn’t stop him.\\
take: so what’s up with that?\\ I told you leave him be.\\
take: more importantly, how went your recruiting in front of the main gate?\\ I wasn’t able to get anyone from the rear gate.\\
moka: yeah… I wasn’t able to get anyone as well.\\
take: I see… so it is impossible after all…\\
moka: take-kun\\
moka: I want to try to persuade watari-kun.\\
take: eh!?\\
take: I told you that he is already…\\
moka: I don’t know what happened to him,\\ but I don’t mind if he remains a delinquent forever.\\
moka: I want him to come back on the ring once again!\\
moka: plus, those delinquents are no match for watari-kun anymore.\\
moka: in other words if I’m able to persuade watari-kun, maybe I will be able to take in other people!\\
moka: even if they told me to gather more than 5 members, I’m a girl, so we have to recruit at least three other boys!\\
moka: to involve normal students was useless since the beginning, so we don’t have any other choice than try this!!\\
take: … well, it is not like we have a lot of choices in these circumstances, but…\\
take: will you be fine if you get involved with him even more? Things can get violent.\\
moka: yeah… that’s why I want to talk with him alone, so he doesn’t get too stimulated.\\
sign: cafeteria\\
azu: what!?\\
azu: three of us were trashed by a freshman!?\\
blonde: s-sorry, he was incredibly strong…\\ shimokawa and aoki’s wounds were terrible, so they are resting in their homes today.\\
blonde: he had movements similar to boxing and…\\
blonde: after he instantly beaten us, he said to bring you to him.\\
azu: hey old hag, why are you taking so much time for my pork curry!!?\\
hag: shut up, I will do it now!!\\
azu: I see, so he instantly defeated you, huh.\\
blonde: he is really strong.\\
azu: hey nakamori, there is some guy seated to my reserved spot near the window.\\
azu: drive him away.\\
naka: ah, y-yes.\ hey you, that’s…\\
naka: h-he is the guy, azuma-san!!\\
azu: what?\\
naka: this is that cheeky bastard!!\\
azu: I see.\\
wata: … so you are the stupid boss who goes around the school with such an arrogant smug on his face.\\
wata: oh well, anyway, once you finished eating your pork curry, come to the rooftop\\
wata: because after this meal, you will not able to make food pass through your throat anymore.\\
sfx: piro piro piro (phone ringing)\\
take: it’s hyouma.\\
take: what’s up? Why are you calling at this hour?\\
hyo: hello~~\\
hyo: ah, it’s you isamu\\
hyo: what up?\\
hyo: well… I thought it was better to tell you this as soon as possible.\\
take: eh?\\ about what?\\
hyou: it is about that talk on watari becoming a delinquent…\\
hyou: I probably know the reason behind it.\\
take: what!? Really!?\\
hyo: yeah.\\ after we talked, I was a little worried so I asked around.\\
hyo: and then, I was able to discover a somewhat worrying truth about him.\\
take: eh!?\\
hyou: you should tell him this as soon as possible…\\
hyou: probably watari himself still doesn’t know anything about it.\\
inserted text: what is this “truth” about watari!?\ a deep doubt and crisis pervade the air…!!!\\

TLN: please, no more sick guys who cannot practice boxing anymore!!\\

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